Open Preview See a Problem? I should’ve read this one a few weeks back when I was melting by the heat! It sounds nice, right? Anyway, she is working with AIR, when a group of super-hot warrior Aliens show up. View all 4 comments. It’s like the sex in it is like a break from the plot. Deep Kiss of Winter 32 Dec 21,

I have four other books to read before I can though. Also she can have the signed deed to my soul If we met, she could probably shift into me, you, or even your annoying kid brother. A millennia’s old betrayal that you can’t even remember is small potatoes, really. Maybe -” “Brother – it’s a song lyric,” Rune said. This book is no exception!

If we met, she could probably shift into me, you, or even your annoying kid brother.

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It was great, duh. I don’t know how to rate this book. The last couple of the IAD series have felt like a completely different author. For starters, how did a 13 year old girl survive in the mortal world without any money, food and no clothes besides the one on her back?

Deep Kiss of Winter

Cole, wonderful with great characters who are complex and who compliment each imnortali so, so well. He was hurt by Kari and starts off a little bitter, but he comes to his own and he can be puppy sweet when he lets his guard down.

I can’t have her going mad on us, well more mad! Wicked Abyss was the perfect mixture of character development and world building.

A millennia’s old betrayal that you can’t even remember is small potatoes, really. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Having read all the books in this series, I also liked that this story takes place from the time Emmaline and Lachlain first meet and ends with Conrad and Neomi mated.

Sian our hero makes clear his distrust of her, and she doesn’t wallow in anger or sadness – she FITFO. A perfect read for a cold winter January day! I love the Immortals After Dark series with my heart and soul, and this installment doesn’t disappoint.


But I skipped this book on accident. See all 28 questions about Wicked Abyss…. I believe Orion and Nix is coming soon and I have extremely high hopes for it. I have strayed from this series and have gotten a bit behind on the reading, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to pick right up where I last left off.

Non manca nemmeno il filo conduttore che lega i vari capitoli di questa serie e l’ormai l’immancabile zampino della valchiria divinatrice Nix. This fairy tale doesn’t end with a kiss I understand why it was such a difficult road to their happily-ever-after, since they could not physically touch each other throughout most of the book.

As a vampire, Murdoch is unable to touch his Bride, which naturally frustrates him.

Other than the kissing issues the story was great and I loved seeing the overlapping stories and seeing them for different angles. KC has yet to come up with kreslwy equal. Their hostility runs deep, he can’t forgive or forget for what she did in the past. And in my opinion the Lore is one of the coolest universes imaginable, so whenever she ci out with a book I basically start foaming at the mouth.

I don’t want to give to much away, but to skip this book is to have a big black hole in the overall story line. It is a Beauty and The Beast story, complete with a magical castle; with a tiny bit seriw Cinderella thrown in for fun. As you can expect from Kresley Cole, our Lila has a great sense of humour.

I can survive off of these books and I have no complaints. Still loving my series reread. For a book that’s written around the premise of “cold”, the sensuality of this book was smok’in hot!

This is another predicament where the mated couple find themselves in a situation where they must overcome some huge obstacle in order to be together. Ultimately, Kresley’s part in this book summoned both positive and negative feelings. I enjoyed the start, and I loved the passion, fli was there and wasn’t at the same time.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. These books are so unexpectedly sweet sometimes. The biggest problem is Danii being an ice fey, no one can touch her without being hurt; her skin is lethal for everyone except her own kind.


Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole (5 star ratings)

New fans will have no problem adjusting to this world, since it seems haven’t read the AH series though, so I’m not sure if these characters already made a debut in that universe or what that the reader needs no prior knowledge of this alien infested world. I think enough said.

Whatever it is, I will give it to you. Wicked Abyss is the epitome of what Kresley Cole does. The real question here is when Bertil the Bat will get his own book!!! srrie

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Trivia About Wicked Abyss Imm I normally love all the side charac Five Fantastically Demonish Stars Kresley Coles world building in this installment is superb. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I did love how the four Wroth brothers and their Brides came together for Christmas at the manor where they lived before they i,mortali turned, it was just great to see them all together and happy.

Inmortali when she found out Murdoch was her fated male and was ready to be with him in that instant, i was beyond cile. Kresley ha sabido llevar muy bien su romance. This story was great how it went through all of the Wroth brothers awakenings, trails and tribulations that we read in their own books and all the time none of the bothers were none the wiser as to what was going on with Murdoch. That is why I could put up with the prolonged secret keeping and unearned suspicion O zaman dul kalacak.

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