Finally, Kumud likes a house and the owner decides to give it on rent. Vidyachatur and the rest of the family accompany her to the cyber cafe to video chat with Saraswatichandra. Dinesh Bhai asks Kalika to repay his money. However, Sunanda’s men drag Kumud inside their car. Badi maa rescues him. Sunanda asks the sheikh to choose another girl, or bring Rs. Jayachandran Bapu Padmanabha A.

Kumud tells her mother that Saraswatichandra is selfish and a coward. Danny, Vidyachatur, Guniyal and Ghuman attend the puja. Saraswatichandra fails to convince Kumud to relocate to Mumbai. Kusum comforts Vidyachatur and Guniyal. Saraswatichandra returns home, and asks Kumud to close all the curtains of the house. He fails to find her. Kasautii Zindagii Kay Saraswatichandra decides to relocate to Mumbai, without Kumud.

Majnu makes a copy of Kumud’s photograph, and searches for her. Kumud apologises to Saraswatichandra, but he ignores her. Prashant leaves Kumud’s house on seeing Saraswatichandra.

Sunanda sends Saraswatichwndra to the tailor with Kajal, to get her dress stitched. Kumud becomes relieved when Saraswatichandra decides to stay in Vidyachatur’s room. Saraswatichandra strives to escape from Prashant’s captivity. She asks him to stay until Vidyachatur recovers.

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Ghuman thinks that Saraswatichandra is in the US and tells her sister that he insulted Vidyachatur by rejecting Kumud without seeing her. Mahadevan Kalyanji Anandji S. Karanth Jaidev K. Sharma no air date — 25 mins. How to add a video: On seeing Saraswatichandra leaving the house, Kumud breaks down into tears. Ghuman and Laxminandan learn that Saraswatichandra is in Ratnanagiri.


Kumud forgives Saraswatichandra, but refuses to relocate to Mumbai.

On location of serial Saraswatichandra 16th April – part 1 Bollywood Life 4 years ago. Yash informs Vidyachatur that he searched for Kabir, but failed to find him. However, Menaka had rescued the baby. He refuses to marry Kumud.

Ghuman and Danny leave Vidyachatur’s house. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kabir hides Anushka’s project report.

On location of serial Saraswatichandra 9th May part 2 by www. The key maker opens the main door of Kumud’s house. Prashant accompanies Kumud to the police station, to file a missing complaint of Saraswatichandra.

The Desai family learns that Danny has misbehaved with Kalika. Saraswatichandra and Kabir apologise to Laxminandan. Badi maa asks Kumud to prepare sweets. Ghuman tries to provoke Danny against Saraswatichandra, but in vain.

A stranger tells Kumud that he will take her to Ghuman. Kumud becomes upset with Saraswatichandra. Discuss API on Discord.

7th August 2014 – Saraswatichandra Episode 406 Dailymotion Video

Kumud asks Danny to attend the puja in the evening. Kumari gives Saraswati Chandra’s letter to Kumud at the Shiva temple. Kusum tries to impress Danny by cooking his favourite food.

Saraswatichandra arrives at Shankar’s house, along with the police. Dugba becomes furious at Ghuman for her behaviour towards Kumud and Kusum. Yash returns home, and advises Anushka to marry Kabir. Saraswatichandra tells Kabir that he is aware of his feelings for Anushka.


Yash confronts Sundarba for the same. He informs Dugba that epizode has decided to leave the house. Kumud tells Kusum that Saraswati Chandra’s eyes matches the eyes of her dream man. Saraswatichandra informs Menaka that he has lied to her about Kabir’s life being in danger. Kusum allows Kalika to enter the house.

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Saraswatichandra fails to speak to Kumud, over the phone and becomes worried about her. Kumud does not tell her family about Saraswatichandra’s letter. Kumud becomes unconscious on being drugged by Sunanda. Saraswatichandra plucks mangoes as Ela’s son feels hungry. Sunanda learns about the same, and recaptures her.

Kalika informs Ghuman about Saraswatichandra and Kumud’s departure. Saraswatichandra lies to everyone about the accident and takes the blame on himself. Kumud occupies the entire bed, and informs Saraswatichandra that since she has to sleep alone after he leaves for Mumbai, she is getting used to it.

She shows Kumud to Jugnu. Saraswatichandra returns home, and asks Kumud to close all the curtains of the house.

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