It is a humanoid black-and-white fighter Core-Braver which is stored upon Lio-Carrier. It deviates from its predecessors in several ways, in that it is more comedic in nature and is much more Science-fiction -orientated in contrast to fantasy. Its finishing move is the massively powerful Howling Crush , where the Fire energy from the Lio-Javelin smashes into the enemy and obliterates it. It is armed with various attacks such as “Core Lasers”, ‘Brave Shot’ which involves firing missiles and its finishing move ‘Core Buster’. On the other hand, Remy informs the Sazer-X that a giant monster, ‘Mecha Giant Beast Bulgario’, had approached the Earth and were destroying buildings. A robot that co-pilots the Lio-Carrier with Remy who is G2’s “mother”. It was, in fact, a Bosquito existed inside Bulgario, which was later explained by Professor Horiguchi.

According to history, that man was supposed to be Fire Shogun Blaird. A team assembled in the year AD with the goal of traveling back in time five hundred years and changing history by collecting the twelve Cosmo Capsules. Share this Rating Title: Hiroshi Takagi did compose some unique music for the movie, but sadly its few and far between here. Its finishing move is “Beet Buster”, where it fires a continuous, charged burst of energy from the cannon on its navel. Sadly, one’s reaction to the soundtrack itself will differ greatly, as most of the music is just extended themes from the Super Fleet Sazer-X show as opposed to a completely original score. When the Cosmo Capsule ” Lio-1 ” is equipped in Lio-Breaker, he can perform his finishing move, ” Lio Fire “, unleashing a massive fiery lion from Lio Breaker which engulfs and totally annihilates the enemy. It deviates from its predecessors in several ways, in that it is more comedic in nature and is much more Science-fiction -orientated in contrast to fantasy.

However, after finding out the painful truth that his people were the ones who initially stole the Cosmo Capsules from the Pirates and instigated Earth’s invasion, he began to warm up and become more friendly with Takuto and the other people of Earth. Edit Storyline The movie starts with the Sazer-X saxer basketball.

Hiroshi Takagi did compose some unique moviee for the movie, but sadly its few and far between here. However, she still has to fight against her own pride before she can accept the trust of Sazer-X and finally side with them. He acts like he is the second-in-command of the Sazer-X. Use the HTML below.


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Professor Horiguchi kept a Crystal Slab, which would react to the only one whose heart is full of love, courage and justice. However, towards the end two more are created, allowing all four Ryuuseishin to be formed at the same time.

Rather he kept Tje with him, and let the Sazer-X transform again. Her heart is moved, and she gives him the last Cosmo Capsule before returning to the underground world. The Movie ” on Amazon. Views Read Edit View history. Audible Download Audio Books.

When hit by an “Optimize Beam” from one of the three Sazer ships, the Core-Caliber can combine with that ship to form a new, more powerful mecha called a Ryuuseishin Shooting Star God.

The Mammoth-Bosquito was destroyed by Great-Lio using the final move, Howling Crush, in which the power of the Gransazers, Justirisers and Sazer-X combined into the finishing attack to destroy the monster. Chousei Kantai Sazer X]. She prays again for the power of justice and the three transforms into the Real JustiRisers to beat the remaining Bosquitos who lost their disguise.

Riki befriends Takuto and Capsazer G2. Its weapon is the Eagle-Rifle and its finishing move is “Twister Shoot”, a series of powered rapid-fire shots from the Eagle-Rifle. Unlike the other members of the support team, she has no Sazer form.

Chouseishin Series — The movie starts with the Sazer-X playing basketball. He is the oldest of seven siblings, and hails from the planet Radei. Appears in the movie, the crossover of JustiRisers and GranSazers.

Its weapon is the Lio-Cuttera pair of longswords which can be combined to form the Lio-Javelina double-bladed spear. The boy was Riki, [3] who pretended to forget everything. In Episode 38 finalYui Ando was chosen by cosmo capsules to become one of twelve warriors to make a glorious future.

A legend in her home stated that the first man she met on the surface world would be her destined man.

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Takuto was taken by the Space Pirates and was sent to the Phantom Ship where he saves people from other planets who were destroyed by the Bosquitoincluding Riki’s mother and father. In the original timeline, they were successful in gathering the twelve Cosmo Capsules, and their wish to take over the Earth plunged it into eternal darkness. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


In the Episode 38 finaltheir cosmo capsules first shine and guide them to their home space pirates and they are chosen by cosmo capsule to become three of twelve warriors to make a future glorious. Ichiro Horiguchi attends mmovie meeting with Commander Jinguji concerning about the return of Bosquito who is swarming all over Japan.

Then the Sazer-X came for the aid. All of them helped get back the JustiPowers.

They are almost always in Sazer Form, which led to speculation that they were robots. When Neo Descal himself arrives to the present, Cyclead is brainwashed with a more aggressive, sadistic personality in order to serve as a distraction while King Neo Descal’s real plan is put into motion. The personal mecha of Jackall. It has a weapon such as a knife, it is also possible to attack the enemy wrapped own body to green light ball. In episode 38 finalhe is a mentor about cosmo capsule destined warriors to his comrades and return to future with all of mecha robot and transformation’s sazer device.

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He is eventually rescued by Sazer-X, and sides with them and the other two Shoguns. He keeps losing against Shark but refuses to give up no matter how beaten up he is. Despite this, he is resolute to carry out the mission to completion. A robot that co-pilots the Lio-Carrier with Remy who is G2’s “mother”. He usually goofs off when they are not fighting, and is especially fond of sightseeing. When the Strage-Ring sparks the Knuckle-Cross, they can equip the high-powered suit of armour stored in their Knuckle-Cross and become Sazer-X, as long as they have enough rupees.

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