The following received a “Special Appearance” credit: During the film’s release, hijackers blew up a Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. Who was Herman, the frozen body Frank finds on the street? The neologism “Scrooged” here means “To have the Ebeneezer Scrooge experience happen to you”. Do you know the biggest planet in our solar system? I just figured that anyone who’s good could step into this part and have a lot of fun with it. View the provided image.

Carol Kane would get upset at having to “rough up” Bill Murray in their scenes together. What is wrong with her youngest son? It is a great adaptation of the classic Scrooge! In one of Frank’s promotions at the start of the film, the narrator lists “International terrorism” among modern evils besetting the world, accompanied by visuals of a plane exploding. Bill Murray falling on his way out of the restaurant is said to have been unscripted and a genuine accident. As the IBC nurse on the movie set, taking care of the censor after she is knocked out by a street light by one of the building crew. An American Dream” as Randy Jackson. Index Newest Popular Best.

On what classic story is this movie based? There were six Christmas Ghosts questionw the movie. Richard Donner wasn’t convinced that Robert Mitchum would agree to a small part, so he invited the actor to meet with Bill Murray.

It’s also in “The Wind in the Willows”, where it means “a burrowing motion”. One of the film’s writers as a priest.

I was there every day, and it was like flunking grade school again scrooged again. She would become cold-hearted. The studio cameras shown in the IBC studio during the broadcast special within the movie are RCA TK’s, tube cameras that would have been at least fifteen-years-old at the time the movie was made. The movie was cast with two veteran actors, Robert Mitchum and John Housemanin small roles. Playing the Scroogettes were the Solid Scroogev Dancerswhose American television show had been cancelled by the time this movie debuted.


I questionw he was deaf. The Ghost of Christmas Present was played by which television actress? What did the Ghost of Christmas Future show would happen to Claire? Report errors will not interfere with your quiz. Three were given to crew members: And you say, ‘Let’s go!

Its a Wonderful Life. The plan questins, but it came at a price. The idea of making a funny Scrooge was an inspired touch. Yes No Share this Share this: The kids looked outside at a neighbor’s tree. His brother who always invited Frank to Christmas dinner. This pushed him over the edge and resulted in him attempting suicide by jumping out questionss third story apartment window. Mel Gibson somehow got the fourth.

His full name was Francis Xavier Cross. Frank trying to get the audience in the movie theatre to participate was entire ad-libbed by Bill Murray. The following received a “Special Appearance” credit: He played the second set with the band, taking over lead guitar jovie singing “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart. As himself playing Jacob Marley.

Before Harrison organized the Concert for Omvie, there were performances for charity, of course. Harrison not only saw the film, he appeared in it, as Mr. What did NOT happen to Elliot during the course of the film?

Both the record and the single spent weeks at the top of the Billboard and Melody Maker charts in earlywhile receiving rave reviews. Scrooged Did You Know? You tend to forget what was wrong. What was the name of Murray’s underappreciated secretary?

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This character has a particular wall border in his office that says what? Donner recalled, “He came queetions and we never got a word in edgewise. Who played Frank Cross, the main character in the film “Scrooged”? I just figured that anyone who’s good could step into this part and have a lot of fun with it. What is wrong with her youngest son?


What famous jazz musician makes a brief cameo appearance playing Christmas music on the street? He’s so wonderful with stories, and we didn’t want to talk.

This character has a particular wall border in his office that says what? He also meant it as an oath to God. The movie, a spoof version and modernized adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickenswas released one hundred forty-five years after Dickens’ source novella had been published. What was the correct answer to the “Gilligan’s Island” question question Frank’s brother, James, and his guests couldn’t answer when playing “Trivial Pursuit” on Christmas Eve?

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Murray’s girlfriend, Claire, works for what organization? Some characters have trouble remembering the name of the boat on Gilligan’s Islanda show on which Director Richard Donner worked.

Wikipedia states, “the film was marketed with references to Ghostbusterswhich had been a great scrogoed four years earlier. Here are 22 things you might not know about the movie on its 30th anniversary. The underappreciated secretary has five children.

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