Luckily, JR her son with David proved to be a smart kid whom she believes will remove their family from a life of poverty. Takeshi Kato is a project manager of a big company in Japan and currently resides in Japan. Suryo has a son and names him Romeo, while Atmo has a daughter and names her Juminten. The show is produced by Servia. As such, everyone assumed that it was Dave who saved her since the latter merely kept mum about it. Episode 17 – The truth finally comes out Graduation day finally arrives and both JR and Dave are top honors of their class. Career Marten is a former footballer who played in Persitara North Jakarta.

Ingrid is the woman he loves and he has no plans to destroy his family by allowing Marlene back in his life again. He is also involved in advertising, but mainly as a host. Indra adalah satu-satunya laki-laki di de’Rainbow, pada awalnya dia sangat malu karena berteman dengan perempuan. As a matter of fact, this has created a rift between David and Ingrid as the latter discovers that he went out with the two boys while they were in Manila. Career Wisnu began his entertainment career with a car accident. Viewers are able to join through text and online registration via Internet.

Currently, the company is headed by Alvin W. The kepkmpong is produced by Servia. Career Putri began her career as a model in a teen magazine.

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But as time passes by, he becomes closer to Audrey as he acts as their bridge every time they have a misunderstanding. Every 3 months, he visits his family in Indonesia. This completely confuses Ingrid who immediately returns to the mansion to confront Dave about the newly-purchased property and why Marlene is in it.

Member feedback about Cinta Fitri: Irwansyah topic Irwansyah born 6 March is an Indonesian keoompong and singer.


History Lativi logo, shortly before it was sold and renamed to tvOne. Member feedback about Agnez Mo: Meanwhile, Ingrid also kpeompong Dave to set up a meeting with his JR. She then majored in accounting at the Institute of Business and Informatics Indonesia. Biography Irwansyah was born in Jakarta on 6 March Since the end ofthe program has regained its position as the most-watched newscast in the country, according to ratings by Nielsen Media Research.

SCTV (Indonesia)

Blink formed in Jakarta on 23 July Single he must obey the husband anti ball. But their father allowed the friendship to continue, because there was something about JR that David Sr. JR denies this but she tactlessly reveals her observation to Dave who is equally angered by the possibility that JR would betray him in that sense.

When will JR discover that she is the same girl whom he saved back when they were still kids? Siapa yang kapalnya karam gara2 ngeship Chacha sama Indra tapi malah jadinya Indra sama Tasya dan Chacha sama si Monki itu?

Much later, the two simultaneously had their sons episoxe as David Garcia Jr. It was based on the Philippines’ longest-running noon-time variety show, Eat Bulaga! However, a night of indiscretion resulted to her pregnancy. The judges panel was made up of an Indonesian diva Vina Panduwinata, actor Anjasmara, and a senior actress Ria Irawan.

Darius Sinathrya born sinetronn Switzerland, May 21, is a Swiss-born Indonesian model, actor, TV performer, futsal manager,[1] and sport presenter. Its main offices are located in Central Jakarta, with studios in West Jakarta.

As it happens, Dave made his parents believe that someone took his cellphone when they asked him about it the day before. Liking acting since childhood, Shireen was cast for her first role while delivering her aunt in SinemArt casting.


In fact, he even shares the whole story between him and Marlene to his friend Stanley. Her boss misbehaved with her at a party which led to people thinking bad about her including Bayu who was also there at the party.

The winners are listed episoode boldface. In addition as actor, he developed his career as advertisement star, presenter, and singer. The show returned on its second network, antv from November 17, to August 8, with a mix of original and new hosts. Career Wisnu began his entertainment career with a car accident. Then the next day, they all decided to go sightseeing.

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Di sana tempat lahir beta Dibuai, dibesarkan bunda Tempat berlindung di hari tua Tempat akhir menutup mata Second verse: Luckily for Stanley, he still have an eldest son, Junior, who stands to inherit the family business. Luckily, JR her son with David proved to be a sinerron kid whom she believes will remove their family from a life of poverty.

This later creates a disagreement between Dave and Audrey because the former blames her big mouth for what happened back at the mansion.

Beb Aku Sayang banget sama Kamu?? Syarief began his career in entertainment at the age of 12 with a part as sineton extra in the TV movie Si Gundul Bocah Petir. He is the elder brother of Gibran Marten, an Indonesian actor and singer. Regular presenters Errol Barnett Schedule Daily:

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