I can’t say they weren’t in love, but it wasn’t the same love Jin Yi had for Eun-ho. Anyways, from here on, I think I see what the writers were trying to portray about her life and her art. She pushes romance aside in order to pursue a life she was forced and tricked into But one day, the seven-year-old Jini slips away from the temple and comes across a gisaeng performance, and is drawn to her destiny. Legend has it that she gave such difficult riddles in order to meet a man that was just as intellectual as her so that she may one day also get a husband, and the only man who solved it was a yangban by the name of Seo Gyung Deok. But I had wanted to get this interpretation off my chest for a while.

Korean Broadcasting System television dramas South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s South Korean television series Korean-language television programs South Korean historical television series Television series set in the Joseon Dynasty Television programs based on South Korean novels. Maybe I’m totally wrong!! She dances for the poor and then they all leave. Views Read Edit View history. Hwang’s sijo often describe the beauty and sites of Gaeseong such as the palace of Manwoldae and the Pakyon Falls in the Ahobiryong Mountains , the personal tragedy of her lost loves and responses to famous classic Chinese poems and literature the majority of them reflecting on lost love. Anonymous August 4, at 3: I can climb a heart’s walls better than Eun-ho. Hwang Jin Yi is someone that has perchance wanted love and children, but in order to unselfishly keep her loved ones from stooping to wed a courtesan, has locked away love in her heart and turned to pursuing an illustrious career instead.

You can see how naive Jung Han is through his multiple attempts to go back to the past. The series was also widely available via several major viewing services in the U.

Hwang Jini

But one day, the seven-year-old Jini slips away from the temple and comes across a gisaeng performance, and is drawn to her destiny. And yet, when she finally finds love again and seems genuinely happy, she throws it away to protect him. She studies under Im Baek-moo, one of the best court dancers in the kingdom and a harsh and manipulative teacher.


She largely kept to herself in the woods in their shack. And Ha Ji Won says in real life she prefers him haha: Noriko Goes to Seoul – 2 eps End.

And I’m very much of the opinion that he can protect himself–that each person should be responsible for making their own decisions in life. Hwang Jini was known for her intellect and wit.

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Hwang appears episofe have been of noble birth. Jini then falls in love with Kim Eun-ho, son of a powerful nobleman, but his parents refuse to accept the relationship due to the difference in their social status. A tiny selfish bit of her wanted to pursue art again. But I had wanted to get this interpretation off my chest for a while.

Do you think Katy Perry will dance with you in a place that lives the poor and homeless people are everywhere? It makes all her initial hatred and whining seem pointless. episoee

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

I think I’ve tried making those kinds of decisions too in relationships, so I kind of understand where she’s coming from and can relate. She places so much importance on love that it should have either led to her triumph or her downfall. Hwang Jin Yi — Episode I never felt that she had any connection to the “common” people, even despite her sojourn with the guy she ran away with for three whole years.

This was just pure Mary Sue for me, I’m sorry. Literature Translation Institute of Korea. Jin-Yi was such a good dancer that she didn’t want only the wealthy to experience it.

Iljmae Episode Final. Maybe I’m totally wrong!! But then, as all humans are prone to do, they start dreaming and hoping and fooling themselves into thinking it could be otherwise.

Bwang was noted for her exceptional beauty, charming quick wit, extraordinary intellect, and her assertive and independent nature. Gooyaabi Templates Powered by Blogger. The cumulation of all her “womanly” experiences, namely the love and grief, are expressed in her art, thus making it profound and great. She could do absolutely no wrong, including hating and actively trying to create the downfall of her teacher right up until the teacher’s death, after joni she finally realized maybe the bitch hadn’t been trying to hold her down but had tried to make her reach her highest potential.


This is a Korean name ; the family name is Hwang. And it also has a wonderful cast that was able to jnii each character’s changes and growth. Evadican Empire January 7, at 4: After this whole ordeal, you can see her strength and her conviction by how well she holds everything inside jinl and how she can almost seamlessly go back to art again. Her sijo are considered the most beautiful ever written.

HJWfan January 24, at 5: She no longer needs wealth or love.

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At first I didn’t even think he loved Jin Yi because it seemed more like obsession!! Thank you so much for your comment, xinisterlayer. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. The Return of Iljimae Final.

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Imagine her as a celebrity. He’s a very similar person – honorable and unselfish.

Sementara itu, ada Bu Yong, yang tidak hanya rival Hwang Jin Yi dalam hal menari, tapi juga dalam percintaan. Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 9: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She wanted everyone a share of this joy. This page was last edited on 11 Marchat Art is ruled by emotion, after all.

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