I have a lot to say there. Diana Peterfreund Blog On series and timing and more killer unicorns. Mar 07, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Best of all, Diana Peterfreund who attended Yale herself manages to create a believably intelligent and capable heroine without making her needlessly pretentious. Feb 13, Norah Una Sumner rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not one to miss for a smart girl that wants to go between the two, or just wants a college novel with a girl’s POV.

View all 4 comments. Because the swimming lessons? But then her words sunk in. Sep 20, cloudyskye rated it really liked it. View all 3 comments. But the drama is non-stop, and within the tomb of the Order of the Rose and Grave, warring factions begin to endanger the future of the club. It was good for me. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Feb 24, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: You see, I kept getting a lump in my throat every time I went to write it. Aug 23, Heidi rated it really liked it.

Tap & Gown

And Amy has her own heady distractions in the form of her senior thesis, her roommate Lydia’s love life woes, and the persistence of one George Harrison Prescott. Best of all, Diana Peterfreund who attended Yale herself manages to create a believably intelligent and capable heroine without making her needlessly pretentious. Sep 21, Jazmin rated it really liked it. And she’s really good at ramping up the real-world stakes and tensions of something that can come across as really insular and silly, which I love – and she follows through on that well in the third book, I think.

The series follows Amy Haskel as she is “tapped” and inducted into fictional Eli University’s most prestigious secret society, the Rose and the Grave. View all 12 comments. And I’m so glad it’s not over yet, three more books to go plus little side stories, super. It talks about blackmail and secreha and the importance of not remaining silent about it, of the necessity to talk about it and the right of justice you have as a human being.


Amy Haskel is gonna go down in NA history, my peterfreuns, at least in my books.

Secret Society Girl

I can look back on what I read and see where they evolved. During the initiation ;eterfreund they threaten another with rape. The unpretentious editor of the school’s lit magazine, Amy Haskel is an overachieving junior at Eli University. All of a sudden, a crisis descends that threatens to tear apart the whole society.

A lot of books give me one-on-one friendships, a One True Confidante and Friend, but it’s kind of delightful to me that so many of these people talk to each other, talk about one another, talk about one another behind each other’s backspetefreund then come back into frame and say “hey, yo a This series reminds me of the TV show Greek a lot, and for a while I thought it was because petdrfreund the obvious – societies, club bonds, etc. Peterfreund used her time at Yale as the basis for Amy’s Eli experience.

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Every time she calls him Pajamie: May 04, Maggie rated it it was amazing Shelves: They settled it too quickly for me. Any second now, my parents would call and tell me they were actually space aliens.

With a thesis to complete, post-graduation plans to solidify ok, they are decidedly hazya new boyfriend hooray for Poeand next year’s Rose and Grave members to tap Amy has plenty on her plate. I’ll just like do the coffee run or whatever, just send me a damn letter with a wax stamp on.

Zociedade, I have to say that I was very entertained. I’ll totally read the next one. To view it, click here.

Btw, it’s clear from the get-go that Eli is not-so-loosely based on Yale, while Rose and Grave is patterned on the infamous Skull and Bones secret society.


I had great reviews for the previous three books and as the last in the series I had such high expectations, for which it fell short. Feb 21, Carol rated it liked it. All in all I’m really grateful to D. Writing was awkward; contained super long paragraphs and unrealistic dialogue.

There srcreta still enough wit, drama, and romance to go around. It was very Rory Gilmore even though Amy and Rory do not have similar personalities.

Good thing my dearest aunt has already ordered the remaining two! Why else would this mediocre novel have ever been published? Almost anything I could write here would be a spoiler, so let’s just say the future is a reasonable and not unrealistic HEA for our favourite Diggers if rather bittersweet for somejustice is set to have its course, even if not each and every answer is spelled out.

Diana graduated from Yale University in with dual degrees in Literature and Geology, which her family claimed would only come in handy if she wrote books about rocks. It also reminded me of the movie The Skulls. What else can I ask for? It seems she is once more surrounded by secrets, some of them harmless, and some of them poised to wreck everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.

In some ways, this is my least favorite. I loved the depiction of college life and the futility of reading War and Peace. So reading these books kind of made me feel like I was watching a show on the CW.

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