No holes to be seen yet, which is wonderful. Arent the time left is little so we should do things together. Not a real exciting place. D Thank you so much. But i was thinking that Joo-wal did it and in the process of killing D: If I want to find out the truth, if I want to go to heaven, I have to find that person and punish them. Though the second characters add the flavor. While Eun Ho is raised wealthy, but not treated like a lord and is always being called a slave’s son.

Joo-wal you tragic soul. Jade Emperor said this to EO in the mountains, there is no such thing as a worthless death or useless life. Or is he just plain awesome? Forever misinterpreting the romancey stuff in our lives. Eun Ho discovering his own history, redefining his memories and realizing that his mother loved him. And then, a new figure arrives in town.

Looking forward to next week!! He is just plain awesome: What the drama does not clarify, even in this episode, is magistrwte all this occurred. I agree that he has to pay for his crimes, and I don’t exactly like him, but I really feel for him.

Dana October 6, at 7: If I want to find out the truth, if I want to go to heaven, I have to find that person and punish them. Please enter your username or email address. CaroleMcDonnell October 5, at 5: One things for sure I love how this drama is soooooo very different and i’m satisfied on how it goes.

Mom says they spend all their time feeding each other and being lovey-dovey that she can hardly stand to see it. I’m so glad to finally get some answers. And makes him a lot more tragic. Nah, it was a sacrifice of love. Joo-wal stammers a denial and starts to leave. She chides him for digging up old memories: Just the sinopsos Eun-oh says it.

Tough some said the mother identity is dragging but most of us didint think so. I think I have to watch magistratf from episode 1 before the last episode airs.


That gets aeang the way of enjoyment of this genre. We only have 2 weeks left. They shoot him a betrayed look, ha. CaroleMcDonnell October 5, at 6: If Arang snopsis retained Seo Rim’s memory AND heart, she would have at least gained some sort of salvation by knowing this fact although her love was not returned.

I want to know how her body end up at the waterfall.

And what will that mean for her pzrt for Joo-wal? I wish I didnt have such a hard time explainning things in English with 3 other languages in my head. Why was Arang placed in the shack first place?

Aranh October 13, at 7: I’m glad that the story is slowly unfolding, answering our questions as it goes along. And marriage and pure blood are extra important.

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1-20 Episode Terakhir

The question becomes will it be both reaper and sister or Arang and Mu Yeon? I wait with bated breath. But keeping my fingures cross that this has a happy ending whether they end up as human, goes to heave or paet reborn again.

And so it was “Mom” who took Lee Seo Rim’s memory. I feel sorry for the love that could have been And if you think about it, she’s been so sheltered, he’s probably the only guy who 1. Well, now I’m confused with my tendency, Hahaha If Lady Seo was Lord Kim’s woman aranf her family were executed then Eun-oh wouldn’t be a illegitimate child. Also about mu-yeon, she wanted to be human but she is not enjoying her being human when she can only confine herself to the “closed space” and sitting all day in the room.

It was a nice touch to show how stifled Mu-yeon was by heaven, despite the general prevailing opinion about heaven being an awesome place to go. You would think that the entire cast was in mourning or something.

Jade Emperor had said this at the onset – Arang’s real cause of death was immaterial and I could almost understand why he magsitrate that.


As for Jade, I kinda think she feels she owes him even though he’s been so slick thhe her. Perhaps, Jade Emperor’s real chip is the mother’s love for Eun-Oh. I assume that was just one of many scenarios where the emotional turmoil was getting to him before sinopsos would come and erase dinopsis memories. Oh drama, how are you gong to end??? His memory being paft does make the whole set up make loads more sense. Whereas LSR could only learn about the world behind closed doors sinopsix fantasize about the love that she thought was the one and only for her, it was in fact only life’s trials and tribulations that would allow Arang to find the one true love that was destined for her but one that had been sorely missed until the time was ripe.

I hope they won’t leave this part unanswered I love, how twisted, complex, complicated but the story make sense and entangle each other in the most complex relationship I ever encountered. To think, Meo Yeon has been evil for all these years, trapping souls right and left, and Joo Wal’s death will be part of bringing her down.

Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. The Creator made you and your descendants slaves for ever.

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode Episode Terakhir

Isn’t it when JW was still a street kid, the one who approached him msgistrate he want to change his life is Mu-yeon in EO’s Mom’s body already? But later, when she interacted with Eun Oh, you could just see her analyzing how he treats her.

Now I’m interested if old Choi still have the power to make his enemies suffer like he used to.

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