I would love to do anything physical, I love learning and training in a new medium. Some of my best friends and star roller skaters skated with me on that one: Hmm… I would have to say as a competitive athlete, earning the Silver medal at the World Games was definitely one of the best moments. At the moment it has more than ,1 million views. Bryn Christopher — Sweet Lovin'”. The Silver Medal from the World Games has been the only medal, trophy or reward that I have ever shown to my students as inspiration.

I was very fortunate to have it as a positive outlet for me and I would love for others to get out of it what I did. Retrieved 4 March Retrieved 25 January Did anything funny or unexpected happen during making any of those music videos? Bryn Christopher Bruce Fielder. My mom and her sisters dabbled in roller figure skating as young girls and my parents knew I needed something to do with my energy. If organizers used viewership numbers from ice figure skating, I think it would make a lot of sense to have its counter-part roller be shown in the Summer Games. We talked about summer hits, summer events and summer sports.

Skateboarding is now officially an olympic sport. As far as I know, there is very little being done to market roller skating in an effective way by llvin group of vast.

Thank you very much. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I like that I can get away with wearing shorts and sandals every day and not doing my hair is more acceptable because it looks like I might be going to or coming from the beach at any given time lol.

LA Roller Girls Entertainment

If organizers used viewership numbers from ice figure skating, I think it would make a lot of sense to have its counter-part roller be shown in the Summer Games. This was the first time I had done a music video that featured me solo and honestly it was a little intimidating at first, but I quickly warmed up to the freedom that the director gave me as choreographer, which inspired me to try things that I would do if I were just skating alone by myself.


For the most part, we were shooting with locked down locations, but when there were onlookers they were loving the smoke on my skates. What advice would you give to the beginners, those who are just starting their adventure with roller skating?

By the way, do you have your favourite movies about roller skaters? I danced all the time, but always chose to skate rather than pursue any of my other passions and in my house there was hardly enough money to skate, let alone do anything else. Retrieved 19 December Another stand out career moment for me would be earning my first John Wintz award for coaching a National Champion, and professionally it would have to be realizing how many people have seen roller skating by way of the Chet Faker video and now the Sigala video as well.

Retrieved from ” https: Filming at night was ok for us once we made sure our path was clean and free of debris.

Sigala feat. Bryn Christopher – ‘Sweet Lovin” (Live At The Summertime Ball 2016)

The official music video was filmed in Los AngelesCalifornia. Retrieved 11 March Sigsla 10 March It features Candice Heiden of LA Roller Girls Entertainment [2] rollerskating around the streets and leaving clouds of red smoke in her wake, causing anyone in the path of the smoke to dance to the tropical track’s infectious beat.

We finally realized we were already doing the job we wanted to do so we got organized and created something we are really proud of — a unified front really, where people can go to find the best skaters. Me and the girls have been working professionally in LA for years and were being contacted frequently about finding other skaters for castings. People who used loviin spend a lot of time at roller skating rinks in the past, for example in the 80s, say that friendships were born there, that they fell in love at the rink or came there looking for consolation after breaking up.

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We were given direction on our roles and characters by the incredible director Hiro Murai and translated by the incomparable choreographer Ryan Heffington. When did an idea to set up such a group appear?


I like how much lighter they are, it makes jumps feel quite different though. This page was last edited on casf Decemberat Spinning is quite tricky too but you learn to make adjustments.

I also started to learn to play piano, I would love to spend more time on it, because I do love it and it forces me to sit still, it requires discipline, which I love.

The planning and coordination involved was beyond comprehension, what we did in our skating scene was literally nothing compared to what the dancers, crew and Gwen had to do perfectly at the right time. It was released on 4 December as a digital download in the United Kingdom swert Ministry of Sound. Dance Top 40 lista.

sweet lovin roller skater | Remote Talk

Retrieved July 14, Luckily for me, my aunt was still in contact with their old coach who happened to be coaching the reigning world champion, so I trained with the absolute best from the get-go… The stars were seriously aligned for me.

Can you say lovln about it? Views Read Edit View history. And what movies do you like watching in your free time?

Sigala ‘Sweet Lovin” by Craig Moore

Did you expect such huge popularity of that clip when you were making it? As far as organizers go, I would hope that there sigalz a team to properly market and brand roller skating to present it effectively to the general population. A lot of people have discovered you thanks to music videos.

It was uploaded to Sigala’s official Vevo channel on 13 November vast Retrieved 9 January Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry. What do you think? And yes, we did get to spend time with her and even met her boys, they are all super sweet.

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