Thank you again for reccing SH! Second sister wants to hear her swear that she will never fall in love with Yun Jie. Yun Jie looks down and sees a lunchbox that Yong Yong made for him, with a sticky note that he ought to enjoy it. Yun Jie looks so happy and content, nothing like that cold and arrogant man we met in the very beginning. Angel Yong Yong takes her bow on stage, thanking the audience for enjoying her performance. I enjoyed reading all the comments too. She wants him to be the first person to read it. Both brothers are driving and they notice each other stopped at the same light.

Yun Jie suggests that he has the perfect person who could be the pastry chef at this new restaurant. She simply must promise that she will be happy. Yun Jie looks so happy and content, nothing like that cold and arrogant man we met in the very beginning. Yong Yong swallows back her tears, but she throws the divorce paper shards on the ground and walks past him. She tells Wan Lan that she will say goodbye to Yun Jie for good. The drama is without eccentricity, without experiment. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I know people like her exist, but she was very frustrating. Now, since both are in the need of something, Xiang Ddrama Jie decides to give Fang Yong Yong the prospect of saving the orphanage in exchange for a fake marriage which has to last exactly one year as he wants drsma gain custody he can only do that by providing the child with a whole family. She finishes and asks her teacher of the student passed the exam today.

Yun Jie rushes to the hospital, and is told that Yong Yong has checked out of the hospital. They keep waving at each other as Yun Jie slowly walks away, turning around multiple times to keep looking at Yong Yong. It is light but consistent, heart-warming but not cheesy, subtley romantic, and the ending is perfect.


The grandparents take Xiao Nian out for a trip, and Yun Jie sends them off. The groom and the best man have arrived to pick up the bride.

Wow, you are on a roll and high on the Happy! But the world is unfair like that — she loves him, he loves another, who loves another.

She reminds Yong Yong to see everyone she needs to say goodbye to.

She has a hilarious fantasy sequence where she is taking a bath and Yun Jie barges in and demands that they bathe together since they are married. Yong Yong reads one after another, and starts to cry.

I love how the drama never focuses on any one scene, but instead allows the story to flow naturally. Yun Jie is furious and tells Yun Chao that he has no right to berate him about his personal or professional conduct.

And the pout and the little knowing sumny after it? Due to my limited understanding of mandarin I had to rely on your recaps and keep on referring to them a million thanks to understand more. Yong Yong plays a snack eating game to change the subject and lighten the mood.

Yun Chao tells her they should just leave. Since Yong Yong is always talking about courage, she needs to step up now.

Sunny Happiness Episodes 21-22 Recap

Yong Yong gets a call and she heads out to meet Yun Jie. It was very close to reality as possible, in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching how adorable he is. She was just so weak and selfish throughout the whole drama. Second sister keeps wailing about how poorly Yun Jie is treating Yong Yong. Only the addicting power of SH could do that to anyone. They could have easily made the stepmom and stepsisters evil and make them mistreat Yong Yong, but instead they gave Yong Yong a true family.


The first time I felt that 25 episodes drama is too short. She tells him not to talk like this, but he tells her that it should be obvious to her. Because, er, I just might buy it. Yong Yong tells him not to plan out her life for her, but Yun Jie confesses that he has to do that otherwise he would worry about her and not be able to let her go.

Vic Zhou Black & White (痞子英雄) Taiwanese Drama with English Subtitle Episode 14 Part

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will xrama be published. I would also like to thank you for all your hard work. His mom chastises him for hurting a wonderful girl like Yong Yong. He tells her that she deserves someone who truly loves her and he would only bring her more pain.

Instead of feeling loss and frustration, Yun Jie the older brother who loves his younger brother, is supportive and mindful of how to help with the transition. Still no news from her but still praying.

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