Hui Ju, who is surprised to learn that the lead female role for the Centennial Performance might not be hers, tries her best to out win Gyu Won. Lee Sin seems to always be his life saviour! However, she manages to make Jun Hui feels ecstatic when she asks for a bar of chocolate from him. Does this signify the beginning of her starting to develop a feeling for him? Those five girls including Hui Ju! While walking slowly towards the college, she meets Lee Sin. Our drummer admits to Seok Hyeon that he loves his Natasha!

Notify me of new posts via email. Facebook Email Print Twitter Reddit. Im, saying that she is not feeling well. Everyone is busy preparing for the audition, except for Lee Sin, sleeping in the library, as usual. Both of them seem happy to see each other, but things get quite serious when they start talking about Lee Sin. But, it feels good to know that at least I still have someone waiting for my next posts. It seems like they have a history between them.

Dulu waktu SMA dia sempat menjadi saksi pembunuhan guru lesnya yang ditusuk, dan sampai sekarang dia menyesal kenapa saat itu tidak melaporkan si pelaku.

Tapi yang aku suka, pembunuhannya tuh unik banget. Kim appeared in television commercials and print ads, before making her acting debut with a small role in the melodrama Last Present.

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Therefore, he decides to sing a ballad song during his part-time work at Catharsis to reflect his gloomy mood. Therefore, when he receives a call from Jun Hui saying that he has been captured by the king of demons Nichu

In this episode, we are also seeing more side stories of our second lead couple, Seok Hyeon and Yun Su. Lee Sin has just received compliments from his bandmates saying that his guitar skill has improved, and he seems happy. Gi Yeong seems to start working on his script and the perfectionist Hui Jui seems to work harder than ever! Easily swayed by those around him, Kohei often takes care of his sister’s three kids because of her habit of wandering around, but he is a passionate man and dreams of finding his star.


Gooyaabi Templates Powered by Blogger. She blames Gyu Won for the whole mishap and starts to criticise her for not working as hard as the rest of them but still manages to be part of the team. Waw, kayanya emang nno bisa jauh dari Kikuta nih si tante satu.

My Little Bride End. Retrieved 8 July Seeing this progress, Seok Hyeon and Yun Su even share a smile. Retrieved 2 January Gyu Won does not have to ask who that person is because she already knows who she is. Archived from the original on Lee Sin tells his group that he is joining the performance. It is going to be interesting to see how these new characters will interact with the other existing characters and brighten up this whole drama. Dan kelihatannya Himekawa percaya banget sama Kikuta dan menjadikan dia tangan kanannya.

Kim Tae-hee

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She seems to be envied by all, but actually feels lonely due to being an idol and unknown to others, she has a sad secret. Gyu Won does not know that Lee Sin has seen her leisurely strolling down a path with her friends, from a balcony. Im now sees him as a big failure! Gyu Won and Yun Su later walk back together and have a little chat.


It is actually a critique rather than a real compliment, dpisode the attention he has given towards her work has made Yun Su slightly happy. Hui Ju is furious, worrying that she might catch a cold. The other girls are certainly not happy and intentionally make it difficult for her during the dance practice.

Nanami Sakuraba was announced as one of this television series’ additional cast members on September 8, He has ruined hers as well because he ran away nnichi the performance, due to a stage sunopsis. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter sinopss comment here Retrieved 10 November Sae-hae bok ma-ni ba-deu-se-yo!

Seok Hyeon and the other judges are equally impressed. While leaving the building after she has managed to get hold of the music sheet, Gyu Won accidentally catches a glimpse of Lee Sin, having a walk with Yun Su. Gyu Won is surprised when he offers her a ride.

Hong, Gyu Won finds herself in a hot seat when she realises that she is not doing as good as Hui Ju. Terima kasih kerana berkunjung ke blog ini. Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Poster. Seok Hyeon meanwhile does not give up and keeps pestering Gi Yeong, trying his hardest to convince him to audition. As she looks around, she sees Lee Sin on her left side, standing idly, staring intently at one point.

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