Agree or disagree- ramble on! Even when Gwang Soo attempted to flee after finding out the truth it can be seen that the lol-lols are the ones chasing after him and JSJ is nowhere to be seen. Unfunny Moment Because there is such a thing as tears of a clown Episode: The characteristics I love about this show all have a major highlight, an episode showcasing the element that brings the funny to the forefront. With her boss no less.. In the real world, detectives don’t selfishly try to solve things by themselves.

Recently discovered Running Man but with so many episodes I found some were not so great so got pretty discouraged. He doesn’t freely share info, he only shares if he can get something in return. It was an interesting episode. Episodes by LollyPip. Park Shin Hye Cameo. Then Jae-suk declares his catchphrase as Space Controller.

Joo Ji Hoon Cameo.

TV Running Man Episode Please enter your username or email address. I am happy my guide is proving useful. I think it was a bit unfair that the clues leading to the ixubs were all traps, even if Suk Jin definitely needed that advantage The poor guy in the dog suit made me uncomfortable too As for the team of Ji-hyo and Spartakooks, it was okay for this one episode, but I would hate to see them as some kind of ongoing pair-up.

Love you impala and giraffe! Woah, how are these guys good buddies? The conversation in jail was hilarious. Song Jae Rim Cameo. If you want to see how the cast does against seven entertainment minded young people watch this episode.


Tune into this episode to see what happens when the male cast is expectant of one outcome but faced with another. I guess everything has a purpose for Running Man. Then Jae-suk declares his catchphrase as Space Controller. Isbs rifles through the lockers to discover two more rinning clues.

One day the easy brothers will win! There’s too much power between them – they’d continually overwhelm the rest of the RM team.

And SpartAce got a rare win via good teamwork, rather than trickery and betrayal. Eun ji won even raps in it. Cast Chemistry Because seven is better than one Episode: How unfair is that! Each week, is filled with fun that includes trust and betrayal, knowledge and skills, physical strengths, and outrageous penalties.

Each mission is action-packed and hilarious as each member tries to beat the others using their wits and skills. I really enjoyed this episode. Are they a Chinese quartet?

Oof, so much for being first. Can’t ixubs for episode 80! Does anyone know the name of the song played after Yoon DO-hyun sings “Find the thief who wants to steal the treasure.

She accuses him has a villian, his relaxed attitude suspicious to her. Haha opened the door to reveal Suk-jin and Kwang-soo saw the events unfold before his eyes.

Usually they insist that there be only a single iwubs unless it’s declared to be a team event. Thank for the recap. Jae-suk is suspicious, with memories from Hong Kong still fresh in his mind. Log in with Email.


Running Man – Ep 79 (Sherlock Holmes)

THough their lists are good too but the running man has lots of good episode to choose from. I didn’t have a problem with JSJ having the advantage of lol-lols. Park Shin Hye Cameo.

Sounds very familiar to me though. But Ji-hyo charges in to grab Suk-jin. Episode 79 gave viewers the pinnacle of Running Man episode editing in my opinion to date.


Running Man – Ep 79 (Sherlock Holmes) | Candy for the Ears

S if u want to watch the eng subbed, it’s already available on kshownow. Yoo Jae Suk Main Cast. He was right that no one would suspect him if he was eliminated first. Convenient that Gimpo airport is just a few minutes via moving walkway away from the hotel which both amazes the cast and myself. Secondly, it’s a huge epiosde to JSJ since he has two lollols who do almost all the work for him. No grasp on reality, these two.

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