My dad’s dr and the social worker from good Samaritan hospital suggested and recommended this hospice and location. Peter was also combative and seemed to be reading from a script. Helpfulness of Your Review. When I told her I know no idea who to call, she said “there are several in the area. Paying with Medicaid only. At the Inpatient Centers, the focus is on the patient and family and their individual needs. I am beyond saddened to learn Seasons is a national company with thousands on staff, and I was called by a couple of local managers.

The facility itself is nicely appointed, the rooms are large which helps accommodate large groups of visitors and the facility has many amenities Kitchen, Shower, Family Room for visitors who are staying for long periods or overnight. See our review guidelines. Well it is 9: I have filed a complaint with Medicare as I feel that no matter how limited their reimbursement will be, they deserve none. They worked with the palliative care and it was very nice. Increase access and improve quality of care for veterans in your community.

Who are you looking for? A plan will be developed to address discharge planning once symptoms are controlled and the caregivers will be included in this discharge plan. The facility was nice and overall the staff was nice and caring. I understand my eeasons was placed in this facility to pass in comfort. Peter was also combative and seemed to be reading from a script.

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It was obvious to me that my father would not last long after support was removed and my motive for hospice was to make his final hours, and possibly days, as peaceful as possible for him, and my mother.

My father passed without hospice assistance, my mother grieved for days without a phone call, we held his services without contact and I finally wound up calling yesterday a full week after his passing to voice my displeasure and was assured by the administrator as well as Tina, the team coordinator, that they were very sorry and would absolutely reach out to my mother and provide the care she was promised.


Namaste Care uses person-centered approaches to improve quality of life through meaningful sensory activities that stimulate the senses, promote relaxation, and offer comfort and serenity to those living with dementia. Routine, Inpatient, Respite, and Continuous Care. A Seasons Hospice Inpatient Center provides a caring environment where patients can get help for their symptoms.

I requested a call with Brandy and Tracy because I was getting two completely different stories. Helpfulness of Your Review. I hope the Season Hosice employees get the same treatment they provided to my family. Nancy never showed “in the morning” and when the hospital tried to reach seasoms hospice company to report that my father had passed, they were unable to reach anyone even with multiple attempts. Awful just awful, my daughters dad was there, after he passed things were taken from his room, when calling them they had no satisfying answer for the things missing, shame on them I spoke with Brandy the next day who heard and understood all my concerns.

She received one phone call later that night with the reasoning that there were vacations that took place and a glitchy new computer system that caused her to “fall through the cracks”. Tell us about yourself. They continue to bill under Medicare Part B.

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Brandy informed me the next day that Olan could have and should have offered me several numbers swasons funeral homes and that there are professionals on standby to help. Review Tips What services does the agency provide you? The day before he passed, I went to visit him and he was in obvious discomfort and duress. Medicare, Medicaid and the majority of private insurance plans have a hospice benefit that covers costs associated with hospice care. How can we get in touch with you? The next afternoon, Nancy was present to “assist” the ICU nurse with removal of the ventilator etc from my father and to officially admit him to hospice care.


She was extremely combative and either did not try or could not understand our questions.

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If any new uncontrolled symptoms develop the hospice team will coordinate a return to the Inpatient Center as appropriate. She said we could come visit him or call a funeral home.

My dad passed after about four agonizing hours in this facility. The facility provides 24hr access and security. Sheep in wolfs clothing.

The follow up care and “checking in on momma” that was promised never took place. They failed in their mission to “do everything in our power to ease pain and seasnos physical and emotional comfort and support for our patients and their families and friends” and I hope that enough individuals are able to research these upu prior to selecting a company and avoid these feelings of neglect this whole experience has caused my family.

To me, I believed I spared the rest of my family’s witness to my dad’s suffering. The call with Tracy offered zero information provided by Brandy.

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