A completely different actress was needed for the lead and the ending would have been so much stronger if they had focused on PSH and the fantasy love story he creates with this beautiful yet able to love girl he has found. At the same time, she realizes she is in the danger of falling in love with the man in front of her. Then throw in PSH’s dream world blowing up and the ending with him coming to his realization of who she really is and his love would have been epic. Se-kyung begins her first day of work, this time as an intern designer and not some lowly temp. Something made me think the whole thing was all about Se-kyung – which may be the case – however, while watching it, I always felt like ding it becaus of PSH, and you just told me the word I was looking for. Seung-jo bitterly realizes that because his father purchased the painting, he was able to get to his current position in life. She takes the piece of information that Seo Yoon-jo has married in France and goes to threaten her.

It would have allowed the audience to stop and think – was his love real? First off, I have to applaud the writer for sticking with this storyline and the themes of rich versus poor, high class versus low class. So if you squint..? I think it is the sole reason why I could not get pass the 3rd episode. What kind of writing takes 3 whole episodes out of a short epi drama to establish that sheer hard work alone gets you nowhere? I his interview, he once said he would grab the lady tightly before kissing the lady.

Cinderella sister was the reason I start loving her and start watching and searching for all her dramas and movies No matter how they want to advertise the variety of coats, it’s just not right Anyway, thanks for your analysis Betsy Hp! They both reckon that Se-kyung has rekindled her romance with Seung-jo, and both are genuinely happy for her. For example, who didn’t laugh on his scene on princess man where he screamed ”abuhjiiiiiiiiiiiii”??


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Yoon-joo invites him to her humble cramped apartment. I found the both the resolution of and the overall love story between Sekyung and Seungjo believable and credible. I do have one regret though Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat I korex I was watching a totally different drama by the end.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Especially when she knew he could find out anytime. Even though dramas and books are mostly fiction, it doesn’t mean it has to be easy to understand. She only came because she missed him terribly. However how can you call them a gold digger? He apologizes for his rudeness the other day for kissing her. I’m a guy and am pretty much just like Seung-Jo except I wasn’t born into it.

His character lacked depth and he was just a guy on the side who was always running after Han Se. Or am I only seeing what I want to see? I also found the ending satisfying. Han Se-kyung goes and visits her.

Upon this despairing realization, Se-kyung changes her life’s course. If anything, this was truly a character drama.

I will miss him. I mean, besides the over-acting and the crazy early stuff, I thought he was tapping into something really great for a character who has just being tossed, manipulated and things like that. Seo Yoon-jo comes to visit Han Se-kyung late at night. As she’s one of very few actresses I love the other being Kim sun ah her slice in this drama didn’t have much to work with.

Reality isn’t always beautiful, but we have to accept it in order to keep living. It was kkrea gratifying, but now with all the hard work she has to do she kind of regrets it.

Cheongdam-dong Alice – Wikipedia

They wished a rom com and got another thing. While she may have started off angry and determined to get into Cheongdam-dong, she lost it all, and became more anxious. You won’t survive 10 minutes.


I really liked the themes explored in this show, I just wished it didn’t suffer from a uneven tone, b all the melo over not being a Candy girl – always a totally unrealistic and ridiculous character, IMO and c MGY. Looking forward to everyone in dramx next drama. Agree that it was a satisfying ending. I love seeing the cuteness and PSH smiling makes my life a better life to live Is wealth everything we need?

Han Se-kyung leaves embarrassingly under the eyes of all guests.

But if you want to make comparisons, I think The Great Gatsby’ll be better. The unifying theme of Alice in Wonderland is what helped. Seung-jo is in denial that his father could care for him; after all, he signed away his inheritance, so why would his qlice care for him?

I really was baffled by this show and the ending left me really empty. Tommy Hong sees Shin In-hwa and asks her to collaborate with him on a project next season. But I think it’s also like you said, he’s stuck in pes revenge cycle — everything he does is motivated by his abandonment by his mother — like he can’t break free of that event.

She bumps into her cueongdamdong at the elevator.

I really loved what this drama stood for even if the execution had hiccups here and there. Hearing this, Han Se-kyung wants to change herself.

Cha Seung-jo goes to see kofea father, president Cha ll-nam of Royal Company, and in a disdainful tone, tells him that Artemis will not be a shop in the Royal Company’s shopping center. She was cute and annoying in her last drama, a proper bitch in Cinderella sister Moon is truly a lovely actress both on and off screen.

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