Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Edit Did You Know? Wikittari wikittari Use your voice more Motto voice wo Jouhou shakai It’s an information society Yeah! In summer break, the student council members plus Kotomi go to Shichijou family’s deserted island for three days. This is the music room. Shino deals with her horoscope reading. If you ever get troubled by something, don’t hesitate to consult us.

The End No way. Joke about buying two of the same things. The council holds a send-off assembly for the judo club. Um, who is this child? Kotomi reveals that she goes commando halfway during the trip since she wet herself. Looks like they aren’t going to say, “Like a princess. Boys use the staff restroom. Well then, for now Try taking your clothes off.

Max Power”, Takatoshi founds a dried squid on the student council room’s door.

According to her if the owner is a male there will be condoms that can be found inside the wallet, if none the owner is a girl. Oh no it’s morning Ha! Shino deals with her horoscope reading. But she’s a weird person Recently, bullying has become a social issue.

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Uomi is late to school due to staying over at Tsuda’s house. Afterwards, Takatoshi shares an umbrella with Shino. A full theatrical movie was released on the 21st of July to celebrate the series’ ten year anniversary. Mutsumi Mitsuba voice Satomi Arai But that also means that life around here is about to change. The student council celebrates the new year. Suzu walks her dog Boa and meets Dejima, Hata, Episore and her own mother.

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Seitokai yakuindomo (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Mori-san, the vice-president of the student council of Eiryou High School, is introduced into anime. Takatoshi and the gang boc at the library. Well they tried to identify the gender of the owner of the wallet Shino picked up. Okay Anyway, wearing your school uniform loosely is against the school rules. Hata photographs the council members as they model the new school swimsuits. Suzu helps a kid get seitokaj trapped balloon on the tree.

The Great Anime Stories: Seitokai Yakuindomo, Lines Part 2

Aria becomes a cheerleader. Takatoshi lends his sister some money, though she misunderstands on how he wants her to pay it back.


But you do get sleepy at 9 p. That was very odd. Takatoshi Tsuda, on his first day of high school, is recruited to join Ousai Academy’s student council as the vice president. Please, work hard as my right-arm yxkuindomo Yokoshima-sensei eats with them at student council room.

“Seitokai yakuindomo” Seitokai Yakuindomo! Otsu! (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Ichigen pool ariene These days you really have to say “good job” Good gob na hibi yo Guguttari Googling Yeah! But don’t get the wrong idea!! In “Aria’s What’s This? Views Read Edit View history. But Shino-chan is a good student, she’s good at sports, she’s got perfect manners, and she’s great at tea ceremonies, and her chores.

The owner is a girl. In broadcasting room, Shino still tries to make her own version of exposure play while giving speech. The council prepares for a day at the beach.

Aria worries about night stalkers.

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