Emmy October 19, at 9: Kiara August 22, at When this drama sold itself as a little bit of everything before it’s premiere, I figured it was exagerating. It is funny how utterly shocked he is to see that he has fathered two children. Girl Arang tells Boy Eun-Oh not to drink from the well of forgetfulness. Just the way I like it. I prefer uhm tae wong ‘equator man’ than a pretty face sjk. Her wailing, sobbing while in EO embrace is heartbreaking..

You wouldn’t be that cruel, would you, drama writers?! Am thinking Arang saw or discovered this side of Jul-woo hence she was killed by him. I’m still pondering over the significance of EO having died and been raised back to life, and Jade saying to him, ‘EO, one day you will remember this fated encounter’. Joongirl October 18, at 8: Your email address will not be published. I’m not usually a violent person but that might change if they give us a crappy ending! Both, in which case I want the hairpin after Eun Oh next to exorcise the writer

It is uncalled for to discredit someone’s acting and efforts just because one does not feel that it is on par or better than one’s bias’, even more, when it is just because one isnopsis it different from one’s bias’. She deserves an award for that performance.

Why is it that Dol Swe looks like he just borrowed the Saddo uniform from someone else while Lee Jun Ki looked like he owns it! Girl Arang tells Boy Eun-Oh not to drink from the well of forgetfulness. My favorite part is when he ask, “Then, what’ll you do for me? And when did they manage to have this conversation? So there goes my argument against anyone saying the ending is a cop-out.

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Bang-wool feels around for a while and then uncovers a hidden wall, with a strange pattern burned sinopzis the wood. I was expecting some epic show-down worthy of the build ups.


They think time is running out It wouldn’t be super closed because you can also insert Arang trying to find about her other memories and past events and about her father and EO swearing to help her do that.

Mu-young just vanishes, leaving Eun-oh in tears. I really want a happy ending and you’re not helping, Arang. One other adn piece of] beef I am having with the show is that they ought to have shown who girl Arang 2. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Both of them still remember their past. While watching the episode i could’t stop yelling at her for the free noble idiocy dose Nice Guy is already being recapped by HeadsNo2. And they have this book that lists when people are going to die sort of like Death Note: But it WAS a little bit of a magisgrate down that somehow they didn’t get the upper hand and make it work out another way in the end so that neither had to die or go to hell in the first place.

That’d be too cute. Yoo Seung Ho Main Cast.

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We have totally enjoyed the ride. It would be quite cute to have him love her despite all those formidable and pretty much unbelivable stuff about past lives and thinking that they saved the gods together.

Thank you girlfriday; it made my day; so sad that this drama is ending though. The writer’s probably not gonna end it that way so that scene was like a consolation.

Thank you so much JB and GF! Like, dying of hunger maybe, since he has been hoarding food. Obvs Joowal has to do with Arang’s death. Kiara October 17, at 8: So… the gods knew all along? Accepting eternal servitude catering magisrate the higher laws epieode life.

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sinopxis Retrieved May 5, He whirls around at the mention of th hairpin, and reels when she names it. Not to say that actors doing their own stunt scenes are not praise worthy, but there are some things that one should leave to a professional. And boy, did I cry buckets But if you compare this drama to others which also have supernatural theme, this drama is way better, and i’m not just talking about the finale.


This would make it much easier to track conversations and threads of replies from now on.

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Just saying it’s a possibility. Thank you for recap! Korean legend vocals lost to unknown boy band because the teenager viewers I was totally not expecting anything to be off by him other than be part of solving the sinipsis mystery. We finally get some answers of the non-cryptic variety Gasp! So I’m thinking she was killed on the full moon by Joo Wal.

I love that Arang gives EO shit for drinking from the well of forgetfulness and brings back the “amnesia” moniker. Episodes by odilettante.

EO had love even if those he loved were to leave him soon enough. They clearly still do have desires and self, pleasure seeking interests.

Their own, the one them that made everything owed to them — is repaid as and in another life with memories intact. Lee Joon Gi Main Cast. He bursts outside and runs for Arang, darting in front… getting drawn into hell instead…. Some versions of Northern Buddhism has more gods in it. They do have heavenly beings but they only pay respect to Buddha. Stardust October 18, at If there is an award for the best crying scene sI hope it goes to you.

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