While Payson appreciates Sasha’s experience and drive, the other girls chafe at his demanding style. She ignores their suggestion, and she keeps the baby. Emily’s brother begins to have seizures because his prescription has not been refilled. Sasha got out of the car and waited. Not much more to say, just season 1 and some season 2 maybe showing how this would change things. Payson confronts the gymnastics committee, asking them to accept her as an artistic gymnast. I tried to ignore him, and I continued to set up a mini-bed. I might never be able to do gymnastics again.

It is revealed that Emily’s family is struggling for money, and she has to work at Pizza Shack to keep them afloat, and receives scholarship money to do gymnastics. She tossed her new notebook and pen into her purple backpack with the rest of her school stuff, and put on her watch, adjusting the medal under her shirt, and placing her infinity ring necklace between the ribbons of the medal. C asked, pointing to the medal. She co-hosts the most recent season of ” The View. At the end, Payson looked at Morgan. Archived from the original on April 29, As soon as he saw her, Sasha ended his conversation with Summer, and followed her into the office. This episode aired a few months before the actual Summer Olympics in London, where the real-life U.

She quickly walked out of the Rock, eyes stinging with tears, and ran around to use the back door, heading into the office as fast as she could with her back. Retrieved March 29, She ignores their suggestion, and she keeps the baby.

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Her petition is denied, and she is heartbroken until Sasha convinces her to return, hoping to revitalize her career by transitioning her into being an artistic gymnast. No, swason ashamed to have me as a child. Because of how much taller he was, it was no problem for her to lean slightly against his chest.


Deleted scenes, the never-before-seen extended finale, and the featurette “Making It”. Lauren finds the tape of Sasha and Payson’s kiss in the practice camera. I tried to ignore him, and I continued to set up a mini-bed. That night, Payson slept with a huge smile. After everyone left, Payson gave seaxon a grateful smile. Like many of you, Loren is currently cramming away for finals.

Sashha other projects Wikiquote. I drove to Denver to yell at Marty in front of all of Denver Elite. Belov tells Tanner he isn’t interested, but eventually agrees to come to The Rock.

Payson headed out the door, grabbing her backpack and keys as she went. The Kmetko family struggles financially with the loss of Emily’s scholarship, until Steve Tanner seadon organizes a private scholarship to fund her training, after beginning a relationship with Chloe. The girls talked for a bit, but Payson shot Sasha a desperate look, not really wanting to stay there.

National Team got in Beijing. As soon as he returned to the door, he tossed her his old Olympic jacket.

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Marty belkv forced to move to The Rock’s rival gym in Denver, taking Lauren and other gymnasts with him. This article needs additional citations for verification. Kaylie offers her comfort as Kelly’s mom is only supportive of Kelly’s fame and fortune. That night, I felt less scared about going to school.

Sasha returns after the girls track him down sashq Romania, and Lauren starts to like him better as he begins coaching her directly. Slattery David Hartle Maria L. I might never be able to do gymnastics again. I can’t just take it,” she argued.

‘Make It Or Break It’ series finale: Taking it to the mat one last time

Tomorrow is my first day of school, so I guess that’s why I’m doing this. Ellen also blackmails Emily, telling her if she competes she will have her scholarship revoked after Ellen finds out about Emily’s job at the Pizza Shack.


Since when was I shy? She shrugged, and decided to talk to Lauren later. Why would you give it to me? So who’s that guy? Kelly is not good enough for the Olympics and leaves gymnastics. I don’t know how this story will go, but I really need some advice.

Following her mean-girl-we-can’t-help-but-feel-bad-for stint as Lauren Tanner, Scerbo appeared in numerous TV movies. Payson has back problems and tries to conceal this from her parents and Sasha because she is desperate not to lose her chance to become National Champion and beat her rival, Kelly Parker Nicole Gale Anderson in a pre-nationals club meet between The Denver Elite and The Rock.

Working together, the girls get five medals, more than the U. She stars in Michael Matteo Rossi’s thriller ” Sable.

When she was asked to give advice, Payson startled. Not that they need to worry anymore. Although the operation is beliv, she does not want to return to gymnastics, fearing she will re-injure herself. Meanwhile, the three Rock girls find an enemy in the head of the National Gymnastics Committee, Ellen Beals Michelle Cluniewho prizes obedience to her authority and feels threatened by The Rock girls’ independence.

While Payson appreciates Sasha’s experience and drive, the other girls chafe at his demanding style. Sfason got out of the car and waited. Sasha walked downstairs, “Alright everyone, just a reminder, the office is completely off limits, and we will begin in a moment.

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