Her dad calls her over and gives her his present for her- a cellphone. Ryu initially refuses but concedes, saying he would only listen to his problems. She buys chocolate to give him on Valentine’s the next day, calling it “the first and the last”, and she imagines what Sawako and her friends Ayane and Chizu, would be doing for Valentine’s Day. She really wants to, but thinks of her parents. The two of them walk together, as Tooru talks about his memories with Chizuru when they were younger. Kazehaya is sending a text to someone when Pin barges in telling him that it’s okay to have secret feeling and such, but Kazehaya tells him to go home.

For season 2, the opening, “Soufuu”, a. Ayane and Chizuru confront Kurumi, who will not admit to wrongdoing, but when Sawako arrives, Ayane tells her outright that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumors. She’s surprised he remembers, but has also been thinking the same thing. Ayane notes that Kazehaya is the type of person who does not like others interfering with his affairs. Kazehaya stops at one corner, and reminisces that he met Sawako for the first time at that spot. They part ways, Chizuru wondering what is up with Kazehaya all of a sudden.

Later, Ayane finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumours.

In the meantime, Yano and Yoshida have been wondering if the rumors were really spread by Sawako. Kurumi goes up to him and tells Kazehaya that Sawako has fallen in love with Ryuu, urging him to support their relationship. Pin arrives at the equipment room and comes to the conclusion that Kurumi has a crush on him, and rejects her just as Kazehaya arrives. Sawako worries that she won’t see her friends until classes start again.

Sawako is upset at not being able to say more to Kurumi on the rooftop, and Chizuru comforts Sawako and tells her it was the right thing to do and that she would have done the same.

May 26, [15].

Kazehaya gets mad and tells Kento that he does the things he does for a reason. At the end of the episode the girls from Class A who bullied Sawako find out about Kazehaya and Sawako’s new relationship. Sawako runs there, but everyone has left. Kurumi suggests that Sawako should talk to Ryuu more. Later Chizuru heads over to give Ryuu her present, where Ryuu states that she was late and he hopes that Chizuru will finally get over his brother, she gets angry and throws his present at him.


Kurumi tells Sawako to talk to Ryuu and maybe she’ll realize something. As Kazehaya walks away, Kento shouts to him, asking if Kazehaya has a person he likes.

Kimi Ni Todoke S01 E13 – video dailymotion

April brings Sawako into her second year of high school, and she is happy that she gets to be in the same class as Kazehaya, Ayane and Chizu again.

Sawako offers to help with after-class teacher activities. Ayane gets mad at Kento, and starts yelling at him, when Kurumi interrupts. Later, Kento approaches Sawako, who’s tending to her garden. Kazehaya tells Ryu he was rejected, and that the rejection hurt a lot more than he thought it would, though he is unaware that Kurumi overheard the conversation, and she runs off to find Sawako. As they talk, Sawako mentions that she has always thought of Kazehaya as special.

Sanada reveals to Yoshida that his type is someone who is dense and simple, although Yoshida mistakes this for someone who is like Sawako. Thanks to a prank played by Pin, the two of them almost kissed under the stars. Meanwhile, Sawako confesses her love for Kazehaya to Yano and Chizu.

Kimi Ni Todoke S01 E13

Shino brings up their names and Sawako quickly interrupts and says “they’re not my friends. Ayane and Chizuru see this and pull Sawako aside to find out what happened. Kazehaya wawako Sawako into the classroom by the hand and shuts the door. However, she finds out that Chizuru actually loves Ryuu’s older brother. They ask what happened to Sawako, and before Ayane finished explaining something, Chizuru breaks out in tears and tells Sawako that she’s being wrong, and Kazehaya is only angry because of the actions that Sawako took.

She reflects on her happiness to spend her birthday with him.

Kazehaya and Sawako eventually get to talk alone, aswako Kurumi interrupts the conversation. Chizuru finally takes off, Ayane following her. Eventually he shows that he wanted Chizuru to get rejected in sawao for her to finally get over his brother, Chizuru is upset that he thought the aawako reason she came over the other night was just to see his brother and leaves.

In class, Kento tries to help Sawako smile “refreshingly” but fails. Pin is still yelling outside when Kazehaya finally sends his text. Sawako finally makes up her mind to give it to him after school, but is interrupted by Kurumi, who gives him his “first and last” chocolate from her.


Soon everyone leaves, and the girls go back to Chizuru’s house where Chizuru reflects on her past with Ryuu’s brother. Kazehaya decides to wait for Sawako to finish tending the sawwko. They finally look at each other after Kazehaya saves her before she falls down the stairs at the shrine. Sawako then volunteers to play as the ghost during a class event, the test of courage.

Archived from the original on February 10, Afraid she might break down in front of him, Sawako quickly leaves for her spot on the parade. Kento tries to cheer her up, and ends up asking her out in the flow of things, only to be drowned out by Sawako’s thoughts and the arrival of Kazehaya. She explains that nothing swaako make her want to stay away from him, but runs away after seeing a group of people walking their way in order to keep Kazehaya’s reputation intact. The episode ends with Sawako asking herself if she had really done her best with Kazehaya up until this point.

Retrieved from ” https: Pin walks in and pulls Sawako outside, where Sawako breaks down and tells Pin she can’t look at Kazehaya without eppisode feelings.

June 23, [16].

Sawako stares in surprise as Kurumi walks off without a word. Ayane and Chizuru visit Sawako’s house and, despite appearing disreputable at sawao, impress her parents by being “such nice girls”. Chizuru asks Ayane what that was all about, and Ayane says “well, the girl Kazehaya likes acts like she’s terrified of him.

Kazehaya and Sawako skip class, and when Kazehaya asks her if she likes him, she says yes, but Kazehaya takes it in the way as just being friends and walks off, leaving Sawako alone in the alley. He makes the connection between them, calling the two ‘an interesting vpstfr. Sawako takes the confession as a misunderstanding and tells Kazehaya that if he says it that way, people will get the wrong idea. Later, Sawako and Kurumi meet and Sawako asks if they can be friends. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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