Often the reviews contained very little opinion and were often just a summary of what had happened in the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A special podcast was made available as a giveaway to people who went to see Gervais’ standup tour Fame, which showed from January to April A fourth audiobook, entitled The Ricky Gervais Guide to Guys, even though these are older shows from ricky, karl and stephen, if you have not heard them before your missing out big time and just have too. Retrieved 25 December A bit like Billy Elliot.

The tenth was Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington announcing the new series of the show beginning on 22 August. I reckon the old xfm radio shows are more funnier than all the later ones they released. He would play a track of the hip-hop genre to Gervais and Karl. So, cheers guys – cheers to ‘wherewhywhen’ for hosting these comedy classics. Lots of knob news including theatrical castration, Hitler’s penis and genital “torture devices”. Love this page, and would like to visit it multiple times a day, but links are so temperamental: Both he and Ricky are hungover after going out separately the previous night.

Source of original chapter descriptions and timestamps Added: Cheers to you, Ricky, Steve, and the round-headed Idiot Savant. Winner of who is the most hated among the listeners. Just wish they’d get back together.

Quality post by the way. A third audiobook, entitled The Ricky Gervais Guide to Just what you need. The prize was usually a VHS copy of the film featured in the segment. Going to now listen to all the ones I skipped where Karl was not on.

XFM The Ricky Gervais Show Seasons 1-4 Complete?

Really appreciate the upload, going to enjoy listening to all of them eventually, thank you. Sad that they no longer all work together as some new fresh podcasts would be a real treat.


Karl getting ready to go on holiday again. In NovemberGuardian Unlimited offered the show as a podcast series of 12 shows. In one XFM show, he became so frustrated that he left the room before Karl finished the segment.

The first video was a conversation between Pilkington and Gervais, with Gervais enthusing about the idea of Pilkington becoming a human crab or having massive reconstructive surgery. Do the world a favor!!!

The Ricky Gervais Show – XFM Vault – Season 01 Episode 18

He buys some suitable writing implements and begins the arduous process of putting crayon to paper in order to illustrate the finer points of the text. The Worst Bits – “Karl giving up and pressing the button”. Karl’s been off ill – much to Ricky’s disgust – a new feature is born and tension between Karl and Stephen comes to a head.

I like to listen to these uploaded xfm shows in bed so would have been amazing if they played one after the other without having to manually set things up to listen to the next one, other than that loving them, cheers, ed. A ‘Best of’ compilation. The boys are in the City of Angels this week, and while we’re listening live, Ricky will probably still be asleep. The show features Gervais and Pilkington engaging in English dialogue, and translated captions have been provided in many languages [23] by his fans.

Just want to tell you, you guys are made for each other!! Ricky and Steve demonstrate how gullible Karl is when reading internet material. I know every Ricky gervais podcast off by heart now when listening to them before going to sleep or on holiday, I dont think you can understand just how made up I am to see all these uploaded!!!


The stories are rarely sourced by Pilkington who is always accused by Gervais of “talking shit” or possibly having extrapolated misinformation from a news story. Loading instances please wait Philosophy aired on 17 March while the 5th and final episode of season 1, The Ricky Gervais Guide to Hankies in back pockets, Karl has the research.

Please note that originally when it started Karl was just with them to press buttons, but as season 1 develops you will notice how Karl gradually gets involved more and more, until he is fully part of the show. Thanks beautiful men for making me and my mates laugh our mongy ass’s off. Ricky and Steve filming The Office Specials in the interim.

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I Listening to the birth of the accidental star that is Karl Pilkington “Dilkington”, “Pilikton”, “Pickleton” is a right treat ricjy.

The available recording of this show is incomplete: The Do We Need ‘Em?

Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Karl explains how to escape from anacondas. He also weighs in on the topic of ‘man-moths’. This site is funded by ad revenue. Thanks for uploading all these as there are a lot of missing episodes on youtube and loads of adverts!!

Readings from the diary become a popular regular feature segies the show. So funny these Karl got a message from someone wanting Steve to do voiceover work–“money for old rope”–but didn’t pass it on to Steve until a week later.

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