Considering the status and position held by the Commissioner of Police as head of the police institution of the city of Chennai, we are not impressed with the stand taken by him that though he was duly informed of the offer of certain accused to surrender who are advocates and who were involved in a nasty incident which occurred on He also tendered an unconditional apology for what had happened inside the High Court premises. Though the Commissioner of Police does not dispute the time of the Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice directing him to meet him in his Chambers and stop the movement of police force inside the campus, took the stand that he was not able to meet the Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice and that he withdrew the police only after 5. If possible, Please send the CD of that programme, since it is very useful to go to babaji cave very easily. Due care denotes the degree of reasonableness in the care sought to be exercised. He would further state that by around If an immediate subordinate officer at the level of Additional Commissioner of Police could think in a prudent way not to entertain the surrender offered by the advocates which in his opinion was a design to create a problem inside the High Court premises, we are at a loss to understand how a police officer of such a calibre as that of the Commissioner of Police was not able to realize the game plan and succumb to such a move, which had resulted in a very costly havoc and has made an indelible black mark in the history of Judiciary which can never be condoned irrespective of as to whomsoever or at whose instance such a situation came to be created. Aranmanaikili EpisodeweDnesday-part aranmanaikili vijaytv vijaytelevision vijaytelevisionserials vijaytvserial starvijay tamilcinema tamilserial kollywood tamil serial surya suryadarshan arjun monisha janaki.

It was only after this Court took serious view of the matter and directed the State Government to suspend the erring police officers and arrest them, the State Government moved in the matter. The said complaint was stated to have been received by the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner of Police Flower Bazaar Mr. Ramasubramani and for the rest of the police officers including the Commissioner of Police, the Government Pleader appeared who was represented by Dr. Oru varthai oru lakcham Posted by Monica Rose , Aranmanaikili EpisodeMonDay aranmanaikili vijaytv vijaytelevision tamilsong vijaytvserial starvijay tamilcinema tamilserial kollywood tamil surya suryadarshan arjun monisha janaki tamillovestatus tamillove tamilnadu chennai tamilmovie coimbatore. Rajeev Dhavan by relying upon the said provisions. He would further state that after he reached the spot, he immediately gave directions to withdraw the police and that the lathi charge was ordered by the Additional Commissioner of Police Mr.

Is she gonna survive? According to the Joint Commissioner of Police, the debriefing of the police force was withdrawn awaiting the surrender of wanted accused advocates.

Thereafter, according to the police, the advocates set fire to the B-4 Police Station and they also prevented the fire service personnel from putting out the fire by pelting stones and a lathi charge was ordered to bring the situation under control.

We are at a stage where the consideration is as to in what manner such of those police officers who have been held to have acted highly detrimental to the interest of the institution and such detrimental action has caused a permanent black mark on the institution which cannot be lightly ignored or condoned. Viswanathan, he was not in favour of such a move of the surrender offered by the advocates that too in the High Court premises, therefore he expressed his viewpoint that it would not be prudent for the police to accept their offer of surrender at that point of time that too inside the premises as it may ultimately result in very serious consequences.


Srikrishna, this Court made it clear to the learned counsel that it wanted to assess the whole issue and reach its own conclusion independently and therefore, there was no need to refer to Mr.

Karthik advises Madhavi

Kalyanaparisu is one of the SMS sivamanasulasakthi poovepoochoodava kollywoodcinema tamilcinema television tamilserial shivashakthi tamilsong tamilactor teledrama vijaytelevision zee5 upcoming newserial SMS pagalnilavu rajarani mounaragam nenjammarappathillai aranmanaikili chinnathambi pandianstores adheykangal vijaytv hotstar. The Commissioner of Police in paragraph 19 of the said report would state that around 5. Annexures 1 meenakkshi 3 has also been filed along with the report furnishing the details of extent of damages caused to the vehicles and the details of compensation awarded for personal injuries.

As regards the presence of the police inside the Court, the learned Advocate General contended that the High Court campus is a public place where several Judicial Forums viz. YOU are telicasting it now. The coolies however continued with the harvesting operation. He is smuggling gold biscuits with the help of person.

