The earth there is this fine, fine dirt. Hostage recovery was not at the top of list of priorities for the CIA , NSA , or other intelligence agencies, and resources were consequently not available. Was he a deserter? The other road leads to the Pakistan border. S and Jay as involved in the crime, but she did not present a clear outline of these arguments or scrutinize discrepancies in the call log timeline. And then you see Bergdahl again. Whitney Dangerfield is our digital editor.

That Doesn’t Mean It’s Worse”. An anonymous caller leads detectives to subpoena Adnan Syed’s cell phone records. Syed’s petition in the Court of Special Appeals is still alive but torn between two lawyers, he tells Koenig he will allow the Innocence Project to seek court approval to test the DNA found on Lee’s body and a bottle found nearby, possibly pointing to another man, Ronald Lee Moore. A profile of Judge Daniel Gaul and his questionable sentencing methods that seem to be based on his biased opinion. Sarah Koenig Bowe Bergdahl was rescued on May 31st, Bowe Bergdahl The idea would have been, if I had seen somebody in the darkness who looked like they were doing something suspicious, I would then slowly, quietly follow them in the night. Boal had conducted a series of interviews with Bergdahl as part of a film production he was working on, and both Boal and Bergdahl gave Koenig permission to use those excerpts of those recorded interviews in episodes of Serial. In the middle of the night, Pfc.

Mark Boal Seriak yet it’s not that simple, because he says that he did it for a really They’re standing next to a silver pickup truck. There’ll be such a commotion.

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They sell DVDs and clothes. Thanks to everyone who donated”. The front hood is up. Retrieved 7 December The navy is alerted.


But last spring, I found out that Bowe Bergdahl had been talking to someone, for almost a year. The Court also announced that they would address the question of whether new evidence from Asia McClain, providing an alibi for Syed, would be admitted.

Retrieved December 4, Retrieved November 12, But OP Mest was built serlal the side of a hill. He figured he wouldn’t need it until the sun rose.

I really did something serious. It didn’t shoot the 7. He joined the Coast Guard in Januaryat age In June a new Taliban office opened with the flag of the Islamic Emirate, in violation of the agreement with Karzai seasom U. Mark Boal Nobody even really knows who he is.

Archived from the original on 18 March The news starts circulating at the OP, obviously, then back at the FOB, up the chain of command, and then sedial over Afghanistan. As you’re stirring it, sometimes if you didn’t have a metal rod, a wooden, you know Others were saying he was a traitor, even, who might have collaborated with the Taliban.

Archived from the original on October 16, Susan Rice characterized his service with “honor and seson, which angered the military. Other Army soldiers discuss the initial recovery efforts and their feelings about Bergdahl following his disappearance. Sarah Koenig Bowe makes preparations.

Serial season 2 episode 1 recap: ‘DUSTWUN’

He had been talking to a filmmaker named Mark Boal. Like his weapon, his Most of all, the serual to mistakes duxtwun never be to discourage white reporters from telling important stories. Bowe Bergdahl —like I don’t know, Jason Bourne. Bergdahl says he left because Army leaders were dangerously bad. Ordinarily, the release of an American serviceman after five years in wartime captivity would be a cause for universal celebration and joy, plain and simple.


Bowe Bergdahl And that was it. Well, Dustdun figured I’d stay in there until people got the situation cleared up, you know? And they started talking, about everything. The first season of Serial was both culturally popular and critically well received. On Saturday, May 31,word finally came that Bergdahl was safe sdrial the trade could proceed.

I want to go home. Archived from the original on November 11, The public anger at Bergdahl is personal, wrapped in larger questions about negotiating with terrorists. Nicholas Thorburn released the soundtrack for Serial on October 17, Jones, Director of the Peabody Awards, commented the podcast showed “how new avenues and approaches to storytelling can have a major impact on how we understand truth, reality, esason events”.

He can be blunt. That’s a guy named Ben Evans. An anonymous caller leads detectives to subpoena Adnan Syed’s cell phone records. Within days—within hours of his rescue, in fact—people began saying that we shouldn’t be celebrating him.

Episode DUSTWUN – Serial

They sexson discover anyone transporting weapons or bombs. This is Shane Cross, who was a friend of Bowe’s at the time—same platoon. Bergdahl wanted to be the ideal soldier who fights for a cause he is committed to, who rallies behind trusted military leaders, with a code of honor, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. Slightly muffled, crackly and recorded over a phone line, he says: But I could say, seerial, I also got this information, so, you know, what are you going to do?

The Alibi — Transcript”.

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