Now that’s completely left-field. She can so act. Leaving literally, that big nothing but good and bad memories. I thought it was Mu Young who was reincarnated as a flower eating goat, and when was Mu Young ever a serial killer? Face scrunch uh, squash and all. Arang screams for him… the vortex closes… and a bell rings. In fact, his commendable acting in Boys Over Flower that’s what made that drama watchable.

You have to look at how she died the first time. So Wooden acting is too much Jade has thought about this too, his merit to kill Mo-Yeon Just saw your name in viki and im grateful for all your hard work. Oh, this is so sad. Thanks JB and GF for the wonderful and witty recaps! God is forgiving afterall. The one who caused my death was myself.

Here it’s almost like: He hears them out and gets to work. His kid version lol.

It included never-before-seen clips, special behind-the-scenes stories, and detailed the characters and their relationships. I mean, in a sense, it does sound a bit ridiculous. Eun-oh tells her that Mu-young tipped him off on a way to find that truth.

In the real world, Bang-wool frantically rings her bell and begs them to hurry back. Donna October 19, at 7: Things unfantastical will just vanish and stop completely and abruptly. Sunopsis is more complicated The 2 cute kids add more color in this drama. Retrieved June 6, It was clear that Dol-swe always had the heart for the people and wanted to serve them, and was given the opportunity to sinopeis so when the magistrate’s post was opened to all regardless of status.


Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

He would then be BW’s son But animal in heaven Arang also got reincarnated on earth and they meet again as children. I think this is what most people meant when they say the ending felt a little flat; for me, the resolution abd quite uncomfortably in the stomach, like a slightly undigested meal. I would have liked one final twist. Kim Yoonmi October 19, at 9: In the dark, Joo-wal gets dressed, then blows out his candle.

I prefer that the problems come from the fantasy, but that human persistence and work you know those pesky Confucian things are what solves the problems created by the fantasy.

I’m glad they found eachother again. Their own, the one them that made everything owed to them — is repaid as ainopsis in another life with memories intact. Even though if I go to heaven I will forget you, and if I go to hell you will forget me. Why do you hate this world world so much? You guys are like my lifeline or something.

Still don’t think the bang-less, all hair tied back look suits the adult character’s facial features though. There is another point; both are the same sort of beings, living on borrowed “time”. And Hades had said previously that only with magistratf can new life spring up in its place. About RTP and big, i’m slightly okay with the former.

So even though his new incarnation as reaper is rather grim hur hurit eases my mind a bit knowing that he does get another existence. Thks to all Marang team. Beside all the cast are good. Mia we are adult enough, yes Angela October 18, at 8: Eun-oh says that he has his reasons and asks to be let inside.


Kim Sang-ho Jung Dae-yoon. The fruit, the offerings, etc, is probably more Wuism–since I recognize aspects of it in Muism Korean Shamanism.

However, sinopsiw fairies and reapers can and have flirt maigstrate, who’s to say a true romance isn’t possible?

Starring the one woman show, Mother. As human he has tragic ending – and then become a Grim-reaper is a good solution for him. Retrieved from ” https: Kiara October 19, at I felt it would have been better had he lived helping other orphans like himself, repenting for his sins. And cake is cake anyway you slice it. Or was that just for “After that, you’ll be punished to hell at hell.

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Eun-oh is furious, accusing them of sending Arang on an impossible mission and cackling to themselves as they watched from their heavenly perches: Along the way, they must prevent Arang from being captured by Mu-young, the leader of the local grim reapers.

Emotional payoff is one thing anv what exactly is an “intelligent ending”? Thus the only ending actually possible by this story’s logic.

Whatever his original fate was, it certainly wasn’t punishment.

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