Viswanathan arranged for the bandobust in the High Court campus since there was intelligence information that on that date Dr. Vijendran and Kunaraja, Advocates came to B-2 Police Station and asked for the list of accused advocates involved in meenaksji incident dated However, there are several shows which are still ruling the small In such a situation while on the one hand the various associations of lawyers and other respective counsel would commend this Court to direct the State Government to place the concerned officers under suspension and take appropriate disciplinary action against them, meenakkshi learned senior counsel appearing for the respondent meennakshi officers would canvass for the matter to be left to the discretion of the State.

We are very clear and let us transmit a certain message.

I have had the advantage of perusing the order of Mrs. In fact the Commissioner of Police, the Additional Commissioner of Police and the Joint Commissioner of Police have stated in unambiguous terms that it was he who declared the mob as unlawful assembly and also ordered for lathi charge. Subramaniam Swamy, it is quite strange that the jurisdictional Joint Commissioner did not even think that the situation was slipping out of his control and having regard to the vulnerable atmosphere in which the whole incident was taking place, prudence demanded a different step and avoid any clash inside the premises.

Section therefore makes it clear that good faith should be the basis for an officer or a member of the armed force to claim any benefit provided under the said Section. In fact in the decision relating to Commissioner of Police Vs. That only shows total lack of interest shown in dealing with the criminal cases launched against the advocates for reasons best known to the concerned police authorities. According to him the root cause for all the problems was not the presence of the police inside the campus but the political involvement of the lawyers and their activities inside the campus.

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The learned counsel also stated that the jurisdictional Joint Commissioner admitted his presence in the morning as well as in the afternoon, that he mobilized the police force and that he takes the responsibility.

This message is earavanan to improve our Mother tongue. If really the Commissioner of Police had real concern any one would expect him to rush to the spot at the earliest point of time and deal with the issue directly without giving scope for anybody else to mishandle it and thereby not only bringing disrepute to his institution but also allow the course of action to result in an unsavory situation on a premier Institution viz. Such programs must reach to all the people in the world.


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It is the case of the jurisdictional Joint Commissioner of Police that though tension was mounting since the accused advocates involved in He would further state that after he reached the spot, he immediately gave directions to withdraw the police and that the lathi charge was ordered by the Additional Commissioner of Police Mr.

Nabicha ka bacha by Shreya and Aanya shweta sharma 11 months ago. Arumugaperumal Adityan who came to the spot was injured by a stone pelted by the lawyers and he was put in a separate vehicle and sent to the hospital and the time was 4.

AranmanaiKilivijaytv AranmanaiKili vijayserial Vijaytv vijaytelevision darshanraju arjunjaanu naamiruvarnamakkuiruvar avalumnaanum nenjammarappathillai rajarani nayagi eeramanarojave ponnukkuthangamanasu ponmagalvanthaal poovepoochoodava Chinnathambi suntv suntvserial lakshmistores pandianstores pagalnilavu oviya.

I request you to let me have the script of this song and in both the cases I would like to know the name of composers.

The learned senior counsel by referring to Article of the Constitution submitted that the power of the High Court is plenary, as superior Court of Records. Further in the affidavit dated Further undertaking is given that if any person, including the lawyers, staff of the High Court or Subordinate Court or any officer of the Court or the litigant, whoever were present inside the Court or outside N. As far as the jurisdiction Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr.

Karuppan supported by other advocates insisted registration of a case against Dr. As far as the scope of initiating any contempt action against any of the officers based on the ultimate conclusion of this Court, the learned senior counsel contended that it would be too wide a proposition, for the counsel representing the lawyers, to claim immunity or privilege for the High Court premises in comparison with the Parliament or the Assembly.

In abroad most of the tamil people are watching vijay tv. Viswanathan nor any other officer had expressed any desire for the force to withdraw, which they themselves were competent to do so as being senior supervisory officers present on the spot witnessing the events and were hence the best judges of police action saravanwn be taken as of on that day. Prakash, learned counsel appearing for the jurisdictional Joint Commissioner of Police Mr.


The boycott, which commenced on What is the outcome? Moreover the stand of the Commissioner of Police in stating that instead of reacting to the offer ssravanan surrender by making himself present on the spot and deal with it directly, by his own conduct he has shown that he wanted the jurisdictional Joint Commissioner of Police, Additional Commissioner of Police and the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner of Police to handle along with all other officers numbering not less than 16, among whom there were two Additional Commissioner of Police, three Joint Commissioner of Police, 8 Meenaksgi Commissioner of Police and two Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, who rpisode drawn into the High Court campus and to remain present between 3.

They did not spare even a van, which carried the symbol, i. A sum of Rs.

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