Yur Lenin rabajn cn Gultomala. F i-i-qJ11 1; l: C5 doiate ae, nz xbudn tb hitos hto po Iti 4t 6 h -ft a w 19it a os i llxx da ite, do andle Ish anins-. Sal au cas nmerno a Los admradores qu o quo pur d lici consdearde a-rie a ra. AsIr telsyacim sentos c ope eoil as l r arl c cocna rivd nae g oaIo Gi “a f ai. Brachmcmac means both the kingdom of Jupiter and of tin, which metal the chymists assigned to the god ; and that Britain may easily be derived therefrom.

Webster thinks the Celt, dan, dian, bold, strong, vehement, impetuous, may be the root of both Danube and Don. V’ircnta Expmn cer empisd mc n- ma– m. Mao-nholl’os opti- or toro o 1 la do dch put prs los poslclonen que Ocuibant etl do-e ,iAvador inu Nicaragua, Costa so r. In I aget o Sam re ucele margdsiza, Pe’sdo o1. Habltar ones mooilli tionate neomos le Erho tie Ia vio a. Valteline is a corruption of the It. Sutherland, is said to be from Gael, dorn-eich, a horse’s foot or hoof. Tlfns -2 Un o plo t ort oia a.

It stands on a kind serid peninsula between the river Rheidiol and the sea. Atenefrom Gr. T44m9 ad odd 0pr l rr mb venys. ArAavrixoe, from ArXac, one who carries burdens ; not sup- porting pain or toil, a, priv.

Jose Lowe –omo odidades pl. In Georgia they also frequently call it Themi. Eto coo len Pe0cdd 0 BOrao Apza. Piaya de ta turqeu, merAnica. York, a high cliff or head- land, on which beacon fires were formerly kindled.

Angel d media noche. Castrum, says Riddle, ” is literally a large hut ; then in military science a fort, redoubt, intrenchment ; hence a stronghold, fortress ; pi.

tamaj Woos no a desuntese, alk min, Is busher tie mela, a Is Lo tojitio Inter has Asia est. Droc es serrie lmae de pen- t gaman coon nacio deon laxi e- d a sno I ton end la Exposici6n vnte n p ro l u pacu rs 11, ,h, io 13,-1, nw e d.


Meath, where the first ecclesiastical stone building is said to have been erected ; from Ir. SEn- medicamans mteriormonte grand Nnpobedn Bonaprt facIlt6 ci engrantdeclxnento do ins 17rae u- podc ali Irll e-I has alas. It generally means the mouth or embouchure of a river, whether it falls into a greater river or into the sea, and by metaphor a port or harbour ; as Abergavenny, Aberdale, Aberdour, Aberdeen, Aberbroath ArbroathAber- fraw, Aberystwith, Aberayron, Abergele, The W.

Some writers say its name is derived from two streams, the Bourde and the Jalle, not far from the city, whence L.

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Bol Gnusties, s-la do “anane do tde as-a as-OsIsdoctors presence, a las ssos- de a nthe. Nou SFl n r, ote.

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Urge ,fAa tin netenua-dod- ni Standad en E 7. According to some, from fontaine and bleue, i. Al ir sols lee roj1a. They were esteemed so important, that the custody was always committed to some man of rank. Cbsvroe 1 L 41 1 4A w S uore r Las estreetas qac han aceptado te Esta tarde menzaad, a Ii -u a tamxn l egraraa vmr, tagulal adaa la mpr-a dv ra dau ‘ur vo a tr’prams devidan presentiags de las Vegas see venaero ADC jugard en Santiago de tas Ve invihacin aon: Some derive Britain from Brutus, a fabulous king of it ; others, again, from W.

Caries Pie y Sreie Alenso torable ic en ci total reseuldo de las. Joabltaclones aof, o Dn-4,-d. Skinner says Al-by-on means the residence hurque the passage of the water, which also corroborates the etymology of Dr.

Chban Telebone Corn- Int. Ymi ecdeea ep Varanashi or Kasi, the splendid.


Inai I-2, 2o RM. Coti-inse, or the island of sheep pasture, whence Gadir, its synonymous name. Thus, Bononia, Bolognia, Bologna, Bou- logne. Season 1, October Tlie Britons called it Caer Ccnit, and in A.

Sl6; ,Els “dis poesto quo, pr inpcoe a Miami, conduclendo cargo general y r eoafccione Ia oscritura do troaaraso Miguet y Linea -del Perro’carrll, par- y Jood- A. Cera do Monte I plen toI I-depend n- omrj. The Basques call themselves Viz- cainos and Bascos.

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The writer in the Turqye Account of Scotland relates a tradition, which, he says, is countenanced by the horse-shoe still retained in the arms of the burgh. Seri sobreein do Seriw. Others think the town was named from the quan- tity of chalk in its vicinity, because in Surrey no soil of this description is to be found nearer London than Croydon, and they derive the name from Fr.

L 10 lavn EecrcR lw7? In- jacleero aOctNE-1. Eq, minasn Pra, conflosa 01 quebranlss a I- alud do Isldo. Father Hennipin, confirming this early visit of the Portuguese, says that, finding nothing to gratify their desire for gold, they called the country El Capo de Nada, ” Cape Nothing.

Ian nueve y media d1 -a -ar r e marts, I Aotdjtar r.

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T1In dabie hisioria”. It was called by the Romans Corin. Jar el Telifonos en Matanzaa. Osgod Clappa was the name of the Danish lord at whose daughters rnarriage-feast in Lambeth Hardicanute died.

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