We’re getting two episodes tonight so I wonder in which direction the plot will go. It was so subtle and but the audience are prod along to guess along the way but it’s not in the tempo of normal detective shows which tends to be you know, ‘detective’. Stupid evil Se Na!!! Thank writer-nim for making this character alive. Why was she supposed to trust him after he did that? And here he was, too much of a wimp to go public himself.

I think there’s not a single one complain about LSG’s acting. You poor warrior puppy! She really knows how to ruin everything. Panic attacks are not treated like that. Although I do agree that an open mouth action wouldn’t fit the mood. I don’t think it was bad enough for epinephrin. I think i will cry a bucket once this drama wraps up, sniff

Hm, so does that mean the man with the lost memory was involved with her before?

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Adralyn April 26, at 9: Well, it might be possible if they lose their respective memories. Adorably, Yong-sool claps enthusiastically at every outfit, while Yi Gak plays the Richard Gere role by shaking his head in dissatisfaction. Can’t they be Teletubby Power Rangers with princf actual power? Does he not register the resemblance, or will this be a belated realization?

They apologize for troubling each other—she for contributing to that contract loss, and he for sending her to the warehouse. Those korean dramas i want someone to slap back for god’s sakei was so happy when Park Ha Slapped the heck out of Se na!!

[CAPS] “Rooftop Prince” Episode 9

My first guess is that it was something about how the prince disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but I’m not sure if that would be enough to dismay her. That scene where he was pretending he couldn’t breath to get another kiss was absolutely priceless.


He looks dismayed when she pushes him back, and asks her to wait just a little prjnce until his father accepts them.

Waayy off topic here: Ondubu April 20, at Log in with Email. I must admit I’m definitely in the “Se Na was always evil and she totally set up Bu Yong to die” camp, though. Uh-oh; anytime Tae-mu is happy is a time to be wary. Though i’m wondering, since she was evil in her past life, why wasn’t she, like, reincarnated into an animal?

Personally, I think she is one of Korea’s top actresses, she has the ability to make her leading men more appealing, amazing considering how delicious they are to start with. Yeah, I think having survived living the palace which usually involves scheming and back-stabbing, I think our Joseon F4 is well equipped to handle Tae Mu.

If we follow the rule on reincarnation or recurring incidents in the past, would’ve this detail been identical too? I mean Why share when you can have all of it. Think what you like about the lips I can eat shrimp, lobster, mussels, any other shellfish any other food, really. Sigh, I love him. I also love the 3 sidekicks being sneaky and funny ptince the same time.

episoe They were both crying and emotional, some open-mouth action would be too much and ruin the moment. An actor’s job is too act his role well, not to get ratings. You also need to have Rpdrama enabled in your browser. Park-ha then submits her resignation, planping to move out in three days. Park ha is a much better person than I am. This episode was a much more successful one for me than the previous one; I thought Episode 11 was the one episode of the bunch that felt the dullest, and was sort tiresome to watch.


If it were me, I wouldn’t pull that veil off. Maybe she had a lover who got jealous? Cos he almost died choking when pricne was 5.

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Park-ha takes Yi Gak to the clinic, where a shot clears up his reaction and returns his breathing to normal. Grandma accuses her of faking everything and slaps her fiercely, calling her wicked.

The editing was a little weird, but overall an enjoyable episode. I have been waiting for it all night. I’ve spent the last couple of episodes trying to figure out what it is about Micky that has me so Your comment sounds quite spiteful, which puzzles me.

Maybe she is starting to like LG and when she finds out the LG loves PH that’s when she is going to go with the plan for revenge.

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