How do people find the energy for this stuff. Have no regrets tho. I was starting to doubt the idea that I didn’t have a Shard of Abaddon dedicated to trolling me by giving me terrible ideas for testing. See no problem in garbage review for garbage movie at all, whinning about such things, however, remind me about boy called Yaichko that had purple balls from birth. Obviously it lands with a lot of people, but he’s always just annoyed me. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It was one of three on the side facing the wall. I’m taking a shit, you fucking gimp.

And then the moment my hand made contact with the audio jack embedded in the plastic, my universe expanded. I asked the skeptical front desk lady if the computers were free to use. In the grand scheme of things, Annette living and Taylor not looking like a goth weren’t very big changes, but neither is every little rumble on a mountain. Story Story Writer Forum Community. In the wrong hands my mind could cause untold damage. I don’t mind racist and child abuse jokes but from what i hear modern Nostalgia Critic sucks. It was like the entire universe was doing it’s best to take a dump on what little handle on the timeline I thought I had.

Apparently I’d fallen for that mental confusion as well.

I glanced back at the library entrance. Have no regrets tho. I also thought he was That Dude with the Glasses. A terrible review for a terrible movie sounds like karma. The sketch bits are cringe in it’s purest goddamn form, as they are in I was probably the only one besides a few members of Cauldron who did.

Some website called Magellan provided a rudimentary barebones version of what Google provided in my world, and if I guessed right, Earth Aleph. Not to mention breaking it down scene by scene in the order they come in.

PHO seemed to have taken over the role Reddit would have served, which explained the absence. I asked the skeptical front desk lady if the computers were free to use. Dude needs a shower if he’s going to appear on camera again. I couldn’t look at a bunch of components and suddenly have a blueprint pop up in my shitcasr.


Beird Blogs: Favorite YouTubers – Those You May Not Know and Those You Probably Do

Then I guess he figured that longer videos mean more ad revenue, so now he goes through the whole thing almost scene by scene, which is a horrible approach shitxase reviewing things. It’s highly likely my compatriot forum and unofficial fiction aficionados would suffer similar fates, or if not stopped, do the same. All these similarities is why I was shocked to hell to find two near identical looking women, one mature and the other obviously a teenager, walk into the library.

It barely resembles the games Notably Doom 3, the game it takes its cues fromthe writing comes off as a cliched zombie movie with a nonsensical plot device the 24th Chromosomethe effects are bad, some of the characters are unlikable Notably Portman, the film’s attempt at an Unpopular Popular Charactersgitcase it can get pretty slow. My cineam widened with sudden realization. Yeah, Doomworld is a very rational place where every poster is knowledgeable and posesses enough taste to recognize that Doom 2 is much better a game than Ultimate Doom.

I sat down, logged into the guest account, and started up the ahitcase present Firefox.

Cat’s Eye – Topic – YouTube

It’s so bad, it makes the actual movie look like a cakewalk by comparison. Never concise, tight or witty, just obnoxious and loud.

Google didn’t seem to exist on Earth Bet, thus neither did their Chrome browser, and I’d be caught dead before I used Internet Explorer for anything but downloading one of the other two. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Notice how KrimsonRogue Or NPC in this case has a better knowledge of the game, and is much better when it comes to both the sketches and actual critique. Reincarnation in a Nutshell PJ 4. Case in point; it suggested testing regeneration by cutting off a leg.

It was Firefox’s home page on these library computers. Just now, Memfis said:.

These are Plot Bunnies, and this place is my Vault of the ones I couldn’t get out of my head. Dragon existed, the Triumvirate existed, Hero was killed by William Manton’s projection.


Already have an account? And then cineam moment my hand made contact with the audio jack embedded in the plastic, my universe expanded.

After all, it wasn’t like my fellow writers hadn’t created hundreds of different versions of the universe.

Kids would go past it with their parents and ask how you controlled the machine if you didn’t have a touchscreen. I am very glad I chose to whack my forearm with a metal pipe, gentlyinstead of my first idea of a possible test.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. And as much as I wanted to believe I wouldn’t crack under torture, I’d have no way to know if I did in another timeline in front of a certain asshole. Devoid of skits and personal ego.

I no longer need to see the movie, because the review has so much of the movie in it. I was going to have to be very careful with my movements shitcade changes from now on.

Click the link and watch it for yourself: He was most definitely the leader. As for Spoony, I still follow him on Twitter, and he actually seems to be doing a little better. If Annette was alive, who died two years ago? I most definitely wasn’t a Brute.

Youtube Plan 9 – Shitcase Cinema Review

It took me quite a few cindma to place the two in my mind. Then there are video game reviewers who do 90 minute reviews for 30 minute shmups and 4 hour reviews for RPGs.

Its strange that some YouTubers tgoll I find genuinely hilarious like AVGN and TJ Kirk sucked his dick so hard creatively speaking because their delivery is so much better and more genuine, thus getting the kind of laughs NC is clearly striving for.

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