Woh tau wohi dekh raha hai jo Allah us ko dikhana chah raha hai, wohi kar raha hai jo Allah us se karwana chahta hai…. Come morning, long after the flame had burned out, all that remain are the ashes. Great episode and beautiful review SZ, a very mellow and reflective episode. Email required Address never made public. Awwww — thank you!! Just want to mention as great as Falak looked in those beautiful dresses earlier, she looks even more beautiful in this simple style. A viewer can feel for her and see that change within her is evident.

Your comment above, on how this blog came about, is your reading of the situation and you are more than welcome to believe what you wish. This episode was definitely much more introspective, and I wish for all the viewers too it gave some food for thought. Fast and without any application Click here to read it online on Fast server. God surely rewards the believer with the good and better life in the Paradise. Her brilliance in the last few episodes speaks for itself. You are commenting using your Twitter account. And the music was quite loud in several places.

I also like the feministic angle put in by Umera in this episode and the previous one….

Shehr-e-Dil Key Darwazay Episode 13

Ash, just saw her in a car recently…. Ever since the very first episode of Shehr-e Zaat aired, the big debate among viewers seems to have been whether Mahira was the correct choice for Falak or not. Falak turned a deaf ear to all those who epixode and set Salman up on a pedestal so high that he appeared almost divine.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I love IR as it is…. Hence, it is better for the third brother to die when he was still small or minor. The second brother is going to be in the Hell because he chose to disbelieve and did the evil deeds. Most Happening and Interesting Fridays are yet to come: God permitted the second brother to live and die as an infidel and then to be in the Hell. That would be a pain to watch after something like Shehrezaat, where each episode leaves such an affer effect on you that you are left analyzing your innerself.

Thanks for welcoming me. In a blog on The Tribune, a writer wrote about “misplaced knowledge of Islam” due to the way the story presented Sufism and Islamization.

I saw Samina Peerzada here in lhr yesterday and went up adrwazay her to tell her how much we appreciated her work. Throughout, I have been calling Shehr-e Zaat a story of mirrors and reflections. Dates please so I can buy my ticket for a trip to Texas: In reality, infidels or non-believers are more than believers living in this world.

SK — lol at the British way. We get so attached to dunya stuff, myself included and often forget about how centuries of people who lived before us, does it matter what they wore, or what they drove. SZ Haan Pakistan mein rehne ka koi toh faida hona chihiye- but honestly I love living here but sadly, life is only easy for a small minority.

Mansha Pasha also made her presence felt as the very concerned Rushna.


Idhar moqa milta rahta hai. As naani comforts a disconsolate Falak: Great drama and a great review again. Sadaf I like your spirit! Minimal make up and cotton suits suit her just as well.

We are keh to add alive previews, Downloading link are working fine so kindly download it from above links till we add alive previews.

Online Dramas: Talluq on Geo Tv Episode 1

Or you are welcome to contact me On FB and I can send you details. Finally i got some time to read your review. SZ u actually wrote darwazaj from heart and it goes straight to our hearts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Nadia Afgan Aka Tabinda!!!!!: Na makeen hai nay makaan hai, na zameen hai nay zamaan hai Dil-e-benawa ne meray, wahan chhawni hai chhaii Na visaal hai na hijraan, na suroor hai na gham hai Jise kahiye khwab-e ghaflat, so woh neend mujh ko aayi Mujhe bekhudi yeh tu ne ….

According to the Mutazilite concept of free will, man is free to decide and strive for his future and final destination.

Oh u r most welcome nadia…u were fabulous in that scene Y Episodde Like. Please input characters displayed above. Knowing the current state of our world where we worship materialistic things, this drama comes at a very right time.

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