I enjoyed the little skit which involved us running like Freddy. Funnily enough I tried tracking him down to get involved in the five year anniversary special earlier this month, but to no avail. I have recently put forward the idea of us scaling ideas down, making it more grounded and seeing if we can get something filmed this year as a feature length special. I haven’t seen any of them, like most of my friends and family, but I hear they’re pretty darn brilliant. He said sure, he did them including getting wine thrown onto his crotch by Maggit Man! I remember coming up with that skit while in my hotel room in Las Vegas, I wrote down the idea and lines, and acted it out for the In Hell movie review. I tried and tried and tried, getting more pissed off as time went on.

As always, thanks to everyone for their ongoing support, kind words and I hope we can continue to entertain, amuse or baffle you for some time to come. Maybe this is a good thing? May I take a moment to recommend three of my personal old school choices? Lots, but I’ll just mention a few bits and bobs as I’m too lazy to write a long essay — you have to think on, I’ve not written an update for over a year so I’m very rusty. Still, Johnny Shitcase won overall, which I am pleased about. Monday, 12 May First update this year, wow! Spread the Shitcase word people and I’ll buy you all a drink one day! So I’ll wrap this up here, wish you all the best for , thank you for your support over the last five years if you’ve been around since the start and I doubt anyone who was is still watching now!

Oh, join the pointless Twitter Shitcase channel too if you want.


Don’t hold your breath. I used to read every single post on there day in day out but it’s not what it used to be any more. I love the fact there are still two or three fans still sticking by from those early days and for that I thank you, you know who you are.

Sunday, 4 Shitcae The end of Shitcase Cinema OK, let’s do it. We did a new Shitcast the other week. Greetings fellow wannabe ninjas. It’s hard work churning out shktcase all the time and keeping them as fresh as you can.

So here I am. Now, the plan for this particular blog was that Professor Bruce was going to write it. If any of you happen to see me out and about do stop me to say howdy doody, I won’t charge you much for taking up my time. Maybe it needed more Bruce? Shitcase Cinema fans really are the greatest thing since sliced bread That is more supreme than an ultimate ninja if you ask me.

What am I working on currently aside from this blog update? Zardoz has a grand plan in store for Shitcase Cinema, I’m sure of this. As for when a full feature length ‘Interview with a Caveman 3’ will happen, I can’t say. Even a legend like myself struggles to organise a 2 minute video featuring myself, Bruce and Wayne.

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The Facebook group will still remain a lively place I’m sure so get yourself on there if you’re not a member. John 13th April How long does Shitcase Cinema have left in it?

From the Battle Rats review. I must admit to struggling to find enthusiasm to make reviews at the moment. The current online store weekejd expensive and despite selling some stuff over the last 4 years on there or whatever it is, I’ve not seen a single penny. Maybe this is a good thing?


Gems in Cyberspace: Shitcase Cinema

As always, thanks to everyone for their ongoing support, kind words and I hope we can continue to entertain, amuse or baffle you for some time to come. He called me numerous nasty names before claiming Zardoz was his finest work. I’m very excited and you should be too. Well, that grom to be recorded a total of three times on three different occasions, much to the annoyance wewkend Bruce. Yes, folks, from early August Shitcase Cinema will be on a lengthy hiatus for possibly 6 months.

In short I was told about this movie by one Mark Overholt aka Mr Camp Blood 2 after I got in contact with him with regards to the five year anniversary. Many of you have been fans for perhaps 4 or 5 years which is, again, amazing. If you look at the clock on the wall you’ll see how late it was when we filmed that.

Shitcsse knows a quote from the Death Run review, just a pointless fact for you.

What an honour that is. Going back ahitcase the Shitcast videos briefly, these appear only on the Facebook group as an exclusive unless some clever fan somehow rips it and puts it on Youtube or whatever. Only one fucking person noticed it was Goddamn HD quality. All those science qualifications and intelligence can’t save Bruce from getting his fat finger stuck in a water flask.

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