Find a TV show or movie. Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud has lied to him. Kumud becomes unconscious on being drugged by Sunanda. Kumud refuses to have the food, offered by Prashant. Danny informs his family that Kabir assumed that they were planning to get him married to Anushka. Anushka decides to return to Mumbai.

Ghuman learns that Kabir had asked the astrologer to tell nice things about Kusum and Danny because Kumud was aware of her conspiracy. On Kabir’s insistence, Kalra confesses to his misdeeds to the police. Saraswatichandra rescues Kumud, and beats Jugnu. Kumud asks Danny to attend the puja in the evening. Kumud and Saraswatichandra make arrangements for Kusum and Danny’s wedding night. Saraswatichandra remains grim with Kumud, and leaves for office without having food. However, Saraswatichandra vows not to leave without meeting Kumud.

Kumud informs Vidyachatur that Saraswatichandra has left. Anushka learns about the same and manages to send Kabir out of her room. Ghuman receives the receipt of his letter, but she hides it from Laxminandan. Vidyachatur’s family fails to find the documents of their ancestral property. Kumud becomes surprised on seeing Saraswatichandra sraswatichandra the school.

Later, he finds Vidyachatur’s property papers in his car, and confronts Kabir.

Kumud provokes him to retrieve the kite from the lake. Kumud does not like the house provided by the company. Danny retrieves the video footage of the spy camera. He hurts himself, deliberately, while closing the door of the cupboard.


Saraswatichandra pays money to Sunanda, to meet Kumud in a hotel. Later, they learn the truth. Safaswatichandra becomes unconscious after using the deodorant. Kumud requests Saraswatichandra to go to Mumbai to complete the business deal. Later, Prashant points a gun at Saraswatichandra.

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Anushka wants to meet Kabir before leaving for Mumbai. Meanwhile, Kabir manages to escape from the room. Laxminandan becomes furious at Ghuman for dancing. Saraswatichandra saraswatichandta Prashant out of the house. Kumud asks Prashant to leave. Kumud informs Saraswatichandra that she is scared that something bad might happen to her family, in her absence. However, Kabir clicks Anushka’s picture. Kumud apologises to Saraswatichandra for episodee believing him.

The eunuch and Kumud enquire several people about Ghuman.

The villagers inform Kumud that their children are adamant on pursuing their education. Kumud prays to god, and refuses to have food.

Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud has lied to him. Kumud manages to retrieve Danny’s phone from Prashant’s house. Kumud decides to buy a car for Saraswatichandra.

Jugnu informs Sunanda that he had not complained to the police. Yash throws Kalika out of the house, and apologises to Danny. Prashant arrives at Kumud’s house to comfort her. Prashant fails to see Kumud, and enquires Saraswatichandra about her.


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Finally, Kumud likes a house and the owner decides to give it on rent. Anushka goes to the location to stop Kabir. Dugba catches Kalika when she is eavesdropping their conversation. Saraswatichandra decides to take the day off, and spend some time with Kumud. Kabir informs Danny that he had stolen Vidyachatur’s property papers on Ghuman’s insistence. Later, the main door of Kumud’s house gets locked, while she is outside the house.

Saraswatichandra meets Kumud

Kumud becomes sad on seeing Saraswatichandra’s condition. Sharma, is also involved in swapping the grocery. Saraswatichandra informs Danny that he will be able to acquire the original property documents by winning Ghuman’s confidence. Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud had agreed to marry him by just seeing his eyes.

Kajal informs Saraswatichandra about Jugnu’s hideout.

Kumud refuses to show her face to Saraswatichandra because he had insulted her family by rejecting her. Sunanda claims that the earring belongs saraewatichandra her, and produces its pair.

Saraswatichandra decides to persuade Prashant to confess to his misdeeds.

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