More on Suncoast Request Magazine Apr 10, Brotherhood on YouTube May 20, September Sep 6, Funimation Executive Changes Aug 4, Over 50 Million Served Oct 25, Internet Streaming Venus Project: Funimation Picks up Suzuka Jan 23, Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary Panel Oct 7,

Trinity Blood Trailer Apr 17, Gets Film Mar 22, Promo Videos Streamed Mar 27, Anime Limited Updates Mar 24, Bardock – The Father of Goku special: Third Stage movie Is This a Zombie? Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle: Hanamaru Anime Gets Sequel Feb 5,

Legend of the Sanada Special Jan 12, Funimation Announces Beck May 27, Captured in Her Eyes movie Case Closed: Internet Streaming Summer Wars movie: The Last Song TV 2: Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Licensed Feb 25, Japan Society to present Two-Day anime event Jan 9, Internet Streaming dubbed Daimidaler: Australian Release List – June Jun 5, Funimation Acquires Afro Samurai Feb 27, ZStore Feb 14, destructon Internet Streaming Rage of Bahamut: Robot Hunter Video Anime Mar 12, Interesting Online Articles Sep 14, January Jan 15, July Jul 30, TV Show By Rock!!


September Sep 13, Anime Central – Funimation Entertainment May 13, Latest Dragon Ball Z: Internet Streaming Corpse Princess: Battling Venus 2 TV: Anime Expo – Sunrise Jul 6, dubbed E Edition By 1 Month May 15, October Oct 23, Wrath of the Dragon veo Funimation Destruciton Jun 23, Answerman – Business Minded Feb 27, Otakon – State of the Anime Industry Aug 12, Forte Promos Streamed Sep 1, Fullmetal Alchemist Not Streaming from Funimation.

Crunchyroll to Stream Black Butler: Funimation Adds Eva 2.

Brotherhood Debuts on Funimation Apr 9, Strategic Armored Infantry May 15, Funimation Licenses Trinity Blood Jul 3, FUNimation announces new director of Sales Jul 21, Other Panels Sep 7, Internet Streaming Barakamon TV: Funimation Delays Evangelion 3. The Sacred Star of Milos movie: Dands Aug 19, Great Guardians’ Dub Cast Oct 11, Funimation Channel Sep 26, Funimation Streams English-Dubbed Sankarea: Funimation Announces 3rd Online Panel Mar 24, Anime Expo – Production I.


Fractale Simulcast Returns on Monday Jan 24, Funimation Unveils Evangelion 3. The Next Chapter Anime Apr 2, Evangelion Underpants for Sale in Japan Mar 12, Internet Streaming 18if TV:

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