Suzu effectively prevents Kotomi from sleeping after eating. Shino forgets to bring underwear, and have no choice but to go commando after she jumps into the water to save Kotomi. Retrieved from ” https: Shino accompanies Takatoshi for shopping, as they found two big mushrooms. Aria invites the gang to pick foods in the wild. Jokes about asking to see the mushroom Takatoshi found. Takatoshi and the gang study at the library. Gags about allergies and mouse pads.

Drumming and whistling loudens Shino: They talk so much they are late for school. Suzu has an overnight study party with Nene and Mutsumi where they take a break to walk Boa. On his first day, he is forcibly recruited into the student council as the vice-president and sole male representative. The student council members celebrate new year at Tsuda’s house. Yokoshima claims there is no easier place to advise than the student council. A bug flies into the council room. The council models school swimsuits.

Takatoshi looks over the school rules and observes the council’s everyday happenings. Takatoshi and friends are going to have a test, so Shino helps Takatoshi and Suzu study in student council room. They give the cooking class a try.

Takatoshi is a new student in a recently gender-integrated high school, and is asked to join the student council as the vice president.

Retrieved July 22, Takatoshi and Shino have their hands stuck at the Koumon back gate. Putting it in anime terms, it was about 13 episodes.

Asami Shimoda as Mako Aragaki ep Registering is freeeasyand private. You’re really good, Onii-san. Igarashi tries to combat her fear of males. Views Read Edit View history.


They watch a horror movie, to Suzu’s horror. Takatoshi, Suzu, Nene, Mutsumi and Chiri have a group study. Aria and Suzu visit the next day and help clean. Shino gives Kotomi a tour of Ousai Academy, as Takatoshi gets a deja vu.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Afterwards, they cook roasted sweet potato using the leaves. Shino makes a lunch for Takatoshi.

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Takatoshi tries to get his council boeep done but is distracted by Kotomi’s requests. The council remarks on some words, and deal with some flowers. It’s summer, and the student council members investigate The Seven Mysteries of Ousai with Hata, with the last mystery is actually just Yokoshima assaulting male students.

Mori-san, the vice-president of the student council of Eiryou High School, is introduced into anime. Like Takatoshi, she acts as a tsukkomi for Shino’s various jokes. Takatoshi makes bukkake soba for lunch.

Suzu and her height jokes.

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Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss? Sayuri Yahagi as Suzu Hagimura. She ends up give birth to a terrible saying. Shino and the girls participate as Miss Ousai contestants.

Seitokai Yakuindomo* 「生徒会役員共*」 Ep 10 & 11 -The Late Edition-

The student council organizes a cold endurance contest for Ousai students instead by having them stay in the swimming pool covered with ice. Chapters are collected and published in collected volumes by Kodanshawith sixteen volumes released as of September in Japan.


Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb yajuindomo, She accidentally slips on the stairs but is saved by Takatoshi.

Don’t keep breaking the fourth wall like this. Makoto Furuta Art Director: Dejima visits the school and talks about being a maid. Takatoshi reveals that he passed Eiryou’s entrance exam, but choose to go to Ousai because it’s nearer to home. Shino surprised her from the start by asking private questions and keep mispronouncing phrase. He meets secretary Aria Shichijou and treasurer Suzu Hagimura.

Takatoshi writes a surprisingly touching story. Kotomi briefly takes over as vice president while Takatoshi is away. The school has swimming lessons with clothes on. It’s winter, and since snow is falling, the Tsuda siblings and Suzu goes to school, only to find out that the school is closed for the day.

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Please don’t use your hands. The Ousai student council joins Hata in her investigation on an urban legend about a kappa that emerges from the river and attacks the anus of the passerby, and the subject turns out to be Dejima.

Wait, you’re being serious now?!

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