Only minor complaint is that they play some great tracks and a lot of them have been edited out Such a great listen. The confrontational interactions among Gervais, Merchant, and Pilkington often result in Monkey News becoming a sort of collaborative shaggy dog story. Would be good if the trio could do new fresh ones every once in a while but I don’t even think Ricky talks to Merchant as he doesn’t follow him on Twitter. Listening to these at work, they are so funny, though getting a few stares because I am laughing so much. Educating Ricky has its third installment. Use British English from November Use dmy dates from February Articles containing potentially dated statements from March All articles containing potentially dated statements. Despite its popularity, Monkey News almost always led to Gervais becoming furious at Pilkington for the obviously fatuous nature of the stories, which Pilkington insisted were true.

Oranges are too messy to eat. My new favourite website?? Finished watching the Ricky Gervais show seasons, now going to listen to all these, excellent, thank you Y. The first series of Podcasts began on 5 December , and a new episode was released each Monday for the next twelve weeks. Cock soup and hermaphrodites. Been listening to them all day and will continue to do so until through them all: In November , Ricky announced that a new series of podcasts would be recorded in and a new audiobook series where Karl will be an agony aunt answering listeners’ problems. May I suggest erasing any cache or history you have for this domain, in case it’s a conflict from when we updated servers.

If Karl were PM or President. Fox and attempts to interact with the listeners. Karl also suggestions for radio quizzes including ‘Strike it Ricky’ and ‘Big Mother’ in which listeners would win a CD if they had a heavy mother.


The Ricky Gervais Show – XFM Vault – Season 01 Episode 17

Songs of Phrase was a feature present throughout the later series of the XFM shows. The debut of Karl in a Film. Love you guys with all my heart and aspire to be like you. They Call Me Entertainment”. Xfm brought in Pilkington as producer.

XFM Series 2 Episode 17 – The Ricky Gervais Show

Educating Ricky has its second installment. Ricky reads off notes about listener calls but fails at that, to Steve’s anger. Views Read Edit View history. May I suggest erasing any cache or history you have for this domain, in case it’s a conflict from when we updated servers. Xfm Series 2 ran from August episoxe August Life on the Road.

Following the revelation of Karl’s GCSE results, a sole E in History, Gervais decides to give Karl a piece of homework, usually a short biography epizode an important historic figure, which Karl must report on each week. Karl slags off clairvoyants, Ricky slags off God and Stephen slags off Karl then punches him in the arm. Really good if not better than the podcasts, thanks for posting all these.

Only minor complaint is that they play some great tracks and a lot of them have been edited out Other phrases include “I don’t understand” often referring to Karl’s preposterous ideas and theoriesor “play a record” in an attempt to bring a link to a quick end, usually due to the ridiculousness of whatever Karl is saying.

Karl ended up having to stop this feature as he was worried about people thinking he was “having a go”. Check this box to confirm you are human.

XFM Vault – S01E17

This is a quality upload, loving it. Simply use your existing Facebook or Twitter seriss to login to podrot. This time, it’s Hastings. What was my destiny? Retrieved from ” https: Are you actually aware you are on the radio or has someone just secretly stuck a microphone on you? Just listened to the first 4 episodes and all are working very well.


KP looks after me. Karl getting ready to go on holiday again.

Wpisode 14 April And too keep on keeping on!!! I like to listen to these uploaded xfm shows in bed so would have been amazing if they played one after the other without having to manually set things up to listen to the next one, other than that loving them, cheers, ed.

Quality post by the way. Karl also often mumbles “I’m sick of it” or, alternatively, ” Just letting you know there are a few mislabels in series 1 Episode 16 is labelled as episode 18 Episode ssries is labelled as episode 16 Episode 18 is 117 as episode 17 Hopefully you can fix this up!

On my travels and really enjoying listening to these. Karl gets annoyed that Ricky can’t record links for next week’s ‘Best Of’ show because he must leave immediately after the show to go on holiday. A well-known phrase from the show, such as “You never see an old man having a Twix ” epiosde split up into words of different songs. These are brilliant because most of the adverts and music has been cut out so they mainly focus on what the three of them are talking about: These are absolutely great!

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