Unlike traditional deep stops carried out by the rule of Roger Powell , UWATEC recommends making deep stop just at the moment when the most important tissues parts are in the state of desaturation. Therefore, the adaptive algorithm of Meridian allows not only to self-adapt to different conditions, but also to consider the actual physical condition of the diver during the submersion. I’m a bitch for Scubapro’s recent design language. Please see our shipping page for more information on where we ship. And it has a unique look which I really like. Displays are visually clear and easy to navigate.

The log is easy to access, but returning from additional infos for a dive like temperature kicks you back to the beginning of the log for some reason. Unfortunately, this is a less-than-perfect implementation in practice because the suggested depth for the stops is not predictable. Interesting idea, but very few people have done it. As of today, Meridian is the only dive computer in the wrist digital watch style, which tracks the maximum allowable altitude level after the dive. So good, in fact, that Halcyon now sells re-branded Scubapro regulators to their tech diving customers. The Scubapro Meridian Black Tech dive computer or divers watch!

They brought to the market many innovations for diving that are still being used today. Ascent rate is one of the key parameters in the decompression algorithms. This can be a small issue when diving with others who have Suunto computers and, let’s be honest, almost every recreational diver doessince you’ll never have wath same no decompression time.

SCUBAPRO – Meridian Black Tech Scuba Dive Wrist Computer

Reliability of any dive computer depends on a number of factors – the reliability of the components themselves, designs that provide sealing and other constructive solutions.

Even though I bought it as a watch even more than a dive computer, watcj should perform under water. PDIS optimizes your dive in complete security for a safer and more pleasurable adventure.


This is probably due to sapphire crystal glass and a high-contrast display. Scubapro Meridian dive computer on my wrist. Recommended dive computer as for beginners and experienced recreational divers.

★ Review: Scubapro Meridian Dive Watch — Sebastian Sanne

Number of Gas Mixes. Sdubapro sophisticated dive computer in watch size with plenty of functions; perfect display readability; true workload calculations for correct NO-DECO and DECO schedule; 2 gas mixes support for advanced recreational divers; user-friendly interface, easily adjustable parameters, comprehensive number of features; perfect ratio specs-price; recommended dive computer for the beginners and experienced recreational divers.

The body is massive and heavy.

In the first version of the Jet fin first appeared. By choosing a MB level between L0 and L5, you adjust the algorithm conservativeness, allowing you to either take up less nitrogen or off-gas more quickly The unique integrated Heart Rate Monitor senses your effort, incorporates it into the workload calculation and then adapts the decompression algorithm.

Home Login Recent Orders. Shame on companies like flotracker and azumioinc that abuse people’s privacy by selling their most private data t… sccubapro Between the glass and the screen is a black ring with the Scubapro logo and button labels. My world on Twitter. I think we will see a lot of innovation here in the next few years — “above the water” accessories already communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy to iPhones equipped with beautiful and versatile apps.

Scubapro Meridian Dive Computer Wrist Watch – Lower

Today, SCUBAPRO remains a premier manufacturer of scuba diving equipment and employs over people in 17 locations spread over 13 countries, covering 4 continents. I scuubapro that companies should be way more careful around privacy. Johnson Outdoors’ familiar brands include, among others: As a consequence, the body will be exposed less to nitrogen, or will be able to offgas quicker, thereby reducing the number of microbubbles present in the body by the end of the dive.


I can’t believe a company is not ashamed to blatantly lie like this. MB L0 – L5. scunapro

ScubaPro Meridian runs a real-time calculation that takes into account all previous dives, real atmospheric pressure, offgassing period and even such factors as the time-delay release of oxygen masks in the event of cabin depressurization inside airliner. Switching to more conservative microbubble levels will penalize deep diving even more than the Suunto algorithm. Secret microphones and bedroom data collection er… https: So, I didn’t miss anything!

Join thousands of happy customers! After 40 years the fin is still popular with technical and military divers dice and is one of the most copied scuba products ever sold. The water sensor is very sensitive — even sweat can set it off —, so I switched the auto-activation off for wearing it as a watch.

For more Shipping information please click here. User interface was comfortable and intuitive, display layout was easy to read and I loved inverse backlight that I found very comfortable. Build quality The body of the watch is made from SSor so-called marine-grade stainless steel.

In this mode dive computer checks depth every 0. The screen is a standard alphanumeric type, not a dot-matrix one. The log mrridian easy to access, but returning from additional infos for a dive like temperature kicks you back to the beginning of the log for some reason.

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