With his experience as a top prosecutor n legal training, he takes more careful, calculated steps. I think that this last episode was very fitting with the rest of the series — strangely serious at some times, and just weird at others. Jang-il punches the glass separating them, as though he would have hit her face. What her ultimate reasoning behind it is anyone’s guess though! Jang Il, being a prosecutor! Why is Sonwoo’s hair color is very light. The following plot should also deals with Dr Kim Sang Chul and the academic and medical researches, like previously. Sun woo, if legal system failed to provide you with justice, then just make your own justice!

Now he has Jang-Il to blame for her misery. I usually do not watch drama with revenge plot, I watch this bcoz of UTW, but now the story and the actors impressed me. Destroy takes on many, many meanings! I just find her very interesting character because of her complex relationship to Jang-Il I want to say TO because she really hasn’t got relationship of anykind WITH him and because of her insecurities. TNmS Ratings in Korean. I think we need to start to call out the level of Uhmforce required to do what he does.

I still can’t forget his noble Prosecutor face from City Hunter. Who turned off all the lights? Now all eyes are on the petition case, which is the exact opposite of what Jang-il needs now. The show really had me going there for a second.

SINOPSIS Man From the Equator Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

It’s obsession, not love. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. A change in style, perhaps? I guess we can accept being in a coma for speeding up the sunopsis process. I love a good mystery, and this one is done so well.

A tree branch to the head.

Ennayra April 29, at I would rather soo mi be the lead girl yes I know she’s pathetic throwing herself at jung il and arrogant as well but at least she is relevant to the main story she knows what happened with jung-il and sun-woo that day and keeps things interesting.


Others have given sinopzis so here is the only place I can vent. I do like Soo-mi precisely because she is a nut nan and a disgrace to all women. Thousands Warm Thank You. But his situation and condition doesn’t allowed it to. Also, that scene he had with Ji-won confirming their friendship didn’t seem to bother him as much as I thought it would. Back then when jangil conducted jan attempted murder, he was more reckless.

[Link Sinopsis] The Equator Man | This is My World

Works by Pan Entertainment. Her existence in the drama makes no sense at this point to me. I’m sinopais he would have gone to the police in the beginning if not for Soo Mi. In a way I actually think that she’s worse than Jang-Il even though she hasn’t killed anyone. I find all the characters interesting except for ji won,her young self was likeable but now she’s so blah. I don’t know, the sadistic streak in me wants to spare him a heroic somehow protecting Sun-woo death, though that’s sorta unlikely.

Hope that changes very soon. He was clearly shocked that she lied for him,so that part made no sense when we know that he is someone who would go to far lengths to get what he wants.

Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie.

Brain: Episode 20 – Whatever Lee Gang Hun Wants

Of course, he also doesn’t want the chairman to stir the pot and draw even more attention to himself. But it also makes it more interesting that he was so blind to the truth concerning his son and his fiance. Jang Il losing it and blaming everything on Jin as in, if you hadn’t choked Sun Woo’s dad, I would be the person I want to think I am, except I wouldn’t without your money.


Soo-mi addresses him directly. I’m really concerned regarding Soomi’s and her dad’s take on justice. A girl can dream. Jang-il gets an unwanted call from Chairman Jin asking him if he knows David Kim.

This sounds like future branch-to-the-head talk. He tells her that Sun-woo was found gravely injured, having lost his footing on a cliff. He quotes a passage from mah book to her, a direct continuation of what she had been recording: You hit the ball out of the park!

KBS ‘s Wednesday—Thursday dramas. It’s horrible to think of such a person who has no sense of shame or remorse at all. I think we need to start to call out the level of Uhmforce required episide do what he does. I just love the way they potrayed each character I don’t think we are going to be seeing a lot of HJW and him in romantic situations, so I am resigned to that.

And she keeps going there, telling the story as though Kyung-pil was already suicidal. Is he simply that heartless? With a glass of wine in hand, she sits back and views a wall… covered in pictures of Jang-il and Sun-woo.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Here is not an exageration. Soo Mi is crazy not much of a surprise with no mother and such a weirdo as a dad.

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