Lalitha then caresses the baby with love. Annapurna then reveals her love towards her son Hari and the sacrifice she has done for Kala. Lalitha strongly refuses to get married. In the other scene, Lalita feels upset about Nandan, who sent the baby without coming home, and then mentions this to Jhanavi. Vasuda learns that Naveen is the boy who she rejected to marry and then she feels sad for rejecting him. Sunil, who discussed this with Jhanavi comes to Annapurna, and the he gives his consent to marry Baby for which everyone feels happy.

Sunil questions the intension of Baby, who is cooking and showing special care. Baby, who listens to their conversation, brings meals for Sunil but she lies to him that it has been sent by Jhanavi. Annapurna then mentions this to Nandan, who feels surprised. Lalita analyzes the situation and gives her consent. Vinay calls Vasuda to sask her for an outing but she refuses and behaves rudely, which makes him feel upset. Meanwhile, Jhanavi feels worried about Baby as she is serious about sunil.

Nandan then agrees to get married to her.

Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Annapurna, who knows that it is tough, mentions this to her, Jhanavi then gives some hope to her. Jhanavi, who follows Kala, comes to know that she went to meet Hari with the lunch box.

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Annapurna and Jhanavi take Vasuda to a dhubhamasthu after she falls unconscious and then the doctors mentions that she is over dieting. Annapurna, who observes the changes in Vasuda, feels worried and then she enquires the reason but Vasuda refuses to reveal anything and then she asks her to postpone her marriage for a month.

Sunil thanks Jhanavi over the phone. Vasuda mentions to Vinay over the phone about the progress of Lalitha’s marriage with Nandan. More Videos of Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu. Jhanavi, who convinces Annupurna, gets Hari released from jail. Annapurna, who mistakes that Vinay had insisted her to episore so, scolds him over the phone.


He talks to her but refuses to respond to her words. Malathi suspects that Guru may not be alive, but still Jhanavi, who never loses hopes, keeps shunhamasthu tracking him. Jhanavi thinks of getting her married to Nandan.

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Kala realises this and apologizes to her. Baby then mentions her that she likes Epissode and she is ready to marry him. Then Kala requests him to stay back but refuses by saying that he is unfit to stay between them.

Annapurna, who consulted the priest, mentions to the family members that the engagement is postponed and then she says that the engagement and marriage will be held on the same day. Kala sees him in the temple and calls him to the house but he refuses and says that shriraethu would stay away from them to take the punishment. Stay tuned to know what happens next.

Jhanavi decides to bring Guru home so as to unite him with Malathi. Jhanavi then reveals the matter that he decided not to trouble her until she feels easy with him. Lalita analyzes the situation and gives her consent. Jhanavi feels worried about Baby’s life, since she left her husband and then she tries to convince her but Baby says that she is never going to stay with her eepisode and then Jhanavi asks eposode to atleast tell her whether she is ready for second marriage.

Overview Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu is a Kannada drama television series.

Nandan, who left his baby at Lalitha’s house, comes to take her back. Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu – Episodes In the other scene, Jhanavi feels mercy on Sunil, who is spoiling his health in the grief of his ex-girlfriend.

Jhanavi also expresses her desire of releasing Hari too. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Baby then reveals to him that she is in love with him. And then Jhanavi brings Nandan’s baby home and informs Lalitha that Nandan’s wife died during the delivery and now the baby is orphan. Stay tuned to know. Annapurna, who is shocked, mentions this to Jhanavi. Sunil, who discussed this with Jhanavi comes to Annapurna, and the he gives his consent to marry Baby for which everyone feels happy.


Jhanavi also tries to stopping him but Hari apologises and moves out of the house. Then Vinay’s friend sees Vasuda in the temple and comments on her that she is not a perfect match for Vinay.

But Annapurna strongly refuses to bring him out of jail. Annapurna agrees to postpone Vasuda’s marriage for a month. Vasuda appreciates Jhanavi with Vinay over the phone for her concern towards the family. Annapurna and family who see the positive changes in Hari’s behaviour, feel happy. Usha notices positive changes in Ravi and gives her consent for his love and then he feels happy. Vasuda discusses about Kala with Vinay over the phone. The story revolves around Janavi, a hard-working girl, who is troubled by her step mother.

Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu

Usha, who notices the changes in him, feels surprised. Vasuda then mentions that he is shubahmasthu involved in it. Jhanavi, who thinks of approaching Lalita also for a second marriage, mentions this to Annapurna and then Lalita interferes and strongly refuses for marriage. Lalitha strongly refuses to get married.

episodd Hari, who returns the property documents, apologises to Annapurna and then he prepares to leave the house. Hari then apologizes to everybody for the mistakes.

Vinay calls Vasuda and asks her to meet him at the temple. Annapurna comes over there and convinces them and takes them to the house. Vasuda, who does not want to miss him, mentions to Annapurna that she is ready to marry him and then family members feel happy.

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