It’s so sad the drama’s over: Not with how much I think he loves her?! When these guards actually escort the mafia dude out, Shi Wan gives chase, only to be held back at the palace gate by lit coal-lobbing peasants. I just finished watching this series on Dramafever. Why Shi Hoo wont give up the bloody letter is quite simple. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Although he is a handsome man with delicate features, he also has a strong sense of justice and chivalry. I think whoever wrote those translations does not understand English at all.

Thanks a lot for your effort! The king is silent on this. The ROI fight scenes have been really exciting The two mothers are super worried. I think it should belong to Bongsoon as she has reconciled with her dad. Young Woo said going against Hae Yoon is going against him. He bumps into Bong Soon, dressed as a disheveled boy, running away, and she asks him who he is.

To make matter worse, the ending episode 20 has no English subtitles at all, only in Chinese characters. The English translations was badly done. AMG, they need to make a sequel to thissssss!!!!!!! Thank you for your entertaining and speedy recaps, which really helped me to keep up with the show.

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Sinopsis Drama Iljimae (Tamat) |

This works really well until Iljimae notices a really large painting of the king. Because of you, my innocent little brother was killed. He also delivers a threat from Shim Deok that if he stays out here and calls that prostitute out one more time, she will move her alehouse to the island to keep an eye on him. If Ketong is 5, and time lapse is 4, it would mean he was 1 when that last big fight at the palace took place right? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The guards for the men are tricked away by Yong in a palace soldier costume and the captured men make a successful escape.


Partner episode 16 recap

I heard that there coming up with a season 2 but that would kinda ruin everything. Hwang In-roi Kim Soo-young.

Lawyer Yoon told Young Woo that he is really cruel to his brother. What is she mean in his heart?

Iljimae The Vigilantes in Masks. That serving him would be to serve the great purpose of your life? Inside, a furious and foul-smelling Shi Wan stomps around. Shi Wan orders three of his men to guard the diggers while the rest follow him down into the tunnel. Eun Chae — Iljimae ————— — He loves her but mentioned earlier to Bong Soon that he wants to forget his first love, when he asked Bong Soon to go away with him.

Return of Iljimae: Episode 16 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

PS the little Kaetong is damn cute!!!! He gives an order for them to capture Lee Kyum, and staggers around being crazy. Wow, that was really shocking. Kunghe and Shi Hoo take care of the imperial soldiers while Yong kotea the king away. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Lee Jin Pyo said this time is the Jin Sung group against civillans. He shouts her name as he looks around frantically, finally sitting by the lakeside, wondering in self-loathing: I leaped with joy.

Ah, one more thing, Bong Soon is the most pitiful girl in Iijimae, she always get wounds because of others, and broken heart because of Yongee. Thank you for such a wonderful recap!! The imperial guard think Iljimae is dead, but then he appears and the show picks up from episode one.

Even though we knew the “jump” scene was coming, Sinopsiz still enjoyed the way it was played out I wished Yongee and Bong Soon have many happy moments together. I Really liked it n draama 4 a better one. Yoon Woo said that Jin Sung was repaying damages to the residents who suffered in the village. Anyway, he goes on to say that his dad thought it was cool, and blames him for ruining his image in the eyes of everyone who hears his real name. He starts to suspect something.


Eyes are the windows to the soul. Choose whether any of your constraints are holding you back or whether you could employ the aid of others to pack in the spaces. She crashes down the rocky hill to crumple in a heap at the bottom, by the frozen lake.

Final episode of Partner! Got drawn into your post for almost the last hour. Attorney Kim yelled and said this is not a murder case but a lawyer protecting an organization forcing people to die, and Lee Dong Wook sonopsis to investigate the organization.

Sinopsis Drama Iljimae (Tamat)

So I must believe that he is still the sky, and that serving him is to serve a great purpose. I noticed, that NONE of the main characters were in the ending. Hyeln – Hopefully Dramafever will grant the request!

Horrified, Iljimae rushes down the mountainside to get to Wol-hee, but by the time he reaches the bottom, her body is gone. I was so mad cos feeling cheated by irresponsible person who produce the DVD.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thanks for all your hard work javabeans. April 16, at 9: Bong Soon sacrified too much, but her only happy memory is the night before Yongee go to rescue Eun Chae, when Yongee said that he want to take her with drana.

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