Episode 4 by Regals. Kwang-soo as the human “step-ladder” was not surprising, but all so humorous. Thought Yoo Ri and Min Seo will be a bit timid from the first impression, but glad I was wrong, they are not timid at all. In-young is annoyed when she hears that arriving first earns them nothing now, and Haha reveals to the others that she used to be the best fighter at school. Although he may have acted in movies and dramas with big actors but his roles are the little ones that don’t stand out afterwards I ended up liking Seo Woo better than I thought I would, but she really shouldn’t make such a big deal out of trying to hide her height deficiency since everyone knows she’s short and she’s only bringing more attention to it not sure why Yuri also had a complex since she’s a little taller. I’m thinking its from her makjang Flames of Ambition or that even longer makjang, Glass Mask.

If I had wish something was different, I wish JiHyo also as got as much camera time and show her competitiveness as much as the other actresses. Nearly everyone lands on the same conclusion—well, everyone except Kwang-soo and Yeo-jin, that is. If Running Man can be like this all the time, ratings will never drop! Yeo-jin questions Kwang-soo in the car, and seems to believe him when he claims to be the most loyal out of the others. Wish the review included a mention or at least a shot of Yeo-jin and Kwang-soo having a pseudo-pictorial for a car ad. Retrieved 28 June And to wrap up this episode, the cast celebrate August birthdays Jae-suk, Ji-hyo, and Haha. I haven’t laugh this hard til now.

Not if Haha or Suk-jin have something to say about it since they catch up to him in no time. She and Min-seo use their strength runnung climb on top, then Kwang-soo gets his pants pulled down before falling into the water. What a sweet finish!

Yeo Yoo Man Man Episode 213

Yahya October 4, at 3: Jong-kook, however, interprets this as a lie to distract them and tells his teammate Min-seo not to be so naive. Here, each couple will act out a scene, then run into the car and eliminate all the paper evidence within the time limit 30 seconds or else be met with a literal downpour.


Is anybody knows what shoes choi ye jin wore when she pose like car model? Saying that the ladies kshowbow their partners off-guard unawares would be an understatement—particularly for Kwang-soo, who gets hit over the head as a greeting. She does, however, reveals a logical hint: I re-watch it to cheer myself up with a good laugh.

Hope they will come again to RM! Haha and In-young are up next, and she slips into character with her fiery gaze.

Suk Jin is quite popular in Korea Yuri is the oldest and has been acting the longest out of the 7, including Ji Hyo. Jang guem suk September 26, at 4: I haven’t seen her in anything before, but Lee Yuri was by far the best, I was rooting for her and Suk Jin.

Episodes by LollyPip. Ok thx i havent seen glass mask yet but im in the process of watching flames of ambition because i just decided to watch both and tht one came up first lol. I was under impressed with the previews last rinning – but I watched it because I was having RM withdrawal symptoms Once I saw the runnung pit I knew it would be funny, it was hilarious!

I haven’t laugh this hard til now. That made me laugh, too. Here in the muddy fields, the cast takes a minute to admire or criticize their miniature model selves which represents their current pairings.

Farah October 15, at The fashion show on the car. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Anyway, the bonus is when other members realize how much of a dedicated member Jihyo is as an actress, she doesn’t care about her image almost at all that the male members aren’t used to high maintenance women.

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Really awesome, hopw they come back for future episodes. Honestly to all the ladies who paired to kwangsoo, i like CYJ.

Carinne September 29, at Anyone know what is the name of the drama which Lee Yuri acted in, the one which is kdhownow when she started to bark at Gary for eating. Dianasone September 29, at 5: Kwang-soo as the human ladder!


OMG Too bad Suk-jin couldn’t have won since he was the real heir with the correct nametag. Why can’t they get guests like this all the time? But that’s a specific word they used to describe him. She acted really well in the club scene too.

Don’t think it’s so much the idol “image” thing – as most idols tend to be young and inexperienced and hence quiet and not wanting to “act out” against their elders.

And that Yeo-jin car modeling. RM who will go to a far extents to protect his identity.

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You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I once hated Minseo so much because peisode her character in Babyfaced Beauty. Or so I thought. Although the ladies opt for waders instead, it takes them a while to get them on. Yes I saw some moments between them as well. After a couple of less fun-filled eps there’s only so much amusement one gets from seeing people ride amusement park ridesthis one really hit it out nan the park.

The numerous random and weird things Gary’s partner did.

Hence he was ruled out about popularity cos that’s the kshowow in korea It’s because Kwang Soo’s “persona” if you will is actually pretty contrasting to what he comes off across irl. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I loved Yu-Ri, wow she’s such a hoot. This is one of e;isode most hilarious episodes in quite a while. She was shoving off the other women and using anybody especially LKS as a ladder to climb up. Quite cute to see this pairing.

Kshownoow she’s definitely a sunbae, Yuri debuted in and Seo woo debuted in haha. Jae-suk finds another one of his own nametags, which Seo Woo tries to wrestle away, to no avail. You have ur all wrong, Kwang Soo is not known in korea for his acting neither is he considered a successful actor

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