The X Button – Ultracity Dec 7, However, Maximllian is able to seize the Holy Lance of the Valkyrur, a massive Ragnite weapon which was hidden inside the structure of Randgriz Palace, and equip it as the main cannon of the Marmotah. Maximillian informs his generals that the Emperor intends to remove him from command of the invasion force within one month. Having fled her confinement and the General’s statement that her squad will not welcome her, Alicia inadvertently overhears their conversation. Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out of EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! With their vigor renewed, the Gallians force the Imperials back. Akane Yamaguchi A-1 Pictures; 10 episodes eps 1, 5, 7, 10, 13, , ,

With the Militia disbanded, all of the members of Squad 7 go their separate ways. Princess Cordelia is cheered by the citizens of Gallian in her coronation as Archduchess despite her Darcsen heritage being revealed. The continent, called Europa, is divided into two main powers: Back at Guirlandaio Fortress, Selvaria is informed by Maximillian that the time for showing her true powers is at hand, while the Nameless take their leave, with only the members of Squad 7 knowing that victory in this battle was only possible thanks to them. In this world, there is a very important resource called ragnite; its uses range from fueling weapons of war to use in medical treatments. Meanwhile, as Welkin packs up Isara’s belongings, he has flashbacks of his sister. The Imperial Empire, a monarchy in the east, and the alliance of democracies called the Federation in the west.

Add to My List. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Karl confronts Maximilian about his callousness towards the loss of Selvaria, but the prince shoots Karl dead, declaring no one will stand in his way.

Views Read Edit View history. Karl Oswald, aide to Selvaria, finds his new commander intimidating and cold towards him. For her role in the Mulberry Coast victory, the Gallian military posthumously awards her the rank of Master Sergeant. Welkin, Faldio and Squad 7 storm the Marmotah in an effort to save Alicia. A-1 Pictures Key Animation: This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Fall Anime Spotlight Oct 13, Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell sfnjou at a loss?


Back in the palace, Cordelia, in a meeting with Faldio, Welkin, and Borg unaware of his complicity orders that news of her abduction kept secret from the Gallian media. Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan. Welkin for the first time in a long while.

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Cordelia pardons Faldio, and then meets with Alicia who requests that Cordelia ensure the safety of Squad 7 and Faldio until the end of the war.

Suddenly, Irene Ellet makes an appearance, offering the boys some attractive pictures of the Squad 7 girls. Kenji Nomura as Largo Potter. Faldio is shot protecting Welkin and sacrifices himself with a grenade to hold off the Imperials.

Alicia and Welkin undertake deep reconnaissance in territory held by the Imperials and are forced to take shelter in an abandoned cabin when a sudden mountain snowstorm comes. Faldio orders Isara to accompany him to the barracks and Rosie sings regardless.

An assassin from the Capital attempts to murder Karl, who has succeeded in his mission of keeping Selvaria from Maximillian. To fulfill her promise to Alicia, Cordelia requests that Squad 7 be assigned as her personal guard.

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Welkin and Squad 7 team up with Faldio and Squad 1 to attack the heavily defended Kloden supply base, held by General Gregor. With her strength renewed, Alicia defeats Selvaria with one last strike.

She asks Welkin what he really thinks of her, and what he thinks she should do, but Welkin refuses to involve himself, claiming that he doesn’t want to hurt Chronidles.


During the night, a single Imperial soldier enters the cabin and threatens use a live frag grenade to force them to surrender. However, even though they arrive in time to rescue the civilians, the Regular Army decides against retaking Bruhl from wpisode superior Imperial force.

When certain members of Squad voice objections about the presence of Isara in the group because she is a Darcsen, Welkin makes a bet with them that if he and Squad 7 manages to retake the bridge in two days, they have to accept his command and Isara’s continued presence.

Isara and Ramal, who are in a hijacked Imperial tank, attack the Equus and eventually destroy it, killing Gregor. This salacious yuri melodrama is anything but Class S. Despite the success of Squad 7 in capturing the Vasel Bridge from the Imperials, General Damon of the Gallian Regular Army remains disdainful of the Militia, and chooses to exclude Squad 7 from participation in an assault on a vital Imperial supply base in Kloden, leading to widespread resentment from the Militia.

Welkin introduces himself to Squad 7 but his new subordinates treat him with disdain as they believe, correctly, that he is naive and inexperienced. Karl becomes excited and brings back a crate load of clothes which consist of doctor’s clothing, Squad 7 uniforms, and typical civilian dresses.

Emboldened by the Militia’s success, the Regular Army finally joins the fight and forces the Imperials to retreat. Mamiko Noto as Cordelia gi Randgriz. In the Edelweiss, Welkin and Isara attack the invading Imperial troops and tanks to give the remaining Townwatch members the ssenjou time to escape from Bruhl as the Gallian Regular Army reaches the outskirts of Bruhl.

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