The Green March Si esto es cultura La pecera de Eva 2×30 des 3, Tan inseguro te sientes de que te arrebatamos dos partes de tu querida patria? Yo, Ulrike, grito So dont talk about the bulls cose there are many, many things much worse than this.

La gente eligen que van y son heridos en St Fermin, los toros no!! I Will Survive The problem is that there are too much economic interests that sustain them. People dont know about the cows they eat, how they live and how they die, and those are millions more that the figthing bulls, who live their lifes in freedom, but it is cool to be ecologist, and still they eat meat I am Spanish and for me this is a shame, an unnecessary cruelty and fills me with sadness. Before the matador does his show in stage 3, in stage 1 two picadores horse mounted men enter arena and stab the bull in it’s shoulders, than in stage 2 another 3 guys try to further weaken bull’s neck and shoulder muscles by barbed sticks. Mienteme Lie to Me. Tell them not to come, please.

This stuff happens ten million times a day in meatpacking plants around the world.

The Festival of San Fermin, – Photos – The Big Picture –

Todos los que estais en contra de las corridas de toros demostrais que sois personas peores que aquellos a los que tachais de asesinos I’m totally against people running in front of bulls though – that has no other point than adrenalyne. Asi que venga todos a Burguer They slaughter those poor pigs too, but you dont complain because you dont see it.


The blood of the bulls is on every one of the spectator’s hands. As someone already tolds, its easy to die for your convictions, but its hard to life with them, isnt it? Every day in the world millions of animals died by human hand. There’s a popular legislative initiative for seies abolition of bullfights in Catalonia, almost La vaca seguramente haya tenido peor vida que un toro. Flowers from Another World El programa de Berto I am shocked with the lack of humanity of some people.

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El Encantador de Perros. What a stupid tradition??? Defendeis la muerte de un animal delante de una multitud con las guerras?

La imagen que damos nos la tenemos bien merecida. Y luego todos a comer solomillo.

La pecera de Eva 1×01 y 02

I am a Spaniard. It sounded like those animals were raised under much better conditions than the “food animals”. Los antitaurinos que yo los respecto tambien se tendrian que quejar de las matanzas crueles de miles de ballenas, tiburones, etc A ver lo que tarda la policia en detenerme.

Y decirte alguna estupidez, por ejemplo, te quiero I sincerely hope that this ends soon and we need also that all the people who come to our country not to attend to this kind of “entertainment”. I for one, toast the young man who lost his life during this years enciero or “running”, and his need for a dangerous adventure.


I’m totally sure that everybody that is posting on this forum comes from somewhere where there are traditions difficult to understand by people who doesn’t belong to there, but the locals find them totally normal. Kisses for Everyone When I see this images I feel embarrased of being Spanish.

Ademas, como creeis que viven y mueren los animales que despues os comeis pollos, cerdos, vacas?? And the respect for the death of this animals in Spain has increased a lot in the last years, believe me. We just don’t post them on boston. Si no existiesen las corridas no exisistirian los toros delidia, en el resto de uropa estan extinguidos, los ppecera no son solo esas fotos, ademas me rio yo de la moral yanki, matar no es malo, sin embargo pornografiatorospalabrotas si.

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La verdad de Laura Al menos los toros bravos,aun teniendo una muerte horrible,son de los que tienen una mejor vida Ever hear of a logical fallacy?

I am completely lw bullfights, as the big mayority of the Basque people are. But, please, don’t compare bullfighting with gladiators or kik boxing It will take some generations, but it’s just done.

You wouldn’t get your meat in time for your fusball BBQ.

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