Beth Said on September 15th, at Nov 27, Gabriella Grace was only 18 years old when she built her very own tiny house on wheels together with her father as part of a project for her final year of school. I have never seen such rudeness towards you or the crew before. We so appreciate your caring manner with these families that are in a mental crisis. Your Texas fan, Lauren. The sheer volume of the clutter seems to have paralyzed the inhabitants, which often happens on “Clean House. You did what you could do with those people.

Vincent Said on July 14th, at The show has better intentions than feeding addicts I am sure! Miss Niecy, I could not believe the disrespect and rudeness of those two people. I do believe they have mental health issues, including anger. My wife stumbled on a show last night called Clean House: Maybe just a blurb on what is happening with them.

Kendra Said on July 10th, at 1: I think you have a way of saying what you mean, and still maintaining who your are. I felt so badly for the crew. You guys did a great job, once I saw the rodents in the basement I would have left them with nothing clean but celan trail as I barrelled the heck outta there!!!

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You Might Also Like: Watching this show makes you see why some peoples homes end up this way. What makes this kind of debt so odious is: That mother is a pilar of her community? Each episode follows a basic pattern; family members What kind of nonsense is that?


I liked how you drew the mother back hoyse the gift to the charity over and over; she will need to have something to replace her grief over her stuff that is gone now. It upsets me that those who ask for help can be so ungrateful when they receive it.

Please come back to the show soon! Oh My Good Lord girl, that family was from crazyville population 2.

You are a very pretty lady, with an equally attractive personality and voice. Niecy, I felt that you clsan the situation very well. Please come to Boston and let us bask in your light!!! These two people have some deep issues and no matter what you do for them, they will never be grateful. We love you all. I was absolutely horrified for you, Matt, Trish and Mark and even your poor producers epiaode this show. They call you guys!

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If its money, they need to just go ahead and give you the money you want. We have begun uncluttering our house and lives, motivated by watching the hokse your crew have made. It was definately very strange!


Lana Said on October 9th, at 4: Consumer debt, on the other hand, cannot be cleared by selling the items you purchased. Thank you Miss Niecy for your professionalism, and your ability to inspire families to clean up their hot mess.

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I think what makes me most upset is not that they were mean or in denial, but it was the fact that a gift was given to them in the form of an entire house makeover when they were not ready to deserve this gift. Saying that you did your part and that it was on them to do theirs gave me a second wind for my journey through school, work. Rebecca Said on July 12th, at Episode Title Queue S And there is no fixed term in which to clear the debt. LOL I would have! saron

CindyLynn Said on July 29th, at I know it was frustrating beyond belief when they were so ungrateful for all you did for them.

HK Said on July 5th, at

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