Major Phipps “was the only man never to escape from Stalag Luft B”. Gordon arrives home and the family smashes the furniture together in happiness. When the war breaks out, the Bartleshams move to India and do their part for King and country which is having Indian servants playing their croquet for them. His parents Tenniel Evans and Hilary Mason had his sister imprisoned for putting too much butter on her scone and his brother killed for walking on the flower beds. The episode was made as a pilot at the suggestion of BBC Director Terry Hughes , the intention being to “take a familiar genre of Victorian and Edwardian children’s literature, the public school story, and to make it the basis of an outrageous spoof”. They have only four players and three pairs of shorts , whereas the captain of the Denley Moor team is the famous Eric Olthwaite. The next morning, after his Sergeant Major Don Henderson has left the army to marry a native girl, he discovers that they all have left their posts for a love night with the beautiful native maidens and that someone has set all the frogs free. Barnstoneworth United is a small football club, once successful in the Yorkshire Premier League, now losing every game.

The Testing of Eric Olthwaite Sep 27 – An English boy, Eric Olthwaite who is so boring that he causes his parents and sister to run away, gets involved with a bank robber who share his interests. Use the HTML below. Together they become notorious for He returns to his uncle, who tells him that the Claw will find a way to return to him and that he shall live in this house until it does. Before sleeping, he has to chase out the butler, the master of the bedchamber, and Mr. His mother Barbara New always gives him something to do the moment he starts talking, his sister Irene Anita Carey simply tells him to shut up, his father John Barrett pretends to be French in the hope that Eric won’t talk to him or fakes a bilious attack at meal times. Boy’s Mother Peter Graham However when Eric is caught up in a bank robbery he makes boring the new sexy.

A lot of strange events happen there. Roger’s mother, Lady Bartlesham Joan Sandersonhas killed more grouse than any woman in wpisode and quite a few beaters, who looked too much like grouse. Two cars crash in front of the truck and the truck driver does a tap dance when he realises he’s on film.


The Testing of Eric Olthwaite

There is another shot and Charles comes down saying Hugo was shot and that he again saw nothing due to the fact that he watched a secret passageway open. However, she is won over by Roger’s ideas.

In the War Office in Whitehallrumours abound that the Germans will start the war one year early. He returns to England but dies a broken man within three months. Use the HTML below. Tomkinson wins the hop and he hops on to his home, where he finds his mother entangled with a half-naked man. Roger of the Raj Oct 24 – Roger and Miranda yearn to run away together and open a chemist’s shop, but a native uprising interrupts their planned elopement.

His family avoids him. Consisting of only three episodes and following two years after the first, the series is introduced by the same presenter as the first. Charles comes down and also confesses to the murders, having been after the money.

First, a porter on the station tells him that he has got off at the wrong station, however a sign concealed by shrubs reveals the station to be Torpoint after all. He is sentenced to the worst penalty: He grew up in a very strict house. The only excitement in his life was visiting his Uncle Jack Palinwho loved dirt and filth and had about every disease known to man. Later, only his journal is found, saying that after three weeks he had to eat the frog.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He tries eleven escapes en route getting a black eye for his pains and one just after arriving, but is stopped by fellow British officers who are comfortable where they are, bossing the Germans around. John Cleese makes a brief cameo as a passer-by in the street.

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On hearing this place name, Sir Kevin gets excited and tells Merson a long hidden secret. Views Read Edit View history. Hugo, the elder, is only interested in motors and seen as a loony by the rest of the family.

The voyage becomes a paradise and they don’t want it to end when they reach Burma. Share this Rating Title: Kevin runs away with the Claw.

Then he tries to get out disguised as a woman and is caught by the Spanish master Jones who tries to molest him. Fukl after they all escape, he is the only one left, watched by When a polar explorer comes to the school to do a speech, Tomkinson hides in his trunk, but then discovers that the polar explorer was only Mr.


They dream of having a small shop, a pharmacy perhaps, but Miranda first refuses, saying that there also have to be rich people. In the local pub, the waitress, a gipping lady Ann Waygoes to great lengths never to reach over the counter.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. The Testing of Eric Olthwaite Sep 27 – An English boy, Eric Olthwaite who is so boring that he causes his parents and sister to run away, gets involved with a bank robber who share his interests. Tomkinson is shocked – not least because his father is homosexual.

Cape Cornwall was used as an authentic location. He reaches Torpoint and enters the pub again, where he finds the villagers singing a Bavarian drinking song. Arthur is about to shoot Eric, when the two of them discover how much they’ve got in common: Add the first question.

One day, Tomkinson is shot in the stomach during French translation. Walter Snetterton Palin is an explorer unluckily forgotten. Farson Iain Cuthbertson comes to check on Irpping and the dead. They have only four players and three pairs of shortswhereas the captain of the Denley Moor team is the famous Eric Olthwaite.

The soldiers shoot back at her, Miranda comes to rescue Roger, the chaos escalates and, under its cover, Roger and Miranda escape. Kevin tries to explain the situation to his crew, but Russell throws the Claw into the sea. Roger Bartlesham Palin has grown up in a wealthy family. He starts to construct a glider out of toilet rollsmaps the wires and perimeters and starts digging tunnels in the flower beds, yet one escape was foiled when he was reported to the Germans who promptly took him away to solitary confinement; unbeknownst to Phipps, he had almost stumbled across one of the escape tunnels under construction, about which he had known nothing, and therefore needed to be stopped.

Charles offers to go and check whether Hugo is still alive. Edit Storyline Eric Olthwaite is so boring that his family all leave home to escape him.

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