They’re also starting to unravel more on Haiji’s past as well. I’ll be all over a buddy cop anime, I feel that genre has dwindled, the last one I recall is Zootopia which had a Beverly Hills Cop vibe. Chit quality, wtf recording on your screen, who does that? Feels so many feels. Welcome to Infinity MU Online community forums. Check out their websites for product lists. I was on stream! This series has 51 episodes, and they make optimal use of this long length to fully develop the bond that develops between the two of them.

Anonymous lol I think it’s more like an orthopedic check-up. Chit quality, wtf recording on your screen, who does that? I am not alone Gotta love the guy who picked madarame for his collague pic! I can sense everyone’s feelings Ep 22 of steins gate Holy feel overload Approaching clannad feel level Fuuuuuuuuuaaaarrrrrkkkkkk http: AKA never heard of any of the anime you listed.. It had a feel of like growth, harmony, friendship, and like nostalgia.

Yes, it is indeed one of the best anime I ever watched!!! Some 4channer posted further on scans from magical girl spec ops, I ajilinkz 5 volumes, doesn’t have much of plot, they explained who cyborg guy was and introduced another magical girl villain with a shitty childhood and some obvious hinting as to kanomo The queen is.

Season 2 had several episodes focusing on a weak lizardman tribe. And has no screenshots.

Glass Mask () Review – 90/ – Star Crossed Anime Blog : Star Crossed Anime Blog

Lenlo The reddit 222 awards are done! Cynic09 already have ffdshow, but still got the choppy parts. Some days, I wonder what it is with America and anime about organized crime. This hype is getting me interested too. Seriously it seems like animes were a lot more fluid and detailed back in the day and now its kinda bland and foggy. Being made in the West by Americans, and English being its first language, many would saurasou it from the start.


Star Crossed Anime Blog

I was on stream! Such an inspiring and heart warming anime. Love my old PC but modern shooters and HD rpgs are lagging too much as well as drawing programs.

Though it’ll be a while before I get to see them. It’s good but not as good as those 2.

Never usually the case. Just you wait until the next season with Sengoku. Are we becoming best friends? I read the recent beastars chapters, though I hope they eventually epiode back to focusing on Haru x legosi soon. I am somewhat half and half on it as the clip isn;t bad but I am a bit too used to the style of the manga. WTF is this aa troll thread or what???

Hehehehe, will read bleach brah, sounds similar to sun-ken rock, but you make it sound hardcore as fk. This time we follow the cop who caught Shounen Bat, see a bit into organized crime and watch a man fall apart at the seams. The second season had some great phaggytime.


Personally it’s one of my favorite animes. The thread generally slows down after a new season starts and all the lurkers forget about posting to get in the collage. Kaiser-Eoghan Looks like we’re getting more on Haiji’s leg again.

I’m more into phaggytimes but damn I haven’t been hooked on an anime like this since Boku wa Tomodachi. If so, is it good? With whole new character redesigns. First season was better.

Kaiser-Eoghan I remember loving the end theme music too. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 21 so real SuperMario Glad to here you have brand new one coming up Kaiser.

A Kanojjo has slowly created their own studio identity, putting more original works with consistent production values. I’m not going to lie, Mayuri’s character somewhat annoyed me, but fuark if she wasn’t innocent.

I suppose at some point they felt they needed to update them, since 4 iterations looked very similar and may come off as too retro for today. This time we have a sympathetic ghoul, Hyakki dealing with his emotions and a continually worse feudal landscape. Try that and tell me if it works or not.

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