Bull shark Sharks are perhaps the most dangerous and feared of all fish, but these predators are confined to the oceans. After nearly 13, casts, his determination borders on obsession as he waits for just one fated bite. He observes a submarine and wonders about how the environment of the greenland shark is like. However, the tiger shark quickly leaves after being released, prompting Wade to rethink his approach to the mystery. Explosives left over from the Vietnam War may still be hidden in its depths and on the surrounding banks, so Jeremy must take each step and cast with care. Pacific halibut , Chinook salmon , salmon shark.

He also concludes that these fish were both practising their very easily agitated defensive behaviours. He showed Wade a scar that implied that his attacker was an animal with a narrow jaw, like an alligator gar. Wade finishes the episode by stating that not all dangerous fish are large, and some extremely dangerous fish, like needlefish and piranha , can be deadly like their larger counterparts. Described as long and muscular, with large teeth and horizontal black stripes, Jeremy goes hunting for a fish to match the description. In The Republic of the Congo, Jeremy fears for his own life in his hunt to track down a river monster. The man was never seen again.

Giant freshwater stingray Jeremy Wade ventures to the Mekong River in Thailand to find what may be the largest freshwater fish: While konsters with a scientist who studies these bizarre and dangerous creatures, Wade suffers a minor sting but recovers to capture a box jellyfish with his bare hands.

Initial fishing monstters the trenches reveal Atlantic bonito tuna, which Jeremy uses in the hopes of finding a larger fish, however something bites the tuna and leader clean off Jeremy’s line.

ITV River Monsters S02E01 Demon Fish – video dailymotion

The pufer’s extremely defensive behaviour has made attacks almost unavoidable on the lake, and Jeremy witnesses how frequently they occur by talking to the locals.

In this special edition of River MonstersJeremy relives some of his scariest encounters and looks back at the cases that took him to the brink of disaster in the most goloath environments on the planet. Promoted as a special season under the title River Monsters: His guide’s bait did get attacked by gloiath Jeremy assumes is a tapah, but he is somewhat discouraged by the fact that the fish did not get hooked, and it is most likely too weary to take another bait.

A fish takes wades line, and threatens to pull Wade in several times. The fish soon dies and Jeremy gives its body to a close-by village to feed the people. Featured animals Goonch catfish Bagarius yarrelli Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle Chitra indica Golden mahseer Tor putitora Mugger crocodile Crocodylus palustris Gharial Gavialis gangeticus South Asian river dolphin Platanista gangetica Indian flapshell turtle Lissemys punctata.


He moves to the final pool, where he waits on a rock. The disappearances are said to centre around blue holesincluding an eight-year-old boy being snatched from the surface while playing with friends in one. At his wits’ tkgerfish and ready to give up his search for the first time in the history goliat the program, Jeremy halfheartedly attempts to catch a small fish to restore his confidence, only to mohsters find his target and get locked in battle with a giant muskellunge while using gear that is too weak for the job.

Jeremy reels in an elusive tapah, a fish he has spent years trying to catch. Jeremy then must face off against a large goonch, which may prove there are monsters of these species ready to eat people. This makes Wade question how lethargic the greenland shark really is.

He says that he is partially satisfied to know that the goonch is not extinct. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway ‘s novel, The Old Man and the Searead nearly four decades earlier, Jeremy finally achieves his lifelong dream of landing a shark simply with a baited handline He uses his old tactics to fish for the catfish.

Wade manages to catch a reef shark before diving among them, then gets up close and personal with a large tiger shark captured by the researchers. Now Jeremy has returned to Brazil to once again face off against this fish and determine if the arapaima deserves to be on the Amazon’s already large list of monsters.

Jeremy catches a white sturgeon in Canada to observe its bone plated body, goliiath of the “Bone Crusher”. Despite the fact that Russian authorities regularly patrol the river in speedboats to pursue monstera illegally hunting the elusive surviving sturgeons, people keep poaching them and telling no one, explaining the locals’ secretive behaviour regarding big fish.

Jeremy searches for the culprit of a case involving a boat washing up on the inter tidal zone along the coast with out the fisherman and their rods. Interviewing more locals, Jeremy learns of another attack, in which a repairman was diving in a cooling pool at a nuclear power plant when his arm was ripped off by a massive fish.

The episode is dedicated in memory of wildlife expert Malcolm Douglaswho died in a car accident shortly after filming. His guide calls in a shaman goliaty agrees to summon a spirit to aid Jeremy’s quest. After discounting all possible suspect fish, he learns that the culprit is something far out of his element — the Anaconda. After meeting the victim, who survived the attack, he deduces that sharks were not responsible.

But not all monsters live in remote jungles — there are fearsome fish much closer to home. He finally uncovers the truth that piranhas really can be dangerous to humans, but usually in the dry season when other food is scarce.

Extreme angler, Jeremy Wade, is on the hunt for freshwater fish with a taste for human flesh. Local fishermen are unable to provide information on the initial five deaths, but describe other victims suffering similar wounds from attacks in deep trenches.


Goliath Tigerfish

Trying to reel in this fish off the coast of Indonesia is a battle that pushes Jeremy to his physical and mental limits. Now, Wade wants to see a Six-Gilled Shark in its own environment.

At first, they thought it was a crocodilebut after looking closer, they were able to identify it as a large, black big-headed fish. Jeremy Wade talks Recalls some tigerfisn that left their mark on him, like episod nearly deflated boat in Australia, and survival in an area of the Great Rift Valley that is infamously known as the ‘Devil’s Cauldron’.

With huge jaws and two rows of needle-sharp teeth, the gar proves an elusive opponent. Wade then eliminates off all of the other candidates besides the goonch.

During the dive, not one but two oarfish appear, coming so close that Wade can touch them. While marlin have been known to kill fishermen when captured, they only leave one wound, not the numerous ones reported on the corpses.

Later, Jeremy’s boatman shows him a skeleton of a small fish, revealing the monster’s identity to be the deceptively cute freshwater pufferfish, which has been using its four teeth to slice through flesh like a pair of scissors on the Mekong River.

In season 1, he had caught a 7-foot female gar and concluded that the fish had no interest in attacking people. While fishing for one, Jeremy finds something even more shocking and terrifying than a fully grown shark. They then try to salvage the situation with the rod, which still has a fish on the end. He then moves to another stretch of the river, where he catches a mahseerwhere he notes that these fish can grow to over ninety pounds.

After seeing the evidence that these predators can even attack race horses and drag people underwater in completely fresh water, he realises that he faces a creature even deadlier than a great white shark. This river is said to harbour more giant fish than anywhere else in the world and Jeremy’s research turns up multiple victims who have been mauled, blinded, and even fatally wounded in its bountiful waters. Reports claim this shark-like fish hacks boats apart and saws people in half, feasting on their flesh.

Before Jeremy caught radioactive catfish in Chernobyl and killer stingrays in Colombia, he didn’t think Season 5 would bring any new or unusual river monsters.

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