Jae-suk teams up with rocker Kim Kyung-ho and vocalist Kim Yeon-woo , and our teams are told that they must sing 10 song requests from the townspeople here and achieve at least a score of 70 to succeed. Thought there was pretty good banter and interaction all around aside from a couple of the guests who were on the quiet side. I loved when he was on an earlier cooking-themed episode and was called the wife because of his hair. Is that true that Jo PD is resign? The food spread looked so yummy was painful to just look at it. Kyuhyun is my bias in SJ and it just great that Leeteuk is finally back!

When he gets grilled for getting an 88 on his own song, Bobby barks back that they only needed a 70 and he did his best anyway. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Ha, then the others lift and move the table instead, but Haha and Suk-jin keep in step with the food in transit. Hoya November 22, at 8: The whistle blows and the guys quickly run and get digging to make a way to slide under the wooden barrier.

And props to whoever thought of making Kwang Soo hold the banner for each mission. He’s older than Kwang soo? My – he is a thin man! All of our guest carry in portable karaoke machines with them, and some of the promo signs crack me up, like: I didn’t realize it was him until the end.

[11/16/] Running Man Ep – Leeteuk & Kyuhyun (Eng Subs) | Everlasting Love

He’s good at talk shows at such. I love your recap, as always. The teams will play a memory-matching game, where uncovering the right lid will allow them to eat that dish.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I really had virtually no reaction for most. D Khuhyun wasn’t exactly a variety idol either.


Thought there was pretty good banter and interaction all around aside from a couple of the guests who were on the quiet side. Kwang-soo kicks the shoe up into the air with great force, causing it to go flying enb yards away.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Some of these businesses have been around for jyuhyun, and I love the little old lady who wrote herself a reminder on her palm. Please enter your username or email address.

[eng sub] Running Man w/ SJ Kyuhyun & Leeteuk, BEG Narsha, Jung In, Bobby Kim,…

The latter team is one step too late, so they stand on the cornus fruit platform instead. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Hoped for more from the Super Junior guys, but at least they had a few great oneliners, and LeeTeuk’s idea to lift the table made for a hilarious moment when everyone was walking around with the food table!

Yeah It’s true, but he was working in china the last 4 months, he wasn’t here in the last 16 episodes. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I honestly felt like they weren’t in it much. I love Teuk’s humor and energy.

Kwang-soo exclaims 21 he can see some flour seeping out of the canister above them, and only one team will be flour-less. Leeteuk seems to have a permanent smile on his face, thoroughly amused by everything going on around him. Does anyone know what the song that was playing when Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, and Hong Jin Young was pushing up their cart and a little boy came to helped them called?

Rachel November 21, at 2: Ji-hyo and the SuJu boys are on their sixth song by the time we check back in with them, for which they get a Fulp please, can we have some more Death Bingo? Episodes by LollyPip.


I thought the 2nd event the digging, the radish, etc was hilarious. Bobby Kim is such a hoot!

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Despite the lack of highly exciting episode highlights, I still like this episode, esp. The supermarket halmae however, voices her disapproval. However, this year really stinks. I like it best when it’s just the main cast interacting with each other, working together not against each other. I post this comment after watching episodethe truth is still the same: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Not if Kwang-soo can do anything about it, trying to pull Leeteuk backwards.

Once dressed in appropriate ajumma pants-wear, our first round of competitors line up. Come back and watch Running Man again whenever you think it’s fun. Isn’t he the main PD?

Leeteuk and Kyuhyun on Running Man!!! I totally lost it when he mistakenly called Narsha, “Marsha”.

[VID][ENG SUB] Running Man ep 221with Leeteuk,Kyuhyun

The first teams who arrive receive their first clues, and then the teams are told that one team representative will need to run, dig, kick, catch, and pick the fastest to win their first game. I personally just found this episide boring. I was so bored with this episode. The show its the same with him or without him “boring, i really hope a change in all the pds and bring new people, with fresh ideas and new concept or the show will be cancelled in the next months.

I’ve been waiting for this moment!

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