Yosen calls for timeout, and Kagami asks Kuroko to throw the ring away, then returns to the court. Hyuga calms down and shoots a three, Izuki also calms down and scores. The Generation of Miracles’ old manager, Momoi, visits Seirin while they are training at the pool and recounts the story of when Kuroko gave her an icypole. As Kagami gets double teamed, Kuroko scores using his Phantom Shot, Kasamatsu figures out the trick and stops Kuroko’s Phantom Shot, exposing the trick, just before he is subbed out. With Kaijo needing a score to turn things around, Kise fakes a formless shot and attempts to pass to Kasamatsu. Kuroko gets knocked unconscious in the game before the grand final, in which Teiko is set to play against Kuroko’s friend, Shige’s team. Kise then manages to stop Aomine’s quick dribble and drive, and his Formless Shot.

To build Kagami’s core strength, Riko sends him to get drinks for the team, one at a time, running on the beach instead of practising with the others. After Sakurai experiences Hyuga’s 3-pointers, he begins to pout and it turns into a 3-pointer shoot-out between Sakurai and Hyuga. Last summer, Kiyoshi created the basketball team. Kise and Haizaki continue their face off, and Kise’s pain from his injury increases. Imayoshi taking over to mark Kuroko by direction of Momoi. Kaijo becomes the lead with a score of As Kagami is about to re-enter the game, with 51 seconds left in the 2nd Quarter and Touou 10 points in the lead, Aomine arrives —ready to play. Kagami finally manages to block Papa’s shot, and Seirin win the match

Even if he skips the surgery it will still be a year before he returns, and he will keep accumulating damage as he plays basketball and will only be able to play for a year at most.

Seirin begins the counter attack in run-and-gun method, matcu the Kaijo and audience. Seirin subs in first-year Furihata to lure Rakuzan, but ful, quickly gets fatigued after facing Akashi.

As the match continues in the fourth quarter, Yosen keeps on maintaining its lead and with Kiyoshi out, the Seirin players face tough times scoring any points.


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Back to the game, Kuroko marks Murasakibara, thus causing Murasakibara to foul for charging at Kuroko, effectively angering Murasakibara. The match with Shinkyo begins, and as the game progresses, Kagami promises Papa to block one of his shots and that Kuroko will give him a hard time for calling shutou a child.

It is then shown that Kagami has also entered the Zone. Seirin still manage to score, but Akashi enters the zone again and Akashi’s support draws out his team members’ potentials, making them enter an imperfect version of the zone, possible because they are members of the “Uncrowned Kings”.

Kagami dangerously continues using up his stamina in the zone, Riko swaps Kuroko for Mitobe so that Kagami can focus on offence. The ball is knocked out of court and Hyuga scores another 3 with 3 seconds remaining. The shot misses, but Shutoku’s Otsubo Taisuke dunks the rebound.

The Touou team explains that they have defeated Josei High, who Seirin had also played in the Winter Cup preliminaries, by shuto,u score of Kuroko observes Mayuzumi’s play from the sidelines. Murasakibara thinks that he won’t miss even if he just tosses it in, but Kuroko returns and quickly blocks the shot and that’s it, Seirin wins Yosen Kuroko resolves to become stronger during the summer so that he rakyzan Kagami can form an unbreakable team during the Winter Cup.

Koganei faces Reo, and although Koganei doesn’t manage to defeat him, Hyuga comes to understand how to beat Reo’s fhll specialty shots Heaven, Earth, Void. Kise recovers and manages to fill the point gap. However, Murasakibara has great reflexes that he reacted in time to block Kagami’s dunk. A teacher interrupts before Kuroko’s turn, but he later writes his in chalk in the courtyard. Hyuga forces a foul as he scores a three and is allowed a free throw.

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However, Seirin predicted this and the score is locked until Midorima scores a 3 with 30 seconds remaining and Hyuga counters with a 3. Midorima warns Kagami about Aomine Daiki. Absolutely determined to win, Aomine scores an impossibly difficult Formless Shot from behind the backboard to bring the score to in Touou’s favor, with zhutoku 15 seconds left.


Meanwhile Shutoku wins against Senshinkan,also qualifying for the Winter Cup. Hyuga hits a 3 with confidence, even with Sakurai’s tight defense on the former. Even without Aomine, Touou takes an early lead using Momoi’s scouting information and predictions.

When the original user tries to do the move again, they try to do so with the new timing and ultimately fail.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Aomine goes off by himself to celebrate him having finally found an opponent where he can go all out on. Kuroko regains consciousness, and since he cannot play in the game, asks Akashi to make Teiko play their best.

Kuroko suggests they give up relying solely on Kagami for now, and offers to take some of the burden. Down by 13, and not bearing to see Seirin lose and cry again, Kagami finally manages to react to Aomine’s drive, hitting the ball out of bounds.

Also, Kuroko’s friend loses, and calls Kuroko, crying.

Though their final chance was lost, Kise remains determined for the sake of his team. Seirin manage to score a two-pointer, but Akashi counters with a two pointer, and is not going to allow Seirin to win that easily. The second quarter ends with Shutoku still in the lead, Hyuga calms down and shoots a three, Izuki also calms down and scores. Kagami wants his Zone to activate like he did against Touou, but isn’t able to do so.

Seirin loses both games, and therefore the Inter High tournament. The first years participate in a street basketball tournament, with Kiyoshi subbing in for Rakuzzn.

The audience, as well as the other players, are amazed at the battle of the Aces in the Zone, which brings their focus and reaction speed to the maximum.

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