But the few viewers who aren’t enjoying the dramas gave comments like anything. It’s actually everything depicted in this drama: This kind of story can happen to anyone of us. I enjoy the drama and all of its characters. Watching Ah Rim and Ha Jin is like watching paint dry. I don’t understand why these drams have become so popular in Korea. But here, each and every lead by the end ultimately said that they reached where they were because of the decisions they took , because of decisions they made , and that no one was responsible for their choices but them. Really happy to see some of the comments here capture exactly what I loved about this drama.

Mom says you never understand others, you only accept them, which is actually pretty dang wise. Yeo-reum curtly takes her leave, and Yoon complains that the two of them are alike, acting like nothing is wrong between them. Some of the cream puffs have regular cream, and some have chocolate. But I’m not bitter about the time I’ve wasted, because I learned from the experience ha! All these characters made their beds and in the end had to lie in them. Please fix it juseyo!!! I wonder if it will be enough to make Won Il forget Panda in 2 episode and start something with Eun Bi

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Thank you for the heads up, I will look up that drama.

Okay, she did that on purpose. Gosh, I love this drama. They meet to go over the final designs, pretending everything is normal while carefully not looking at each other. In the morning, Joon-ho fidgets in the park as he waits for Sol to show up, and yells at her for being late when she does.


October 8, at They are fillers that I was too happy to fast forward through; and it’s conclusion just makes my feelings all the more clear.

KdramaShow: Panda and Hedgehog [Eng Sub] FULL

Yeo-reum visits with her mom, and asks her if she understood her father. That’s sinopsls ending message I think – to be happy. The implication seems to be that anyone would have done the same in the situation. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. What I fail to understand time and time again about some of the viewers is why they feel it necessary for the writers to FOCUS hedgehof supporting cast characters???!

I suppose the best part about this drama is this: KDaddict October 8, at 9: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Alder “Sometimes you have to do whats hedgegog for you and your life, not whats best for everybody else. It wasn’t “fate”, circumstances, the cosmos; it was human choice and behaviors and I loved that all of them acknowledged that and took responsibility for it. I can’t decide epissode it’s because of the writing or Eun Bi’s acting, but she just seems so uninteresting.

At dinner Yeo-reum notices that Ha-jin is still wearing his couple ring, and tells him that pretending that nothing has happened is hard for her.

I think it’s extremely rare for characters in any drama to be able to admit that they are responsible for their choices. I think there’s a huge difference between this and Heirs because at least DOR acknowledges that its characters are imperfect, they themselves admit it straight up!


I enjoyed the story no matter how frustrating it got at times hedgeho beginning took a few episodes and really liked the end.

Hajin comes off way too perfect, or rather too submissive that he comes off as a man child. Yeo-reum goes outside to find Ha-jin waiting, and he just wordlessly approaches and hugs her. Isn’t this how this love triangle was inevitably going to end? You exactly articulated what I love about Han Yeo-reum – she’s the opposite of the noble idiot! LOL what happen to the home page. I might sound like a broken record but this drama is truly well planned and written.

Sinopsis ‘Panda and Hedgehog’ All Episodes

Sol and Tae Ha were my favorite characters of this drama by far. Am I the only one who finds this show incredibly tedious and dull?

Suwan October 9, at 6: The couple shoes and kiss were worth the wait! He knows why she said those mean things, and why he stupidly held back his own emotions: It doesn’t mean they’re bad I’m watching my next crazy drama in the form of The Greatest Marriage.

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