Defeated, Litleo bows its head. James feels that this activity is quite fun. Bonnie comments on its increased speed. Nice to see that some other people though this had a Lion King vibe – Spoiler. Serena voice Mike Liscio For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Serena wonders why it won’t eat despite its hunger, while Bonnie theorizes Litleo is still in pain. Meowth uses the mecha which resembles a Charizard to start a gust of wind with its mouth, sucking the Pyroar inside. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Ash urges them to stop and asks them to let Pyroar go. An exhausted Litleo puts one foot wrong and falls down yet another cliff, bouncing off a rock and tumbling down to injure its head. Pikachu voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Pyroar is shocked and upset.

Shishiko and Kaenjishi! A Fiery Journey!!

Pikachu is doing a good job at resisting, so Jessie asks Meowth to turn up the power, which he duly does. Litleo was cute but that’s not going to make me like the episode. Litleo seems to find them appetizing at first, but then, remembering Pyroar’s attacks, loses its appetite. Litleo picks up and keeps laenjishi, which Pyroar seems to be impressed at.

Personal tools Create account Log in. Jessie tries to get Pyroar to relax, classifying their work as “canyon fishing”. Just then, Team Rocket turn up again in one of their mechasthe “Vavoominite Mark 4”. Meowth explains that “Mega Overheat” takes Pyroar’s fire and shoots it back into the world. Wobbuffet voice Billy Bob Thompson Pyroar uses Overheat as Clemont explains in response to Ash which lasts for some time, leading Team Rocket to mega evolve their mecha.


Litleo is disappointed when, after trying to bite the berry, it floats away. Edit Storyline As our heroes cross a vast grassland, they hear a powerful roar in the distance! Joined Dec 12, Messages 13, Reaction score 5, Joined Sep episose, Messages Reaction score Litleo is very happy at their sentiment. Der feurige Weg des Erwachsenwerdens!

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Team Rocket are revealed to be the ones behind the floating berry, with it being attached to a fishing rod. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Serena asks if anyone knows what the sound was, and looks scared.

They realise he is the same Pyroar from earlier, and Serena wonders if he has been watching the whole time, with Clemont kaenjixhi that he has. But Pyroar has gone. Litleo is still looking indignant, as Pyroar tries to escape, and calls down to Litleo, who becomes even more angry. Litleo is shown to be growling nearby, and Ash deduces that it was Litleo who caused the blast.

A Fiery Rite of Passage! As if to answer this, Litleo leaves the group and walks solemnly away. However, a rather annoyed James steers the mecha’s tail to hit Litleo hard, and knocking it hard into the air. Ash and his friends are still watching Litleo as it walks through a canyon. Bonnie states emphatically that she is worried about Litleo. Jounrey attempts to warn the group they have “company” are initially dismissed by James as loud noises which will scare Litleo away.


I swore Litleo was going to evolve when he was facing Team Rocket. Litleo struggles to bear the pain but manages to keep walking forward, at Team Rocket’s horror.

Meowth drives the mecha forwards, skidding to the right to knock Pikachu away from the rest of the group. With a little help from our heroes, Team Rocket is sent blasting off again, and Fu,l is freed!

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Jessie orders Pikachu to also be captured. Litleo and Pyroar are pretty awesome pokemon.

The duo run to check whether Litleo is okay. Clemont episodw that Pyroar is too angry to think. Litleo was too cute in the episode! Litleo is running, then walking, and then, when the water becomes too deep, starts to swim across the small lake, even going underwater at one point. Meowth seems to agree.

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