The progression through the course is more clearly marked for the adolescents by obvious and significant increases in responsibilities and privileges. She was real and definitely cares about her students. The determination as to which way a student should go is determined by the initial clinical assessment done in the orientation. I didn’t have the opportunity to see the younger students work with the dogs, but the staff informed me that the relationships the children form with the dogs are extremely helpful to the children in their emotional growth. I had high anxiety, excpecially in new situations so of course I was freaking out. Another important goal of the therapy is to practice relationship skills.

The orientation is to teach them the basics – what the program is about, the need for cooperation, rudimentary camping skills, and to assess which group would be the best fit for them, and even if the program is suitable for the child, although inappropriate children usually are screened out before arriving. Showers are located outside. Students age 14 and 15 who come to the program are referred to as “tweeners. All therapists are licensed by the state of operation. Other Secure parent portal for progress reports, pictures, updates etc. Average Field Staff to Student Ratio 1: When it comes to wilderness programs, SUWS of the Carolinas offers four differents treatment options:. They totally helped me see where I needed to make changes in my life.

Developing a personal responsibility is one of the main goals of the treatment.

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The location was a fairly level and pleasant spot by a stream. Treatment plans are highly individualized which means the length of the stay in SUWS of the Carolinas thf.

When we arrived, one girl exhibited a bit of an upset at “another” visitor disrupting their cqrolinas, but she quickly controlled herself and was a gracious hostess, as were shws rest of them. There is more to the program on all levels. The staff are fun, honest and helpful. I stopped taking things for granted and that really can achieve greatness.


I was not even though I heard some counselors reccommended it for everyone. Many of the girls who I was with had worse issues or less issues than I did, but we all had something in common. Students are brought first to the base camp for an orientation lasting one to two days and their initial clinical assessments.

Group sessions are less intensive, and there are six levels representing smaller steps cwrolinas younger children can more easily absorb since they are so easily distracted. At that age they can handle more abstract relationship and responsibility concepts so the groups are more intense. I had high anxiety, excpecially in new situations so of course I was freaking out. Students have to prepare their own meals as a group, with the help of the counselor. Family Handbook Seqsons by Program.

Other Secure parent portal for progress reports, pictures, updates etc. The ride was long and everything seemed fine to me. It’s All in the Response.

SEASONS is co-ed for students who demonstrate immature social skills, lack of self-awareness, anger, anxiety, depression, attachment issues and negative peer relationships.

I also carolians at SUWS over my birthday which was sad, but I was able to have a little birthday party and my parents sent me a little gift which was really nice.

My instructors at SUWS were so great! If yes, what is the school’s name?

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We had fun and learned so much it really was life changing. The Adolescents range farther, so visiting their closest camp required hiking up a logging road to a ridge where they had perched their sheltering tarps in places where they could gain a foothold.

Recover in the majestic caropinas hills of Tennessee. Aug 29, SUWS of the Carolinas does not offer detox services. Flexible length of call with therapist per week Required by Program.


SUWS of the Carolinas

Some of the most common issues we treat through these programs include substance abuse, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, depression, mood disorders, and more. Research Find an appropriate School, Program, or Service through your own research!!

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Showers are located outside. We are actually able to communicate without yelling all the time now. I hope this helps!!! Audio CD series to compliment parent workshop, day graduation and family program. Approach is focused on teens with autism, avoidance, and social issues. These programming options address a number of conditions within this age group.

The team of experts includes medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, recovery therapists, primary field supervisors, equine assisted learning experts and therapy dogs.

We made one more stop to complete the tour. This profile is powered by BirdEye. Once I got to my group, things were sorta fun. Residents attend wilderness therapy that includes days of outdoor activities such as hiking or training on an obstacle course.

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Part of the time, all attending families will gather as a group outside for either confidence or relationship exercises, or gathering around the campfire. Therapy sessions can be both, group or individual and they are based on cognitive behavioral approach. Of course I wouldn’t want to get sent back there but carolinax wasn’t that bad. SUWS of the Carolinas is a treatment facility for children and teenagers with mental health problems, addiction and behavioral issues.

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