One day at a dinner date, Falak tells him that her father wants him to join the factory. Views Read Edit View history. There are many religious people who hurt others and make lives miserable for others. That it is all happening because the universe is trying to teach arrogant Falak a lesson? One of these issues were of treating domestic helpers with kindness and compassion. I really do wish our producers would take a bold step forward and try to change these outdated social stereotypes of beauty. Mark Zuckerberg gave away millions of dollars to fight Ebola.

At one point where you will see the heroine making perfect sense and construing absolutely spot-on arguments — in the following scene, you can well expect her to be relaying a dangerously fundamentalist message and diving headfirst into a religious monologue that probably has little to do with logic and the story. Another important lesson is that life is about learning to live with imperfections. I wish, I could say the same about Mahira.. I appreciate Sarmad experimenting. When she is distressed, they fly and whirl around her like a storm. She screams and cries and then collapses. Many people who have found their true connection with God via compassion and love are those who have not fought with their mothers over the right way of doing ablution. She well and truly believes that her love would be enough for their marriage and would survive any obstacles in the future.

The Hum network gave its program three Hum Awardsincluding Best Drama Serial[4] having nominated it in seven categories.

I hear you and completely agree with you about having to struggle to justify the expense alongside the utility of these clothes, particularly as winter is just around the corner — clearly I failed to stop myself.

You and I did tend to agree on most dramas. I find this whole trend of stereotyping actors very disturbing — along side Nadia, Nimra Bucha, another fantastic actress, is repeatedly type cast as the mazloom bechari or the bitter woman, less than good looking girl, who keeps waiting for rishtas, andd is either poor or very middle class. Even God would want a person to have their dignity in a terrible situation.

Human beings are complex and the human condition and psychology is not as divided between religion and irreligion.

Hum Awards Hum Films List of programs. I have to agree with you: There is a continued exposition of Falak as a spoilt, irrational eppisode. It is so so lovely reading eepisode again!! Am I putting two and two together and making it five? SZ But now that I know the prices, hmm waiting for Falak to throw them out in her wajood to zaat transition!


Good to see you here! Otherwise, so looking forward to the next episode. He is more flippant than usual and often loses his temper with Falak. Learn how your comment data is processed. The scene between Tabinda, Falak oxtober Salman are bizarre.

Quite an excellent casting decision by MD Productions. Now you owe us for ep 10 and 11! The messages, even though horribly dogmatic at times, speak of a certain spiritual journey and the crucial social issues prevalent in our society.

Mahirah was remarkable in that confrontation scene and then the Mirror bathroom scene as well, although i wish, agreeing with the review, that they could have cut the music down a little bit. As naani had earlier said, prayers are the best remedy for any situation, but i guess having an actual tangible object in your hand seems to be more effective o a person like Falak, more of an actual sense of doing something?

Falak internalizes his put-downs and revisits her reflection in the mirror, the first signs of what happens when you are in a relationship that is emotionally abusive. How has Salman changed now? I so wish NB had posted her comment here — she had some really interesting stuff there — maybe I should copy paste it under her name here — she was too cute with her naani analogy!

Falak tells her that this is still her home but Tabinda tells her that Salman would be giving this home to her in a few days.

Shehr-e-Zaat Episode 9

What is all this garbage about Tabinda hypnotizing him, just not on. Epksode no woman should go through what Salman is putting her through right now.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This dichotomy reeks of bigotry as well. What connects her to him? Is Nani Amma okay with Falak making little statues with her daughter now?

Shehr-E-Zaat – Episode 12 Complete (HD) On Hum TV – video dailymotion

Why do we need hand holding and be told what to feel and understand. Do epiphanies strike like this, one zaar Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari.

In a surreal and uncomfortable conversation, Falak and Salman decide they would get married. Mahira smiles a little, cries a little, puts on a face, puts on kajal, then a tear rolls out of her eye, she breaks down, stares into her own existence. In a blog on The Tribune, a writer wrote about “misplaced knowledge of Islam” due to the way the syehr presented Sufism and Islamization. She hates sculptures but is okay with dogs. Mikaal was fabulous as the asinine Salman!!


Her flyby hair become a character. Falak decides she would go meet this Tabinda and throw acid on her face.

Shehr e Zaat – review and recap.

shehf Overall this was another fab episode. The mirror shots were great but again I agree with you. Since when zaaat our flighty Falak ever thought so deep and in such literary language? Falak throws away the statue she once made of him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Salman being so kind sehhr to falak limited down her frustrated mind and i thought how we girls immediately become happy and forget everything when men just take little care of us, speak some soft words and do all that which makes us content. We do not teach men empathy and kindness but tell them how to be macho and gruff. Interestingly no one else seems to have any problem with this man apart from Hamza, who tells Falak that there is a stark difference between the love Hamza has for Falak and the love Falak has for Salman.

Is Salman really the selfish narcissistic typical chauvinistic male commonly seen in Pakistan and therefore does not deserve the benefit of doubt? A friend yesterday told me that after a tragedy in her life, she asked her mom in the same way falak will ask hers- that why did you not make me aware of God… Her own mental strength and her husband helped her find God in time….

She buys some newspapers from a street child when moments later she sees him hit a car and get seriously injured. His attitude is still terrible towards Falak and Rushna theorizes about a possible affair.

Just this that when God makes an object attractive, you cannot see anything beyond that! Nadia Afghan just had one scene but wow she continues to charm 112 Tabinda.

He also forgets their first wedding anniversary and yells at her for making a big deal out of him forgetting it.

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