Grove is very keen, but Jeff Ross reveals that the CIA have observed him visiting a private psychiatrist. When Willie Caine and Jake Landy — Sandbagger 1 and Sandbagger 2, respectively — arrive at the aircraft, they find its crew has already been led out by the Americans. Season 2 Episode Guide. Some of the details surrounding their disappearance have caused speculation about what actually occurred, including their stop at an abandoned United States Air Force base and the fact that the plane happened to crash in the one small area that was not covered by either U. Sir Geoffrey Wellingham Jerome Willis Further investigations suggest that the death was faked. American Sandbaggers fandom produced fanzines , websites , and even a convention:

Caine decides to continue working with “Ferris” until the operation is complete. Views Read Edit View history. Burnside gives orders for Laura to be assassinated; the head of Bulgarian intelligence offers to give classified information to agent Tom Elliot David Beames. They escape unharmed via a safe route they had planned in advance. Although Wellingham refuses to give approval, he instructs Caine, Wallace and Shepherd to collect Filatov and keep him in a safe house, then returns to London. Audible Download Audio Books. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Burnside travels to Brussels and, realising what has happened, confronts Lincke with the truth:

Although Wellingham refuses to give approval, he instructs Caine, Wallace and Shepherd to collect Weries and keep him in a safe house, then returns to London. Before he can, Wellingham is abducted in Brussels.

Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Landy can’t get back across the border, so to prevent his capture, he is shot dead by Denson, under orders from Burnside.

Add Image S2, Ep3. Burnside tells her that she won’t get official support, but she decides to defect anyway. Though the Sandbaggers’ missions took them to various places around the world, most of the exterior filming was done in the city of Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire countryside.

She makes a voice recording for future propaganda broadcast and gives it to Burnside, who has a longstanding interest in helping dissident epiode in the Eastern Bloc.

Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. He goes on to note, concerning the seventh episode “Special Relationship”: Burnside investigates Stratford-Baker further, initially thinking it would be useful to have a hold over a cabinet minister, despite Peele wanting to call him off.

While Burnside is gathering data and planning the operation, which is generally considered suicidal, Torvik becomes impatient and requests help from the CIA. Will Agents of S. He and Wellingham agree that this is not the His appointment along with a continued lack of funding leads to increased tension amongst the teams’ management.


The second series opens with two new Sandbaggers: Caine, a former Paratrooperis head of the Special Operations Section. Burnside says assassination would be unethical and lead to more of the same. Use dmy dates from August Use British English from August Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing predictions or speculation Wikipedia articles with style issues from June All articles with style issues Episode list using the default LineColor TV.

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Burnside gives orders for Laura to be assassinated; the head of Bulgarian intelligence offers to give classified information to agent Tom Elliot David Beames. Karen Milner Episodw MacNaughtan Share this Rating Title: The way events and their consequences were revealed through epsiode created interest, as the audience worked out sandbaggerss, as each episode progressed, each revelation completed the picture.

This section possibly contains unsourced predictionsspeculative material, or accounts of sandbaggrrs that might not occur.

Greenley departs due to anginaand Lawler is resigning to get married. On the first anniversary of Dickens’ death, a message is received from Vladimir Galabov, the head of the Bulgarian secret service, who is willing to provide valuable information provided it is collected in person by Elliott at Neil Burnside Richard Vernon Eventually Straker discovers a ruling that would prevent the closure of the Kingston station if it were more than 1, miles from the station at Caracas ; although the distance is actually somewhat less, Burnside claims that it’s over 1, miles in his response, in the hope that nobody will check.

Tyler and Burnside share a friendly relationship, but Tyler dies early in the third series and is replaced by Paul Dalgetty David Robb.

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When rookie agent Mike Wallace Michael Cashman is accused by his superiors of bungling a mission, Neil Burnside puts his job on the line to defend him. Dickens is not interested, but agrees to join on a temporary basis after Burnside stresses how much she is needed.

Skinner, the top British agent in Greece, warns Burnside that the KGB is expected to target participants at the conference with honeypots.

sedies Burnside angrily confronts Ross about being used, and severs personal ties with him. Wallace makes it to Sukhumi, only to find that Cheever does not match the false papers he has brought; Cheever guesses that Ross expected Wallace to get caught, diverting attention from a subsequent CIA mission from the Turkish border. Peele supports Wellingham, eager for the political influence should SIS succeed, episoode C sides with Burnside and gives him a short time for investigation.

At the request of the CIA, Burnside sends Landy into foreign territory to assassinate a Soviet general, without obtaining clearance.


Decision by Committee

For him, the decision is simple – Caine puts his life on the line regularly and now it’s necessary for epixode Service to do the same for him. The only available swap is a KGB agent held by the French.

sandbggers Ross tells Burnside that the CIA knows that Sanxbaggers is talking with a KGB agent, and Burnside asks him not to tell his superiors since he’ll deal with it himself if necessary. Burnside pushes for an SAS rescue mission, saying that the Sandbaggers need to know that everything possible will be done when they are in trouble. He is the only Sandbagger to appear from the series’ beginning to its end.

She collects the photos but is arrested by the SSDand Burnside scrambles to arrange an exchange of agents. Jeff Ross Jana Shelden Burnside sends Caine and Sandbagger 3, Alan Denson, to Vienna to deal with Hopkins, and with Jake Landy already on a mission in Iran sqndbaggers, proposes that if the Lutara assassination gets approval, he should dandbaggers it himself.

In contrast to that entertainment-focused vision, Neil Burnside is a harried spymaster who doesn’t drink; Willie Caine is a secret agent who abhors guns and violence; and no character is seen to have sex over the course of the series the first series’ romantic sub-plot explicitly refers to its sexless nature.

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Burnside decides to play kingmaker by promoting the prospects of the Deputy Chief, Matthew Peele. When the time arrives for the hijackers to kill the first chief, Caine and Milner overpower them, seizing their guns to shoot them dead. The comic book also features a more modern and sophisticated Ops Room, and bureaucratic wrangling reminiscent of the television series. Sir Geoffrey Wellingham Jerome Willis Grove is sent to Helsinki on a pretext, and further investigation of the psychiatrist uncovers a spy ring through which he is collecting information from various government personnel.

Meanwhile, a British diplomat epiisode Paris, Charles Rumney, has been seen having a secret homosexual affair and is considered a security risk. Mackintosh disappeared after he had written just four of the scripts for the third series, so other writers were called in to bring the episode count up to seven.

Burnside, who has already been warned that his tendency to act without consultation will affect his prospects for promotion, none the less tries desperately to mount an operation on his own.

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