How long ago did you send it in for service? I know Bulova does. My wife bought it new. July 23rd, 1. December 3rd, , It’s a shame this watch poses so many issues related to just changing the battery, seems like a bad design to me and a big disappointment.

The alarm contact is the small, gold plated, one marked in the photo below. I just figured out that the Energizer batteries are slightly different shaped on the bottom of the battery – I wasn’t able to get it to fit in to my 7T Dove with it three years after I bought it. Results 1 to 9 of 9. December 12th, , I may have put in the “wrong” battery per your response, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes. The waterproofing was likely compromised during a battery change. July 23rd, 1.

January 9th, 1.

Seiko 7t32 7009 7e68 Titanium Chronograph Tachymeter Date Alarm Watch

February 21st, 4. Seiko 7te49 Help By wmL7 in forum Seiko.

Leads me to stay away from Seiko in the future. If the contacts were cleaned make sure they are dry before installing the new battery. This is what you should be looking at: Thank you both for the instructional guide.


Originally Posted by Raza. Externally the watch is in great condition, bar a few scratches on the case. The time now is I’d like the alarm to work out of principle so the whole watch functions. February 22nd, 8.

Question on the Seiko 7te49 By jwise in forum Seiko. Perhaps above all, I’d like to know the watch is in good shape internally and in a good position to work well into the future.

Where to send my Seiko Quartz Chrono for repair/overhaul?

This is done very much like removing the battery, only in reverse. Watch and pics are Dennis Lacey’s. January 9th, 5. When the plate was off, the watch operated, but with the back on the watch stuck again. I will now fix my watch. The alarm subdial works and keeps time with the rest of the watch, but there is no alarm sound at all. Installing the new battery.

Slight realignment of the top subdial hand would also be welcome but not particularly necessarily. I’d keep the watch as is; the issues you mentioned are not atypical for a 20 year old watch.

Bremont ALT1-P blue dial. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.


July 16th, 6. July 7th, 2. It keeps decent time – probably loses 3 or 4 seconds a day.

December 3rd, February 21st, 7. If the movement does not start right up, do not dispair, it merely needs to be reset. There are 6 contacts on the OS 20 labelled A1 thru A6 with a picture of a square wave by each one.

Men’s Watch Seiko 7a32 7e49 Chronograph

Usually when I re-install the caseback on any watch I open I like to put a little waterproof grease on the gasket. If there are signs of corrosion or battery leakage, this needs watchh be cleaned out.

February 21st, 5. She gave it to me as a wedding present. One other point from the original post, the correct battery for this calibre should be an SRW “high drain” not SW low drain.

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